Home Remedies For Chafing

What is Chafing?
Chafing refers to a condition characterized by skin irritation which is caused by sweating and repeated rubbing of skin against skin or against any foreign material, especially coarse clothing. The most common areas affected by this condition are armpits, inner thighs, breasts, groin areas and other such sensitive areas. Overweight people and the ones who are actively involved in sports are more prone to develop this disease. When dealing with Chafing, it is better to adopt a proactive approach rather than a post active one.

Any activity causing the skin to be chafed should be discontinued for at least some time to let the skin heal itself and to avoid further irritation of the skin. People generally use talcum powder and petroleum jelly to provide relief from this problem. Although a number of creams and ointments are available in the market, still none of them can beat the therapeutic as well as inexpensive natural home remedies for Chafing.

Causes and Symptoms of Chafing

As mentioned earlier, Chafing is caused by irritation of the skin. This irritation is caused by chemicals, dried sweat, dirt and other debris that act as skin irritants. Body parts rubbing against each other may ultimately result in Chafing. Tight and wet clothing also contribute in casing this problem. Therefore, wearing dry, clean and a bit loose clothes could help prevent this type of skin irritation. Plus, wearing cotton clothing is also helpful and provides some relief. Sweat tends to aggravate the problem by acting as a friction agent thereby facilitating the process of abrasion. This problem is more common in obese people because their skin tends to be very close together.

Chafing is characterized by itchiness in the beginning. Next, the affected skin and its surrounding areas tend to become red and painful. It is often accompanied by a burning sensation. Generally, the skin tends to remain chafed for about 2-3 days even after the irritant is removed. Chafed skin is prone to infections so it should be healed as soon as possible to guard against further infection.


Natural Home Remedies for Chafing

• One of the easiest possible home remedies for Chafing calls for an increase in the consumption of water. It rehydrates the skin and reduces the dryness that causes Chafing.
• Therapeutic herbs such as thyme, chamomile, horseradish, and sage are excellent home remedies for Chafing.
• Applying juice extracted from Aloe Vera plant on the affected area is a highly beneficial natural home remedy for the reducing irritation and curing the chafed skin.
• Massaging the body with almond oil helps to moisturize the skin and prevents Chafing.
• Applying a paste of oatmeal and olive oil is a tried and tested home remdy used in the treatment of chafed skin. Both these ingredients have a soothing effect on the skin and facilitate the healing process.
• Calendula oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil and other such essential oils are widely used home remedies for Chafing.
• Applying cornstarch on the affected area is an inexpensive yet successful home remedy for this problem. It helps cure the problem of Chafing by drying the unwanted sweat and moisture which in turn reduces friction that ultimately causes irritation of the skin.
• Rinsing the affected area with lukewarm water and then applying rose water o it serves as an effective natural remedy to cure chafed skin.

Diet for Chafing

The diet for Chafing should include a judicious mix of essential vitamins and minerals. Carrots, broccoli, spinach and parsley are rich sources of vitamin A which is beneficial in the treatment of chafed skin by helping the skin retain moisture and boosting the immune system. Besides, vitamin C is widely known to prevent and heal skin problems. Fresh fruit juices should be positively included in the diet for treating chafed skin.  Insufficient as well as excessive consumption of vitamin B1 is not healthy for the skin. Therefore, try to consume moderate amount of this vitamin.

Zinc helps in healing the sore skin by repairing the damaged tissues. So, it can be used to get rid of skin irritation caused by Chafing. Whole grains, nuts, dairy products and legumes are rich in zinc. Overweight people tend to have a sagging skin which is likely to rub against the rest of the body and lead to Chafing. Hence, they should make an effort to reduce the excess body weight to get rid of this problem.

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