Home Remedies For Autoimmune Diseases

What are Autoimmune Diseases?
The immune system is a complicated network of cells and cell components that normally work to protect the body and get rid of infections caused by antigens such as bacteria, viruses, cancer cells and other invading microbes. In normal conditions, the body produces antibodies to fight against these antigens. Unfortunately, in case of Autoimmune Diseases, the immune system fails to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy cells and directs the antibodies against the healthy cells and tissues of the body.

More than 80 different types of autoimmune diseases and disorders have been discovered till now. Autoimmune diseases includes diseases of the digestive system, nervous system, and endocrine system, as well as skin and other connective tissues, eyes, blood, and blood vessels. Some of the common Autoimmune Diseases are Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Graves’ disease, Addison’s disease, Multiple sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. No definite cures are available for the treatment of this disease. But a number of natural home remedies for Autoimmune Diseases can facilitate the healing process and provide a considerable amount of relief from the symptoms.

Causes of Autoimmune Diseases

In most of the cases, an inherited predisposition to develop Autoimmune Diseases is responsible for causing the disease. Environmental toxins, stress, viruses, certain drugs and certain lifestyle habits like lack of exercise, excessive consumption of alcohol, lack of sleep and unhealthy diet may also create autoimmune diseases by meddling with the immune system.
Different Autoimmune Diseases are characterized by different symptoms. Although there may be overlapping of symptoms in some diseases. Most of the common symptoms include chronic fatigue, insomnia, tiredness, dizziness, low fever, weakness in muscles, joint pains and inflammations, memory problems, allergies, weight loss, nausea, irritability, depression and so on. Some peculiar and important symptoms include paralysis (in multiple sclerosis), deformed joints (in Rheumatoid arthritis), Carpal-tunnel syndrome (in Hashimoto’s thyroiditis) etc.

Natural Home Remedies for Autoimmune Diseases

Most of the natural home remedies for Autoimmune Diseases are considered safe but it is advised to consult one’s doctor before adopting these cures as they may not synthesize with the synthetic medicines.
• Yucca is beneficial in reducing muscular pains and skin disorders caused by Autoimmune Diseases.
• Take about one gram of Reishi mushroom extract three times on a daily basis. This natural home remedy for boosting the functioning of the immune system has been in effect since time immemorial.
• Yarrow is an effective blood cleansing herb that can be used in the treatment of Autoimmune Diseases due to toxics.
• One of the simplest home remedies for Autoimmune Diseases is to include ginger and turmeric in the regular diet.
• The over the counter anti inflammatory drugs and creams can be replaced by using Sarsaparilla herb for better results.
• Take about 300 mg of milk thistle extract two times a day.
• Tai Chi is fast becoming a popular remedy for reducing the symptoms.
Following is a list of some common Autoimmune Diseases and their natural remdies:
Multiple Sclerosis: A healthy diet is very necessary in dealing with the symptoms of this disease. Along with the diet, Chamomile tea and Rosemary herb help in providing relief from the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.
Addison’s disease: Siberian ginseng, Siberian ginger, and Borage are beneficial home remedies for Autoimmune Diseases of this nature.


Rheumatoid Arthritis: Boswellia herb is known for its therapeutic properties for reducing the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oils are also helpful.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Add half a teaspoon of turmeric powder in 100 ml of boiling water for 10 minutes. Strain it and drink two times a day on a daily basis and continue for at least one month. This is an effective home remedy for Lupus. The antioxidant properties of green tea are also beneficial. Pine bark extract and Grapeseed extract are also recommended.

Graves’ disease: An herbal tea comprising two teaspoons of lemon balm, one teaspoon of bugleweed and a little bit of mint, rosemary, and verbena aids in the treatment of Graves’ disease. Broccoli and radish should be included in the diet to cure and control this disease.

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis: Ashwagandha root and flaxseed are beneficial or the natural treatment Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Sage is another important herb in this regard.

Diet for Autoimmune Diseases

A healthy diet for controlling and curing Autoimmune Diseases should be an intelligent mix of whole grains, dairy products (preferably low fat), brown rice, and a host of fresh fruits and vegetables. The diet should be aimed at improving the immune system. Avocadoes, pineapples, grapefruit, guava, blueberry, kiwis, apples, tomatoes, garlic, soy beans, red bell peppers, and spinach are some such fruits and vegetables. Green tea, herbs like chamomile and rosemary and a wide variety of nuts including walnuts, cashews, pistachio nuts, and almonds should be included in the diet. These nuts will serve as natural cures as long as they are consumed in moderation.


  1. Thanks for the detailed information. I have tongue ulcers and have been wondering why they won’t go away. Autoimnnue is something I have been wondering about. You explained it much better to me. Thanks

  2. How did you get on? I have them too and they are very painful- also have many of the above symptoms, fatigue, lack of sleep, sore muscles.

  3. Great job publishing this posting. I’d like to read more on this subject.

  4. Very useful information, thanks! Several sites believe that a sensitivity (not allergy) to any kind of gluten or dairy is involved in the autoimmune response, progressing, after much time, to the leaky gut syndrome. I dropped all gluten, including (besides wheat, rye, etc.) rice, oats, any type of gluten product, and am actually feeling much better. Takes a bit of time, though. Will try ashwaganda and several of the great suggestions on this site as well.

    Very helpful, thank you!

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