Chamomile Benefits

Chamomile benefits in treating anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, headache, etc. because it promotes deep sleep and relaxation. This herb is also used for relieving pain. It is primarily used in aromatherapy.

Moreover, chamomile is included in various creams and lotions for skin care. The best way to derive the benefits of chamomile for health is to have chamomile tea prepared by steeping about two teaspoons of dried chamomile flowers in a cup of hot water for 3-5 minutes. In addition, you can add lemon juice and honey in it.

Scientific Name: Matricaria recutita
Other Names: German chamomile, sweet chamomile, camomile, garden camomile, wild camomile, ground apple, whig plant

Chamomile health benefits

Native Region

Chamomile is native to south-eastern Europe. It belongs to the Asteraceae family.

Healing Properties

Chamomile has anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, antimicrobial, anti-viral, anti-pruritic, anti-parasitic, antihistamine, analgesic, diaphoretic, nervine, vasodilatory, antimutagenic, anxiolytic, and sedative properties. It is also believed that is herb lowers blood cholesterol.

Moreover, chamomile benefits health as a mild relaxant and helps relieve nervousness, anxiety, stress, hysteria, and depression. In addition, it works as a muscle relaxant, thereby reducing muscle spasms.

Chamomile contains spiroether, a powerful anti-spasmodic agent that relaxes tense muscles. In fact, this therapeutic herb is effective in soothing tooth pain, too.  Plus, it aids in healing arthritis joint inflammation.

Besides, chamomile home remedies for digestive disorders are useful for curing indigestion, bloating, gas, diarrhea, colic, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), stomach flu, and so on. It helps prevent as well as cure stomach ulcers.

Using an infusion prepared from this soothing herb as a mouthwash can heal mouth ulcers and prevent gum disease.

Another advantage of chamomile is that it helps cure common cold, flu, sore throat, and other similar conditions. This herb can be used to control neuralgia and alleviate motion sickness.

Furthermore, chamomile can be used on minor wounds, skin inflammations, sunburn, eczema, psoriasis, etc. Plus, due to its emmenagogue qualities, it regulates menstruation and provides relief from menstrual cramps.

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To derive the health benefits of chamomile, you can make use of chamomile essential oil, tincture, liquid extract, cream, and ointment, not to mention, chamomile tea prepared from chamomile tea bags or organic chamomile flowers.

This sweet-smelling herb stimulates the immune system and improves heart conditions. Furthermore, researchers are conducted studies to show that regular intake of chamomile tea can control diabetes.

Medicinal Uses of Chamomile

  • • Drinking a cup of chamomile tea about 30-45 minutes before going to bed is one of the most popular chamomile home remedies for insomnia.

    Besides, you can soak you’re your feet in water mixed with chamomile oil and some other essential oils like that of lavender, valerian root, etc. You may also include this herb with pleasing fragrance as an ingredient in herbal sleep pillows.


  • • Chamomile tea is considered good for getting rid of migraine pain. Thus, you can have this tea as soon as you notice the symptoms of migraine.



  • • Simply inhaling the vapors of chamomile oil heals anxiety and stress.


  • • Drinking warm chamomile tea and inhaling its steam is useful in alleviating cold and congestion.


  • • Washing blonde hair with an infusion prepared from this herb can add luster to your hair.

    Chamomile benefits

  • • Chamomile benefits in relieving nausea, bloating, and indigestion by drinking a cup of chamomile tea (steeped for 20 minutes) two times in a day. Furthermore, lukewarm chamomile tea helps in reducing colic in babies.


  • • When dealing with asthma, prepare herbal tea by brewing half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, a quarter teaspoon of ground ginger, four black tea bags and an equal amount of chamomile tea bags in three cups of boiling water for ten minutes. Finally, sweeten the solution with a tablespoon of honey and drink it.


  • • To cure issues like mouth ulcers, canker sores, toothache and gingivitis, rinse your mouth 3-4 times in a day with chamomile infusion prepared by boiling a teaspoon of dried chamomile flower heads in a liter of water. The infusion can be used as an eye was as well in order to treat conjunctivitis.


  • • Chamomile douche can be useful in providing relief from the symptoms of vaginitis.


  • • Drinking several cups of chamomile tea during menstruation helps relieve menstrual cramps. In addition, you can massage chamomile essential oil mixed with carrier oil on the abdominal area and lower back to reduce the pain.

    Benefits of chamomile tea

    To increase the effectiveness of this home remedy, you can add other essential oils like lavender, geranium, clary sage and ginger oil in it. Moreover, you can include this herb in a warm compress.


  • • Applying carrier oil like jojoba oil mixed with a few drops of chamomile oil is useful in the natural treatment of muscle spasms. Intake of chamomile tea can help control twitching in muscles.


  • • Another benefit of chamomile is that it lightens skin color. Thus, you can place two chamomile tea bags or dried chamomile flowers in two quarts of water and place your face above the solution in order to expose your face to the vapors for about five minutes.


  • • Placing moist chamomile tea bags on eyes for 10-15 minutes relieves fatigue and reduces dark circles under eyes.


  • • Applying chamomile essential oil or an infusion prepared from dried chamomile flowers as a warm compress can help heal wounds and burns. It facilitates the process of healing.


  • • Soaking in warm bath water mixed with 3-4 drops of chamomile, lavender and tea tree oil is helpful in soothing eczema, boils, and psoriasis. Follow this therapy two times in a day.

Apart from these medicinal purposes, you can use dried chamomile flowers as insect repellent.


Individuals suffering prone to ragween and chrysanthemum allergies are likely to be allergic to chamomile as well. Plus, it may interact with medications that regulate high blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Besides, you should avoid using this herb when taking blood thinning drugs. Similarly, it is advisable to consult your doctor before taking this herb as a medicine as it tends to interfere with the effects of antibiotics, antihistamines, and anti-depressants.

Moreover, though chamomile benefits in curing diseases, it should not be consumed in excess, or else it can cause vomiting. Pregnant women should also avoid using this herb as it is considered abortificient.



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