6 Homemade Hand Sanitizer Recipes

Those of you who are fed up of using unhealthy commercial hand sanitizers can consider preparing homemade hand sanitizers using natural ingredients. They are safe and non-toxic.

In addition, they include essential oils that help fight germs and bacteria. Plus, they have a nice fragrance and relaxing effect on your mind.

The recipes usually include ingredients like pure aloe vera gel, vegetable glycerin, tea tree oil, grain alcohol, vodka, etc.

Here’s a video explaining how to make a natural hand sanitizer easily at home.
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In case you are prone to dry skin, you may try a recipe without alcohol. Most alcohol-free homemade hand sanitizers include a combination of aloe vera gel, witch hazel, and tea tree oil.

When using a hand sanitizer, whether commercial or homemade, make sure you do not overuse it as it tends to disrupt your body’s ability to fight off bacteria and eventually reduces immunity.

Furthermore, it can lead to the extermination of beneficial micro-organisms by causing damage to the acid mantle of the skin.

In addition, when you have dirt or grime on your hands then it is better to wash your hands in a sink rather than using a hand sanitizer. If you are interested in making your own foaming hand soap at home, you shall find a recipe at www.liverenewed.com.

Given below are 6 fantastic recipes for homemade hand sanitizers

  1. You can find an amazing recipe for homemade hand sanitizer at Wellness Mama.

    Hand sanitizer

    The recipe includes aloe vera gel, rubbing alcohol, grapefruit seed extract, cinnamon essential oil, tea tree essential oil, distilled water.

    The grapefruit seed extract, in particular, works as a natural antiseptic and antibiotic. You can also add vegetable glycerin and other essential oils of your choice.

  2. At the Earth Mamas World website, there is another natural hand sanitizer recipe.


    Hand sanitizer

    The ingredients required for this recipe are aloe vera gel, witch hazel, tea tree essential oil, and lavender oil. It is a good recipe for those who do not want to use alcohol. The following video demonstrates how to prepare this simple recipe.
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  3. You can find another similar homemade hand sanitizer recipe at www.brownthumbmama.com.

    Natural hand sanitizer

    This is again an alcohol-free, natural and safe hand sanitizer. If you think the consistency of your homemade hand sanitizer is thicker than normal, then you may add more witch hazel in the recipe to that it works as a nice spray rather than a gel.

  4. Crunchy Betty also offers a simple and easy recipe for homemade hand sanitizer.

    Hand sanitizer

    It suggests blending rubbing alcohol, aloe vera gel (not aloe juice), and a few drops of any aromatherapy oil in a blender or food processer. To make the recipe more moisturizing, you may use vegetable glycerin. This recipe shall last for about six months.

  5. There is a wonderful tutorial on how to make a homemade hand sanitizer at www.oursimplefarm.com.

    Hand sanitizer

    It makes use of witch hazel, 100% aloe vera gel, apple cider vinegar, vegetable glycerin, and tea tree essential oil. You may add some other aromatherapy oil, too. This recipe is more of a spray rather than gel.

  6. At paulaparrish.blogspot.com, you can find an exciting yet affordable hand sanitizer recipe that you can prepare at home.

    Hand Sanitizer

    Apart from the usual ingredients like aloe vera witch hazel/rubbing alcohol, tea tree oil, and a few drops of fragrant oil such as jasmine essential oil, you may add glitter and food color in the recipe to make it interesting.

    Besides, you can make homemade hand sanitizer wipes using an old T-shirt and following the instructions provided on the Stacy Makes Cents website.

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