Home Remedies For Bronchitis In Children

When inflammation occurs in the mucous membrane lining the bronchi and bronchial tube along with breathing disorder affecting the respiratory system indicates that the person is suffering from Bronchitis.

A bronchus (plural bronchi, adjective bronchial) acts as a passage for air in the respiratory system. It connects the lungs with the upper portion of respiratory tract, nose, throat and sinuses.

Passing of air becomes hard and painful for a person suffering from Bronchitis as it reduces the amount of oxygen that can flow into the lung hence causing heavy mucus or phlegm to form in the airway.

It generally occurs viral infection or after a cold like flu. Extra care should be taken because children are sensitive.

Causes of Bronchitis

Bronchitis is predominant in children as they have no in-built immunity so this disease can occur with regularity. It is mainly caused by bacteria, virus and inhalation of chemical pollutants or dust
As a result of which the air passage becomes clogged by debris thereby increasing the irritation.

Types of Bronchitis

Acute Bronchitis (short term)

* Sore throat
* Fever
* A cough that may bring up yellow or green mucus
* Chest congestion
* Shortness of breath
* Wheezing
* Chills
* Body aches


Chronic Bronchitis (ongoing)

*   Coughing up mucus
*   Trouble breathing
*   Tightness of chest
*   Prolonged coughing of deep yellow or green color

Home Remedies for Bronchitis in Children

  • • Most common home remedy for Bronchitis is turmeric powder. Giving one teaspoonful of turmeric powder (haridra) with warm milk, twice or thrice daily acts best on children. It becomes more beneficial  when taken early in the morning, empty stomach and at bedtime.
  • • Applying heated coconut oil with 4 crushed tablets of camphor in it can also be cause of great relief to the child as it acts as medicated oil.
  • • Small amount of onion juice can also be administered as it is having expectorant properties.
  • • Giving milk having 2-3 cloves of garlic boiled with it is also one of the most valuable natural home remedies for Bronchitis in children
  • • Giving hot fomentation with dry hot towel on child’s chest and back is one of the best Bronchitis natural remedies. It provides instant relief.
  • • Spinach soup, with pepper and ginger should be incorporated in the child’s diet.
  • • Consuming a paste of ground almonds, poppy seeds and honey with milk is a good home remedy for Bronchitis as well as for the development of brain.
  • • You can also ask the child to drink fenugreek seeds boiled in water, with some ginger and honey, this is a very effective cure for Bronchitis.
  • • Chicken soup with ginger, garlic can also be given to the child which will help in clearing the throat.
  • • Tea prepared with holy basil leaf is among the most widely used home remedies for Bronchitis in children.
  • • Daily intake of fluids which include water at least 6-8 glasses, herbal tea, juices works wonders.
  • • You can even mix ginger juice in 1 teaspoon of honey and give it to the child. This solution is proved to be the easiest and best home medicine for Bronchitis.
  • • One of the common therapies that can be administered at home is taking the child out for a walk with warm clothes.
  • • Mixture of dried ginger powder, pepper and long pepper taken in equal quantities of a quarter teaspoon three times a day with honey has been considered among the most effective home remedies for Bronchitis in children.
  • • Gargling with warm water is the most common yet important recommendation when dealing with Bronchitis.
  • • Inhaling medicated steam can also be administered but make sure that the water does not spill over the child.
  • • Ensure that the child’s food contains enough amount of Vitamin C. Vitamin C has been found as a vital agent in treating Bronchitis.

Watch this video showing what Bronchitis is

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Most Common Preventions for Bronchitis in Children

  • • Ensure that the air that the child is inhaling is free from dust particles and smoke.
  • • Curd and other sour substances should be avoided.
  • • Cold and humid weather is not good for Bronchitis so extra precautions should be taken during this weather
  • • Children should be asked to wash their hands regularly.


  1. Tiffanie Barlow says

    vicks vapor rub on the chest, back, and feet (With socks over them) works as an instant relief in the night attacks.

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