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What is Anorexia?

Anorexia is an eating disorderliness, wherein the people deny themselves the food, not because they belong to the under privileged section of the society, but because they wish to look good or prepare themselves for some or the other profession, by being featherweight consciously. This eating disorder tends to outset at the time of pubescence, leading to 15% lesser body weight as compared to normal body weight, of patients suffering with anorexia. Despite of its more probability in adolescents, it’s also noticed in children and adults.
The disorder develops in people as a result of their excessive consciousness towards the slender looks, even at the cost of normal health. Thus, despite of being underweight, they presume that, they are overweight, and sustain their efforts to control their weight using different methods.


The disorder is very well-known in people belonging to higher-socioeconomic class, and people engaged in certain activities, wherein thinness is looked upon as a key requirement like dancing, modeling, distance running etc.

In spite of that the eating disorder is more often associated with the fairer sex, yet it’s not very uncommon to notice it in males. The disorder is very prevalent in United States and other countries exhibiting high economic class to the extent, that every 1 adolescent girl out of 100 is considered to be anorexic.
Causes and symptoms of Anorexia

Well you might be taken by surprise that, it’s the culture of different countries, which are responsible for escalating the number of anorexics, by virtue of fact that, very often the skinny women are described as physical quintessential, thereby motivating numerous ones to starve themselves for the so called “ideal looks”, as which woman doesn’t want to have the classic looks?
Besides the cultural compulsions, there are certain other factors too, which make anorexics, which are as follows:

Causes of Anorexia

• Biological causes– The crucial role of genetics of a person, can’t be simply overlooked, while determining the different causes of anorexia, as in case the person has a sibling with same disorder or earlier in family history, then he/she is 10-20 times more disposed to it.

Besides it, the make up of brain chemistry too, has got to do with anorexia, as the anorexics have shown high level of cortisol, the brain hormone which is usually associated with trauma, while low amount of serotonin, responsible for making the person feel good.

• Psychical causes- The various psychical causes too are known for causing anorexia, as the anorexics normally are precisionist, who tends to have the perfect picture in every aspect of their life, as perceived by them. Indeed there is nothing called perfect, as it would then make the statement, “there is always room for improvement” null and void.

Hence, inclining towards same encourages them to go for hungering themselves willingly, rather than as a compulsion of some kind.


• Household and social albatross
Apart from various cultural demands as mentioned before hand, household and social pressure too triggers anorexia, as some parents have high expectations from their children, and pressurize them to participate in various activities which demand slender body, like gymnastics, ballet, modeling etc.

In fact using children as tools to get their unfulfilled desires fulfilled is not uncommon, isn’t it? Thus, they have a tendency to monitor the diet of their children even, and leave no occasion to reprimand them for their bodices and appearances, if it doesn’t fit the bill of their perceptions.

Additionally some other events in life like break up, outbreak of puberty etc also causes anorexia.
Symptoms of Anorexia

The very conspicuous symptom of anorexia is the incongruent weight of a person, with age, height and sex, i.e. very featherweight like appearance. Certain other prominent symptoms include:
• Unwilling to eat publically
• Any sort of botheration
• Powerlessness
• Scantiness of breath
• Kidney malfunctioning leading to increased/decreased urination
• Disorderly menstrual cycles in women, with disappearance of at least 3 menstrual cycles in sequence
• Constipation and abdominal pain
• Counting calories despite of being thin
• Make as if had eaten a lot or misguiding about eating
• Reluctant to accepting of being thin
• Make do with laxatives, diet pills and diuretics
• Compulsive exercising
• Hypersensitivity to cold
• Gradual loss of hair


Natural Home Remedies for Anorexia

The use of natural home remedies for anorexia is not new, as the practice dates back to centuries back, when modern medicines weren’t even developed. However, with various side effects of them, has encouraged us to go back to them for proper treatment of anorexia. The various natural home remedies for anorexia are:
• Take the mixture of ginger after peeling its outer layer, followed by is crushing; add some drops of lemon, dash of asafetida and a black pepper, to make paste. It’s one of the advantageous natural home remedies for anorexia, appetizing in nature, which should be taken regularly for 15 days.
• Consuming 2-3 oranges every day also helps anorexics, overcome the eating disorder i.e. anorexia.
• One of more helpful natural home remedies for anorexia comprises of decoction formed by boiling water, and place into 2-3 cloves and half a tablespoon of lime juice. Allow it to cool, and then drink it, for at least a week, to have better results.
• Vegetable soups are best known as appetizers, which should be taken in with pinch of rock salt and black pepper. As far as non vegetarians are concerned, they can go for chicken soups.
• Feasting upon the salads, containing cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, beats and capsicums, 10 minutes before going for food, can improve your cravings for food. To make the salads more delicious, you can add rock salt, lemon juice and a dash of black pepper.
• Consumption of spicy food also constitutes one of the well-known natural home remedies for anorexia, which should be consumed for 2-3 weeks.

Diet for Anorexia

• The digestive systems of the anorexics get badly affected, due to diet deviation, and thus it too needs to be worked upon. To bring the digestive system back on normal track, it’s become essential to include food rich in fiber content like number of fruits and wheat based products.

• It’s being noticed, that number of anorexics turns out to be, zinc deficient in their body. Hence zinc rich food like cooked dried beans, sea vegetables, nuts, peas etc. must be included in food.


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