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What is High Blood Pressure?

It’s said that,” A person’s world is only as big as their heart”, so obviously you just can’t afford to take on any jeopardy, related to heart. The heart is the 4 chambered body structure, whose function is to supply the very oxygenated blood to different parts of the body, to fulfill the needs of oxygen of different organs of the human body, for their proper functioning.

Thus, to ensure the supply of blood to the various parts of body, the heart pumps the received oxygenated blood from the lungs, to various arteries. As the arteries carry blood, their walls experiences two kinds of pressure, which are better known as systolic and diastolic pressure. The systolic pressure is the pressure, which the arteries encounter, when the heart pumps up the blood, while diastolic one is experienced by the arteries when the heart is at rest and restocking with oxygenated blood.

Usually the systolic pressure reading is written above or before the diastolic one, which normally measures 120/80 mm of Hg, i.e. millimeter of Mercury, the physical unit for measuring blood pressure. Thus, when the blood pressure of the person extends beyond the 140/90 reading, he can be said to have high blood pressure. However, merely one single reading doesn’t indicates with precision the occurrence of high blood pressure, as when the reading stays for more time, then the person can be said to be have high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is also commonly referred to as hypertension, which very often abbreviated as HT, HTN and HPN. There are two kinds of high blood pressure, i.e. Essential (primary) hypertension and secondary hypertension. The essential hypertension is more commonplace, accounting for 95% cases of high blood pressure, while secondary one accounts for rest 5%.

The high blood pressure is very often termed as “silent killer”, as in number of cases it doesn’t exhibits any kind of symptom, thereby causing damage like heart attacks, kidneys’ failure, tumors, vascular dementia and impaired vision, which in totality is called as end-organ damage, due to the fact that the impairment to these vital organs, is the end result of long term high blood pressure.

Thus, in order to keep high blood pressure at bay, it’s vital for you to know various causes and symptoms of high blood pressure, coupled with various natural home remedies for high blood pressure. Hence read on further…


Causes of High Blood Pressure

Before coming onto various natural home remedies for high blood pressure, it becomes essential to know various causes, as only after their timely identification, you can look forward to control it, if in your hands.
The causes are:
• Hereditary vulnerability
The crucial role of genes determining the extent of vulnerability to high blood pressure can be easily understood, by the very fact that Africans Americans are more susceptible to high blood pressure, as compared to Caucasians or Asians.
• Amount of salt intake
The amount of salt intake also influences the probability of occurrence of high blood pressure, as consuming salt greater than 5.8 grams, increases your chances of having high blood pressure.
• Stiffness in arteries
More older you get, and it becomes more likely for you to high blood pressure, as the arteries show more stiffness, which is better known as arteriosclerosis or simply “hardening of arteries”.
• Socioeconomic standing
Lower educated people hailing from lowborn families of low socioeconomic standing, are more likely to have high blood pressure. For instance, the residents of southeastern states of US, including both black and whites are more discovered with high blood pressure problem, as opposed to residents from any other region of United States.
• Gender
Men are more liable to fall pray to high blood pressure than women, which changes with the age group and ethnicity.
• Chronic Kidney disease
Chronic kidney disease has also got to do something with the incidences of high blood pressure.
• Tumors or adrenal gland’s diseases
The two some are also noticed for triggering high blood pressure.
• Using up of birth control pills
The consumption of pills for birth control, will certainly aid you to limit the size of family, but at the probable cost of your life itself! The reason being, the body will become more susceptible to high blood pressure, i.e. “silent killer”.
• Enslavement to alcohol
The people, who show enslavement to alcohol, ultimately increase their chances to have high blood pressure.
• Obesity
Obesity or if put in simple words means overweight, implies that the persons having Body Mass Index (BMI) greater than 30 Kg/m2, are called obese people. Such people are often found to encounter high blood pressure. It’s many a times is correlated with torpid kind of lifestyle.

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

As the high blood pressure is often referred to as “silent killer, thus most of the times the symptoms of high blood pressure, don’t appear for long, thereby gradually harming all your major organs of body. Nevertheless, there are certain symptoms of high blood pressure, which if identified on time, can end up in saving your life!
The symptoms of high blood pressure are:
• Throbbing head
• Wooziness
• Topsy-turvy vision
• Nausea

Natural home remedies for High Blood Pressure

• Garlic is one of efficient natural home remedies for high blood pressure, which not only helps you to lower down the high blood pressure, but also help you to overcome dizziness,  scantiness of breath and prevent the formation of gas in stomach. Either you can consume it in raw form or two-three cloves, as feasible.
• A tablespoon of fresh Indian Gooseberry juice with honey, should be taken in morning, which is found to favor a lot to the persons suffering with high blood pressure.
• The lemons and grapefruits are considered to one of very first-class natural home remedies for high blood pressure, which can be put to use in getting blood pressure to normal readings, as they contain vitamin P, which is remarkable for strengthening the blood vessels, and hence highly useful in case of treating high blood pressure.
• Watermelon seeds contain some substances, which are found to be very efficient in diluting blood vessels, as the narrow diameter of blood vessels, often atone for high blood pressure. The seeds should be consumed in liberal quantity, after drying and roasting them up.
• Rice being low in fat, cholesterol and salt should be preferred in diet, especially when the doctor has prescribed the various low salt containing diets. Brown rice in particular is more beneficial in overcoming high blood pressure.
• Boiled potatoes form one of very inexpensive natural home remedies for high blood pressure, as they are rich in Potassium salt than sodium salts, while magnesium present in it helps to lower the high blood pressure readings.
• Parsley can be capitalized on, as it is noted for maintaining the arterial system in desirable condition, thus helpful in knocking over high blood pressure. To use it, just immerse 20 grams of fresh Parsley herb in 250 ml of water, to make beneficial beverage, which should be taken in several times a day.
• Vegetable juices also turn out to be one of much sought after natural home remedies for high blood pressure, which should be consumed twice a day, in morning and evening. You have option of taking in carrot and spinach juice separately or in combination, as per likings. If taking both the vegetable juices’ combo, then take 300ml of carrot juice while 200ml of spinach juice, to make 500ml of juice.
• Preferring the potassium and calcium rich diets, can further help you to beat high blood pressure, even if you don’t pay attention to your salt intake. So a very easy way to lower down your high blood pressure isn’t it.

Diet for High Blood Pressure

• Stick to vegetarian diet, which is low in protein, in contrast to diet full of eggs and meat.
• Enhance swallowing of fresh fruits and vegetables on regular basis.
• Curtail down the use of salt in diet, restricting it to not more than 3 grams or about half a tablespoon per day.
• Cut back on alcohol and smoking habit, as it’s one of the causes of high blood pressure.
• Go for diet rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium, to rise above high blood pressure.


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