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What Is Cholera?

Cholera is an intense intestinal infection which results from ingesting contaminated food and water caused by bacterium Vibrio Cholerae. The disease has short-term incubation period i.e. the time period between getting infected with cholera and emergence of its symptoms varying from less than one day to five days.
Cholera is a water-borne intestinal disease which is a routine problem of monsoon season and counted as one of the most dangerous intestinal diseases. The infection can differ in its nature varying from mild to moderate to severe requiring your kind attention for its proper treatment.

The infection caused by bacilli is itself not very troubling if the symptoms of the disease are well managed and the immune system of the body clears it off. There are over and above 100 types of cholera although there are two main kinds which are known for putting human beings to danger which are:   
• Vibrio Cholerae O1 which are further classified into sub kinds i.e. Classical and E1 Tor
• Vibrio Cholerae O139
So if you happened to consume food/drink along with any above kind of vibrio cholerae then these will enter into your smaller intestines and produce the toxin i.e. enterotoxin which will finally account for no end watery diarrhea which can even lead to distressing dehydration and even death if proper treatment is not given to the sick person timely.
So read on further to know more about Cholera including several profitable natural home remedies for cholera without any kinds of side effects.

Causes Of Cholera

For the proper treatment of cholera or any other disease it’s vital to know the cause as only after its identification further steps for treatment can be followed. So here are the causes of cholera which facilitates the entry of vibrio cholerae in your body.
• Drinking of contaminated surface or well water
• Gobbling up of contaminated food
• Consumption of raw fruits and vegetables
• Grains like rice and millets
• Ice produced from contaminated water
• Foods and beverages purchased from highway vendors
• Vegetables irrigated with waste water
• Eating raw or insufficiently cooked seafood including fish preferably which has been taken from the polluted water body
• Contaminated feces

Symptoms Of Cholera


The very commonplace symptom of cholera is the watery diarrhea which ultimately causes dehydration of the sufferer’s body however there are other symptoms as well of cholera which are:
• Vomiting
• Nausea
• Tossing and turning
• Low-lying blood pressure
• Weak pulsation
• Moisture lacking skin
• Feebleness
• Crumple on skin of fingers
• Uttermost immobilization even coma
• Enhanced body temperature uncommon in adults while common in children
• Cold skin
• Weak and hoarse voice
• Feeling of thirstiness
• Stomach cramps
• Feces with “rice-water” appearance

Natural Home Remedies For Cholera

Cholera being a very deathly disease hence just can’t afford to wait for getting appointments with the doctor so instead of aggravating the problem more you can use various natural home remedies for cholera.
• The most important symptom of cholera is watery diarrhea which causes dehydration in body along with disturbing sodium balance of it. Hence keep on drinking water at regular intervals with salt to restore sodium balance and water content of body.
• Drinking lime juice several times a day further helps you to care for cholera as it’s one of very beneficial natural home remedies for cholera which acts on bacteria causing cholera.
• A glass of cucumber leaves’ juice mixed with a glass of coconut juice is very effective in dealing with the symptoms of cholera including thirstiness.
•  Give boiled water to the patient with addition of clove preferably to it to reduce the frequent thirstiness of the person suffering with cholera.
• Mix some juice of onion and lemon to make one of wonderful natural home remedies for cholera and consume it on daily basis to get rid of cholera.
• Mint juice too is found to be very effective in beating the deadly intestinal disease i.e. cholera.
• Drinking of water used for cleaning of rice can prove to be one of effective natural home remedies for cholera to get rid of ‘rice water’ feces which is a kind of symptom of cholera.

Diet For Cholera

In fact as a result of careless negligence of the diet only the person become vulnerable to cholera hence proper care should be taken so as to overcome cholera.
• Water, soda water and green coconut water should be consumed periodically to make up for the loss of water of body. Ice too may be sucked to lower down the temperature of body and to keep vomiting at bay.
• Softened rice coupled with curd should be given to the patient when he starts recovering.
• Increase consumption of onion mint and vinegar in diet further helps you a long way in battling with cholera.
• As digestive system’ functioning is impaired hence abstain from solid foods for some time unless and until you completely overcome cholera.


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