Home Remedies For Dandruff Control

Battling with dandruff is the most annoying thing that a person experiences at his pre puberty stage. Formation of cells is a continuous and a natural process of our body.

Our scalp is included in this process i.e. the old dead cells are replaced by the new one. The formation and removal of the cells takes place at its own pace but due to certain abnormalities like hormonal imbalance etc. this speed of cell formation gets increased. This skin ailment is called dandruff and is medically called as Pityriasis simplex capillitii.


dandruff control

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Home Remedies For Beauty Care

Healthy body, beautiful personality, sparkling eyes, soft and silky hair, soft skin is what everyone desires. We come across many products claiming to be the best solution for our skin problems but according to top health experts, use of some of the products available in the market can be harmful for our skin.

Many of the leading cosmetics brands use potentially dangerous chemicals like parabens and phthalates in beauty care medications. A vast range of home remedies for beauty care are there so there is no need to pay hefty amounts to the cosmetic brands.

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Home Remedies For Bronchitis In Children

When inflammation occurs in the mucous membrane lining the bronchi and bronchial tube along with breathing disorder affecting the respiratory system indicates that the person is suffering from Bronchitis.

A bronchus (plural bronchi, adjective bronchial) acts as a passage for air in the respiratory system. It connects the lungs with the upper portion of respiratory tract, nose, throat and sinuses.

Passing of air becomes hard and painful for a person suffering from Bronchitis as it reduces the amount of oxygen that can flow into the lung hence causing heavy mucus or phlegm to form in the airway.

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Home Remedies for Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression which may initially seem to be a minor problem, land up to euphoria. Euphoria leads to problems like addictive behavior and poor judgment. Late to bed, early to rise! That means you are paving a way to heart attack. Get rid of them as soon as possible with the help of home remedies for anxiety and depression.

home remedies for anxiet and depression

Regular Exercise

Exercise is a vital treatment for anxiety. 30 minutes of regular exercise can curb anxiety and depression. It eventually eliminates anxiety. Do these exercises in a fresh and calm place.… [read more]

Home Remedies For Post Nasal Drip

Knowledge of home remedies for Post Nasal Drip is very important as it is very common problem especially in winter. Long term use of antihistamines, decongestants and nose sprays for its treatment causes several problems like rebound rhinitis.

Upper Airway Cough Syndrome (UACS) or Post Nasal Drip occurs due to the nasal mucosa disorder. Excessive mucus is produced by the nasal mucosa which is deposited in the throat or back of the nose.

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