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What is Anemia?

Anemia is the state in which either the body doesn’t have the minimum required number of red blood cells (RBCs), which vary with the sex and the geographical conditions of the place of residence, or the cells don’t have adequate quantity of iron-rich protein, i.e. hemoglobin which is responsible for the red color of your blood and facilitates the transport of 98% of oxygen from the lungs to the entire body. Whatever may be the case, but the result remains same i.e. Anemia.

There are different kinds of anemia, classified on the basis of the root cause, ranging from iron deficiency anemia to sickle cell anemia. Usually anemia of mild nature results from the diet lacking necessary vitamins, irons, and some major disease. While the severe ones result from either malfunctioning of the organs of the body or through inheritance.

Causes And Symptoms Of Anemia

Depending upon the kind of anemia, the causes also differ. Mainly, the causes can be categorized into following categories, which are as follows:
• Decline in the red blood cells production (RBCs) in bone marrow
• Rise in red blood cells’ disintegration
• Blood’s deficiency as a result of heavy loss of it

Since the function of RBCs is to carry the oxygen from the respiratory system to the entire body, thus major common symptoms include:
• Early tiredness
• Debility
• Breathlessness
• Heart pulsation ( random or at an accelerated pace)
• Faintness
• Headache
• Problem in sleeping and concentrating
• Pale complexion
• Dull red color lining of mouth and eyelids
• Idleness and tendency of inaction
• A feeling of not being well
• Receptiveness to cold weather
Few uncommon but likely symptoms of Anemia are as follows:
• Enlargement of legs and/or arms
• Vomiting
• More perspiration
• Blood in stools

Natural Home remedies for Anemia:

Anemia can be danger some and can even be fatal, on account of inadequate supply of oxygen to the body. Thus, we are showcasing some of the harmless methods below, without any side effects, and advice you to ponder at them for getting rid of anemia.

As the lack of major nutrients, iron, calcium, protein and other vital nutrients, are the main cause of anemia. Hence, the deficiency of major nutrients needs to be compensated in an order to overcome the anemia. Thus, diets full of cereals, rice, dairy products, pastas, dairy products, vegetables and fruits, meat dry beans and nuts, eggs etc. help to improve the immune system.


Increase intake of iron rich foods like green leafy vegetables, beets, dried fruits, brown bread, molasses, raisins, pasta made up of hole grain flour, fish, apricots, apples, carrots etc. preferably on a daily basis.
Reduce the consumption of beverages like tea, coffee and antacids, as they reduces iron assimilation
The very simple way of increasing iron content in your food, is by cooking food in the iron utensils.
Eating of organ meat like kidney and liver can help you overcome anemia.

Taking of wormwood (Afsanthim), rich in iron content is very beneficial in anemia, as it’s remarkable for curing certain other diseases as well like wasting disease and general debility.

Fenugreek is yet another excellent blood tonic, which too should be included in your diet, in the convenient form.

The very common onion, too most can be made by including it in your food either in making of it or as salads, as it is rich in iron content.

Red meat or white meat too should be eaten on daily basis, as they are excellent sources of B 12, which is must for the speedy recovery from the anemia.

Almonds are also unique gift of Mother Nature, which should be taken on an everyday basis. The advocated method is to soak three almonds in water overnight, and eat them up next day. Make it your habit for two months, and observe yourself the miracles.

Diet For Anemia

In reality in majority of the cases, the anemia results from the improper diet lacking minimum nutrients and proteins. Thus, the person with the iron deficiency anemia is encouraged to avail oneself of iron-rich food like green leafy vegetables, artichokes, apricots, beans, lentils, chick peas, soybeans, meat, nuts, prunes, legumes and raisins. Similarly, the person with the vitamin deficiency anemia, must include the vitamins rich food like eggs, fish, organ meats like kidney and liver, and milk products such as cheese. Natural food with adequate vitamin C will also let you beat vitamin deficient anemia, it may include citrus fruits, indian gooseberry, capsicum and tomatoes.

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