Bishop’s Weed (Ajwain) Benefits

Bishop’s weed benefits in relieving abdominal discomfort caused by digestive ailments like dyspepsia, flatulence, diarrhea, cholera, etc.

In addition, it helps in the natural treatment of sore throat, cough, rheumatic inflammation, anorexia, worm infestation, spleen disorders, and so on.

Bishop’s weed or Ajwain is a hot, pungent, and bitter spice with smell similar to that of thyme. The variety of this herb with small seeds is considered best for medicinal purposes.

Scientific Name: Trachyspermum ammi Sprague, Carum copticum Hiern, Sison ammi L.
Other Names: Ammi, Ajowan, Carom seeds, Ajowan caraway, Adiowan, Indischer Kümmel, Sisone, Aiova, Phak chi, Ajawa, Jawain, Javano, Joan, Yavan, Juani, Vamu, Omum, Ajowain

Bishop's weed benefits

Native Region

It is believed that Bishop’s weed (Ajwain) originated in the Middle East, maybe Egypt. Apart from Egypt, it is cultivated in Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, northern Africa, and western and Southeast Asia. This herb belongs to the Umbelliferae (Apiaceae) family.

Healing Properties

Bishop’s weed or Ajwain has stimulant, carminative, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antiseptic, antiparasitic, diaphoretic, expectorant, diuretic, and aphrodisiac properties. It can be combined with fennel seeds, dried ginger and salt to improve digestion and increase appetite.

Moreover, Bishop’s weed (Ajwain) benefits in respiratory disorders like pneumonia, emphysema, bronchitis, etc. Furthermore, when combined with certain other herbs, it serves as an efficient natural home remedy for kidney stones and water retention.

Ajwain helps increase perspiration and is often used as a stimulating decongestant. In fact, its seed extracts are used in cough medicines.

Besides, it is also used to relieve chest pain (angina). Another benefit of Bishop’s weed is that it can be applied on skin to heal vitiligo and psoriasis.

This herb is an excellent nerve tonic and helps reduce menstrual cramps. Ajwain oil works as a wonderful muscle relaxer.

Bishop's weed benefits

The seeds contain high concentrations of essential oil, particularly thymol. Due to this constituent, raw Bishop’s weed smells somewhat like thyme. However, it is more aromatic and less subtle in taste as compared to thyme.

Medicinal Uses of Bishop’s Weed or Ajwain

  • • To get rid of flatulence, loss of appetite, and other stomach problems, prepare a natural cure by soaking three tablespoons of Bishop’s weed in lime juice and leave in shade for drying. Then, powder this mixture, add some black salt in it and take one teaspoon of this home medicine along with little warm water two times in a day. Follow this therapy for a few days.


  • • Simply having a glass of warm water mixed with one teaspoon of Bishop’s weed and 1/8 teaspoon of black salt serves as one of the best Ajwain or Bishop’s weed home remedies for stomach pain caused by indigestion.


  • • Bishop’s weed benefits in providing relief from colic by applying a paste prepared from its seeds.


  • • To cure diarrhea, combine about 5g roasted ajwain seeds, 2g black pepper and a pinch of black salt. Grind the mixture. Add this powder in buttermilk or yogurt and consume it.


  • • Indigestion, belching, gas problems and colic pains can be treated by a mixture of two teaspoons each of ajwain and dried ginger, and a small quantity of black salt. Add a teaspoon of this powder in a cup of lukewarm water and drink it. You can also include cardamom in this remedy.


  • • Application of Bishop’s weed oil (preferably mixed with carrier oil) heals rheumatic swellings and neuralgic pains. In case you do not want to use the oil directly on skin then boil ajwain seeds in water and expose the affected area to the vapors of this solution.



  • • Smelling powdered Bishop’s weed wrapped in a tissue paper or thin cloth helps reduce migraine headache. Besides, you can burn the seeds and inhale their smoke.

    Benbefits of Bishop's weed

  • • Expectorant benefits of Bishop’s weed or Ajwain can be derived by inhaling the steam of boiling water mixed with one teaspoon of crushed ajwain seeds to clear nasal congestion and dilate the bronchial passages.


  • • Having a teaspoon of a mixture prepared by heating Bishop’s weed along with jaggery is useful in dealing with asthma and bronchitis.

    Another Bishop’s weed remedy for asthma is to drink a glass of buttermilk mixed with half a teaspoon of carom seeds two times in a day. It helps remove blockage of died phlegm.


  • • An infusion prepared by adding Bishop’s weed and salt in boiling water can be used for gargling to cure acute pharyngitis, sore throat, and hoarseness of voice. Moreover, you can gargle with this solution 2-3 times in a day to heal toothache cause by tooth decay.


  • • Roast equal quantities of ajwain seeds and cloves in a pan. Grind the mixture and consume 5 g of this home medicine to treat bronchial asthma naturally.

    Besides, you can wrap Bishop’s weed in a cotton cloth and heat it on a pan. Finally, place it on the chest after some time when it is moderately warm.


  • • Anti-parasitic benefits of Bishop’s weed can be derived by having a mixture prepared by mixing equal amounts of powdered ajwain seeds and black salt. Children can be given this powder before bedtime to help remove intestinal worms.


  • • Heat a combination of one tablespoon of milk and half a teaspoon of Bishop’s weed in the microwave. Cool and strain the mixture. Use the liquid as ear drops to relieve earache. Carom seed oil can also be used.


  • • Grind two cloves and half a teaspoon of Bishop’s weed. Add a pinch of salt and take this mixture along with lukewarm water to get rid of cough. Dry cough can be cured by chewing betel leaf and ajwain seeds.

    Benefits of Bishop's weed

  • • Having a mixture of one teaspoon of jaggery and a quarter teaspoon of Bishop’s weed is useful in relieving chest pain or palpitation. Besides, you can take a teaspoon of this herb along with some warm water to stimulate the heart.


  • • Combination of Bishop’s weed, honey and vinegar helps in the treatment of kidney stones. Follow this therapy for at least one week.


  • • Regularly chewing Bishop’s weed is likely to reduce alcohol craving.


  • • To improve sperm count and treat premature ejaculation, fry some ajwain seeds along with kernels of tamarind in clarified butter. Grind the mixture and add a teaspoon of this powder in a glass of milk along with a tablespoon of honey. Drink the solution regularly at night.

Apart from these therapeutic uses, Bishop’s weed or Ajwain is used in culinary preparations as well. In addition, this herb is also used as an insecticide. Bishop’s weed is used a folk remedy for venomous insect bites.


Consumption of Bishop’s weed may cause nausea, vomiting and headache in some people. Furthermore, it may cause skin irritation and allergy.

The herb is not recommended for individuals suffering from liver disease as it tends to increase the risk of liver damage.Those who are prone to hyperacidity should avoid taking this herb.

All in all, Bishop’s weed benefits in a number of gastrointestinal and respiratory disorders but it can be toxic when taken in high doses. Another side effect of this herb is that it increases your sensitivity to sunlight and is likely to slow blood clotting.

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