Home Remedies For Black Eye

What is Black Eye?

Black Eye is a skin condition in which the skin around the eyes tends to become swollen and dark due to bleeding under the skin. The condition is mostly caused by minor injuries to the face, head or a direct trauma to the eye.

It is similar to a bruise around the eye. The skin around the eyes is loose and hence more susceptible to swelling due to fluid accumulation. This in turn gives rise to swelling and dark discoloration. In severe cases, Black Eye may indicate the presence of a serious head injury like skull fracture or damage to the eyeball.

In most of the cases, the condition tends to heal on its own within a few days to a couple of weeks. Still, a number of natural home remedies for Black Eye can be used to provide relief from the discomfort caused the ailment and speed up the process of healing.

One of the most popular yet dangerous Black Eye home remedies is to put semi frozen steak on the eye. Although, this home remedy should be avoided as far as possible as it increases the chances of developing infections.

Causes and Symptoms of Black Eye

An injury resulting from a blow to the eye or nose usually results in the development of this condition. More often than not, a blow to the nose causes Black Eye in both the eyes.

Head injury, especially skull fracture also causes the same and is considered more serious. Apart from these, Black Eye may also be caused due to surgical procedures like jaw surgery, nose surgery, facelift etc.

As is obvious by the name itself, the most obvious symptom of Black Eye is the development of a blue-black colored discoloration around the eyelid and eye socket. It is often accompanied by pain, swelling and headache too. Swelling tends to cause problems like blurred vision and difficulty opening the eye.

Repeated incidents of Black Eye may give rise to complications like reduced vision, damaged cornea and even Glaucoma. Therefore, serious symptoms like persistent headache, loss of sight, double vision, inability to move the eye, blood pooling on the surface of the eye, discharge of blood or clear liquid from nose or ears, and loss of consciousness require immediate medical attention.

Natural Home Remedies for Black Eye


• Placing ice packs or cold compresses on the affected area, especially for the first two days is one of the simplest and equally popular home remedies for Black Eye natural treatment. When following this home remedy, make sure that the ice pack is not kept on the skin for more than twenty minutes at a stretch.

• Bloodroot is a highly beneficial natural remedy used for healing Black Eye. For this remdy, take some bloodroot, grind it and add some water in it, just enough to form a paste. Finally, apply this therapeutic paste on the affected area to reduce Black Eye discoloration due to clotting.

• Keeping the head elevated by placing it on about two or three pillows serves as one of the most effective natural home remedies for Black Eye pain and swelling.

• Warm compresses can also be used for reducing Black Eye related discoloration. These compresses should be used after two days of injury, after the swelling subsides. This natural cure helps in improving blood flow and blood vessel dilation.

However, while following this home remedy, try to avoid putting pressure on the delicate eyeballs so as to avoid further injury.

• Application of witch hazel also helps in getting rid of the discoloration. For this, apply a solution of four ounces of water and 10-12 drops of witch hazel tincture for about 15 minutes. Gently massaging the area is also beneficial in fading Black Eye dark discoloration.

Diet for Black Eye

Apart from the remedial measures, Black Eye cure also calls for certain dietary measures. Therefore, a balanced diet with judicious amount of foods rich in vital vitamins and minerals is highly beneficial in dealing with Black Eye.

Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K are particularly useful in this regard. Hence, foods like cabbage, broccoli, spinach, carrot, kiwi, pumpkin, papaya, pineapple and other such foods should be positively included in the diet.

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