Blood On Toilet Paper – Possible Causes

The appearance of blood on toilet paper is an awkward as well as troublesome problem. It usually happens because of blood in stool due to rectal bleeding. However, at times, there may be blood on toilet paper but not in stool.

As the problem can be caused by a variety of reasons, it is often advised to consult a doctor for proper guidance when self analysis does not help. On the upside though, the problem is not caused by serious issues in most of the cases.

Blood in toilet paper due to blood in stools may be caused by any injury or disorder in the digestive tract. The most common causes for blood on toilet paper are hemorrhoids and anal fissures that cause tearing in the lining of anus due to forceful bowel movement thereby resulting in mild bleeding.

Other reasons can be intestinal infections, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, hemorrhoids, etc. In case of children, this problem can also be caused by constipation. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have adequate amount of water and include a wide variety of nutritious and fibrous foods in the diet.

Conditions like Hemorrhoids, Diverticulosis or other such problems in the lower part of the gastro intestinal tract may give rise to the problem of bright red blood in stools. Diverticulosis is characterized by inflammation of diverticulum (abnormal small sacs that tend to develop on the lining the intestine).

Diverticular bleeding is usually painless when not accompanied by infection. Such bleeding tends to be more severe when compared to rectal bleeding due to anal fissures, hemorrhoids and colon tumors.

More Serious Causes for Blood on Toilet Paper


Moreover, the possibility of Angiodysplasia and polyps of the rectum leading to blood in bowel or on toilet paper can not be ruled out. Angiodysplasia or Arteriovenous malformations refer to abnormal collections of blood vessels.

This disease can either be acquired or inherited and is mostly a cause of concern in case of elderly individuals complaining of painless bleeding. Serious issues like tumor or colon cancer can give rise to mild and intermittent rectal bleeding.

Spots of blood on toilet paper due to dark red blood in stools are generally indicative of problems occurring higher up in the digestive tract; for instance, bleeding stomach or duodenal ulcers, gastritis, bowel ischemia etc.

Bowel Ischemia is caused by lack of oxygenated blood flow to the intestines, which in turn may be caused by obstruction in the colon, the presence of a blood clot or due to atherosclerosis characterized by narrowing of arteries carrying blood to the intestines.

The disease generally begins with inconsistent cramping pain in the abdomen that tends to become worse after having meals. Stomach ache and rectal bleeding increase as the disease progresses.

More often than mot, symptoms like dark or heavy bleeding accompanied by pain, anemia, lethargy and change in bowel habits should not be ignored. The treatment largely depends on accurate identification of the underlying cause.

Rectal examination, anoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy are some of the most useful tests that help diagnose problems in the digestive tract resulting in the appearance of blood when you go to the toilet or blood on toilet paper.


  1. I see blood on toilet paper and sometimes blood droplets on toilet sit . I do not feel any pain nor have abdomenal pain, this have started six day ago, and have not consulted a doc, I am taking ibuprofen/pseudoephedrine hydrochloride tablets due to cold and also N-Acetylcystiene. I got these drugs over the counter as recommended by pharmacist. The article on blood on toilet paper realy warned me and enlightened me, I have began monitoring my condition.

  2. Shannon Clark says

    You have a typo on your page! Beginning with the paragraph “More often than MOT” should be NOT. Just letting you know.

  3. when go to the bathroom i have blooded on the paper but then it goes away do you no what this is

  4. Nash Morris says

    I am very much afraid about my health. the last time i visited the toilet about three days ago i notice i had a tremendous bleeding with tick and sticky blood along with my tools.i just return from the toilet experiencing the same as it was.the bleeding is not very great and is abnormal for my comfort. that’s why i am reading article on this issue, what advise can give me about what i am going through. And please don’t tell me to seek a doctor, i have not fallen sick or taken medicine for over four year. it’s very much expensive here to see a doctor and i can not afford such a cost. thanks waiting

  5. Four days ago i awoke just like any other day. Got up went to bathroom and when finished saw blood on tp. Didn’t think much because this had happend once before long ago. Later that day went again and no blood. The next day same thing, got up went to bathroom and blood on tp. Did not go the rest of the day. The third day did not go at all. Today the fourth day got up went to bathroom and i did push a little and there was alot of blood on tp. This concerns me. Can you help me please? Thank you.

  6. In 2O1O my duaghter who was 19 had quite a it of BRIGHT RED BLOOD
    in toilet, she also had it a coule of times , we went to the doctor
    who checked her and said it was a tear, she has also had ains on right side of stomach which she said were like stitches we had a scan done for this and everything came as clear,
    Last year 2O12, june she comlained of craming, loating gassy feeling aoove naval and BELOW cHEST, area she had it aout 2 weeks efore and never told me she was out with friends they gave her anadol raid and it did not hel anyway after four hours it went off and came the next day, I found out aout it 2 weeks later when she had the same ains, went to hosital and was sent ack as the doctor said IS no test were done, as the ain continued the next day went to local Doctor who gave her BOSCOAN injection and asked to take two gavascons, and she found relief while still at the dotors , she now gets loating feeling, gassy feeling, her BOwel movements are normal, sometimes constiated, sometimes she might go 4 times a day other times might e just once or may not go for a day, just want to know what is wrong. Is it IBS DOCTOR DID A TEST TO CHECK FOR COELIAC AND THAT WAS NORMAL. BLOOD TEST RESULTS AS FOLLOWS, IS THER ANYOTHER TEST i SHOULD DO OR IS THERE ANYWAY TO RAISE HER mch AND mchc LEVELS show Ferratine since 08- 17,2010-24,, 2011-30, 2012 -25, Iron-2008 -9, ’10- 7, ’11-25, 12-8, Transferrin-2008- 3.0,’10- 3.1,’11- 2.9, ’12-3.2, Transferrin Sat-2010 12, ’10-9. ’11-34, *’12-10% (not sure why % as the others did not have them) folate and B12 normal, vit D deficincy, *MCH 26.7pg, *MCHC-21.1g/dl, HB 13.1, PCV42.1%,RCC 4.91×1012/L, MCV 86fl, White cell count 10.7,, Neutrophils 66%, Lymphocytes, 19%, Monocytes 8%, *Esonophils:7%, Basophils:0%, Platelets:335, thyroid norma;Serium Biochemistry reslults inluding billirubin 5 umol/L, cretine 62 umol/L, sodium 141 potass 4.3mmol/L , chloride 108 mmol/l, bicarbonate 25mmol/l, urea 5.0mmol/l EST.GFR > 90 per 1.73 sqm, ala aminotransferas 15u/l , Asp. aminotransferase 17u/l, alkaline phospates 74 u/l, gemma glutamyl trans GGT 10U?L , total protein 75 G?L Albumin 46 G/L, Globulin 29G/L, Dr said they are in normal range ), did Coeliac Disease serology (serium) – normal 2.53,for 2012 results as per 1/6/12,

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