Healing Power of Positive Visualization

Positive visualization is a tool of creation that can be used effectively as a healing aid. Positive thinking and affirmations help a great deal in self-motivation. Moreover, your own mind power can prove to be a great asset when trying hard to kick bad habits.

For instance, coaches often encourage athletes for mental rehearsals to improve concentration, relieve anxiety, and boost their performance.

However, do not confuse visualization with daydreaming and fantasizing because positive visualization is supposed to be constructive and purposeful whereas the latter are more into extravagance and exaggeration.

healing with positive visualization

Thus, to make good use of your imagination, you need to be cautious as to engage in creative visualization and avoid being led by fantasy.

A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.
– Patricia Neal

Basically, positive visualization helps you create a clear vision, memory, or feeling. Thus, it makes you overcome procrastination and replaces your negative thoughts with positive ones.


To make your visualization more effective, do not view the activities from the third person perspective; instead, immerse yourself completely in it.

It programs your subconscious mind and yields to the right side of your brain. As we all know the brain is divided into the right and left hemispheres.

The right side of the brain is concerned with creativity, intuition, and synthesizing whereas the left brain focuses on logical thinking and analysis. During visualization, your brain sends electrical impulses that physically influence the body.

Positive Visualization can be used for various purposes:

  • It can prove beneficial in improving your performance in work. Practicing positive thinking and visualization regularly is useful in remaining calm, reducing anxiety, and lifting depression. 
  • Positive affirmations help you develop perseverance and assist in quitting smoking, alcoholism, etc. It can also work as a great tool when planning to lose weight
  • Positive visualization through mental rehearsals can you succeed in a job interview or public speaking. Try not to let your fears ruin your positive attitude; instead seek ways to relieve stress. 
  • Pregnant women can visualize their delivery in a positive way to remove anxiety and apprehension.Here’s a¬†tutorial on how to perform creative visualization.
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  • It is highly beneficial for developing self-confidence and self-love, thereby helping you confront and defeat your inner fears. Interestingly, many of our diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune disorders, arthritis, and so on also have some metaphysical aspects
  • Positive thoughts and emotions improve immunity and help the brain function in a balanced mode. Moreover, guided imagery can assist in lowering blood pressure, regulating the heart rate, and reducing headache.It can relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and alter menstrual cycles. Besides, cancer patients are often advised to make use of guided imagery and visualization to cure this disease naturally.

To promote positive visualization, you can use certain techniques and exercises. Plus, choose a quiet place where you can close your eyes, relax through deep breathing, clear your mind, and visualize without any disturbance.

You may either lie down with legs uncrossed and hands on your side, or sit up keeping your back straight to increase concentration. It is best to practice creative visualization during early morning hours or late in the evening.

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