How To Get Rid Of Scalp Acne

Having acne and pimples on the scalp is not uncommon yet not as common as acne breakouts of face and even back. However, they usually go unnoticed as they are covered with hair.

At times, though, these acne breakouts on the scalp become irritated due to shampooing, brushing, scratching, and blow drying. In some cases, scalp acne may even be painful and lead to flaky scalp.

Like acne on face, scalp acne is caused by clogged pored (hair follicles) due to dirt, oil, and sweat. Thus, factors like overactive sebaceous glands, hormone fluctuations, genetic predisposition, stress, drug toxicity, poor hygiene, and excessive use of oily hair styling products contribute in acne on the scalp.


Furthermore, scalp acne can worsen if the zits become infected with bacteria. Individuals dealing with dandruff, scalp folliculitis, scalp ringworm, scalp psoriasis, and head lice are more likely to suffer from this problem.

How to Get Rid of Scalp Acne

ACV rinse

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Tips On How To Get Rid Of Infant Colic Safely

Baby colic is characterized by acute abdominal pain, often accompanied by spasms. This gastrointestinal problem is more common until the first three to four months after birth. It is usually difficult to diagnose colic in newborns as they cannot explain the symptoms.

The exact reason that causes colic is not known as yet. However, it is believed that factors like the immature digestive system, immature nervous system, swallowing air while feeding, transient lactose intolerance, infant reflux, and lactation containing certain chemicals from strong flavored and gas-producing foods contribute in causing this problem.

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How To Get Rid Of Garlic Breath

Garlic has numerous health benefits but it also has a strong and unpleasant odor. Raw garlic, in particular has a pungent smell. So, how to get rid of garlic breath?

The most popular way to mask garlic breath temporarily is to pop a breath mint or chew a peppermint gum. Some experts believe that you cannot get rid of garlic bad breath until it has passed through the body. Thus, you can only reduce garlic smell but cannot remove it completely.

Basically, the smell of garlic appears in your breath and even sweat because it contains a sulfur compound (allyl methyl sulfide) that does not break down during the process of digestion. As a result, it is released through the lungs (while exhaling) and skin pores.

garlic breath

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How To Get Rid Of Hemroids

Hemroids are enlarged veins in the rectum causing symptoms like rectal bleeding, itching, skin irritation, and discomfort. Thus, when dealing with embarrassing ailment, it is evitable to search for advice on how to get rid of hemroids or hemorrhoids easily.

Basically, this problem is caused when hemorrhoidal veins inside or outside the anal region become swollen, mostly due to unhealthy diet and issues like chronic constipation, diarrhea, straining on the toilet, improper use of laxatives, aging, genetic predisposition, pregnancy, obesity, anal intercourse, etc.

Itching and pain in the anal region are more common in external than internal hemroids because there are no nerve endings inside the anal canal. On a deeper level, it is believed that hemorrhoids are triggered by a fear of deadlines and reluctance in moving on.

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How To Get Rid Of Heat Rash

The most common advice on how to get rid of heat rash or prickly heat rash is to take a shower or apply an ice pack and allow the skin to air dry. Irritating heat rashes usually develop during hot and humid weather conditions due to blocked sweat ducts.

More often than not, symptoms of prickly heat develop on the back, waistline, around the neck, chest and underarms. Heat rash bumps are accompanied by itching and redness.

Moreover, they cause stinging or prickling sensation. Apart from the adults, children are also susceptible to this problem because of their underdeveloped sweat glands. Heat rash is known as Miliaria in medical terms.

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