Home Remedies For Boils On Tongue

Get an immortal cure for ulcers or boils by using home remedies for boils on tongue. Call it skin abscess or boils or ulcers. It is an infection that is present beneath the skin. Infection can be of any type of microbe which adversely affects our body.

Bacteria which cause infection are Staphylococcus aureus; Staphylococcus cuteus, to name a few. Any type of infection triggers immune system of our body.

White blood cells constitute the immune system. Bloodstream sends these white blood cells to the infected area. The stock of the dead microbes, white blood cells and proteins is called pus.

Depending on the condition of the disease and causative factor of boils are of different types. They can be yellow or white in color.

Various causative factors of boils are microbes, food allergies, injury, burns, poor dental hygiene, improper skin puncture done by the injection, biting of the tongue or cheeks, Diabetes Mellitus, stomach disorder, can be the symptom of various disorders like nutritional deficiency of vitamin B and C, certain medication and drugs can lead to boils, immunosuppressive conditions, untreated acne, pimple, or wound.

Home remedies for boils on tongue are nothing but our own forgotten kitchen groceries and garden herbs. Switching over to ancient lifestyle can easily help in getting over difficulties in swallowing food and drink.

• Holy basil or popularly known as tulsi. Chew four to five basil leaves daily and drink water. If possible, intake of tulsi should be done on empty stomach.

• One of the oldest and widely used medicinal herbs is fenugreek. Infuse some fenugreek leaves in one glass of water and filter out all the leaves after half an hour. Gargle with this water three to four times a day to get rid of boils on tongue.

• Stock your fridge with fruits like tomatoes. Extract tomato juice and gargle with this juice. You can also eat them raw for its several health benefits.

• Increased domestic off take of turmeric has already proved it best natural medicine one has ever come across. Its pinch works wonderfully. So add a pinch of turmeric to a teaspoon of glycerin. Apply it directly on the boils.

• Whisk one teaspoon of milk cream, half teaspoon of vinegar and again a pinch of turmeric powder. This mixture is very effective in treating blood filled boils.

• Go for simple and delicious home remedies for boils on tongue that is coconuts.  Wear it! Gently massage the tongue boils with coconut oil. You can also massage tongue with the mix of coconut oil and honey. Children with boils on tongue love this remedy.

• Eat yogurt and banana mixture to soothe boils on tongue.

• Try to keep your mouth ultraclean with the help of mouthwash. Gargle with mint infused water at least thrice a day that is after every meal and before bedtime.

• This one is smart remedy! Apply toothpaste directly over the boils on tongue to treat them. Its antibacterial property can easily drive away bacteria and thus helps in healing boils on tongue.


• Spices, tea, coffee and vegetable oil are those kitchen beverages which need to be avoided while you are suffering from ulcers or boils. They aggravate the sores. Include other dairy products in your daily meal.

Not all spices are fatal for sores. Application of finely grounded cumin paste on sores is suggested by many naturopaths.

• Consume vitamin C and calcium rich diet. Garner your kitchen with cottage cheese, milk, yogurt and orange juice. Drink two to three glasses of orange juice.

• Consumption of mulberry juice helps in getting rid of ulcers.

• Say a big NO to all your favorite non-vegetarian foods. Increased acidity level of the body affects us adversely.

• Apply some peppermint oil over the boils.

• Have you ever tried baking soda beyond cookies? Make a paste of baking soda with water. Apply it directly on the sores as a natural treatment for Boils on tongue.

• Eating raw onion daily replenish your body with sulfur.

• Gargle with hot and cold water. This also one of the simplest, well known and effective home remedies for boils on tongue.

• Replace your daily tea with green or herbal tea. Consumption of green or herbal tea after your meals helps in getting rid of acidity and thus removes sores on your tongue.

• Bitter veggie bitter gourd has many medicinal properties. Take one cup juice of bitter gourd and one teaspoon of limejuice.  Mix them. Consumption of this juice on empty stomach early in the morning provides good health. Tongue free of any type of boil is the sign of good health.

• Amla when applied with honey is proved to be one of the best natural remedies for boils on tongue. Use it in 1:1 ratio 2-3 times a day. Instead of amla you can use finely grounded gooseberry.

• Above all the remedies follow the principle of drinking lots of water.

Sometimes boils on your tongue can be a boom for you as they are symptoms of health disorders. So when ever you notice these ulcers on your tongue you become aware of your health problems.

Above mentioned home remedies for boils on tongue works miraculously and are easily available. Try to include them in your lifestyle and love your life.


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