Home Remedies For Cirrhosis of the Liver

What is Cirrhosis of the Liver?

Cirrhosis of the Liver is a chronic liver disease causing damage to the normal liver tissues thereby affecting the functionality of this crucial organ. Excessive alcohol consumption is one of the most important factors giving rise to this dangerous disease.

In this condition, scar tissues are produced in response to the damaged normal tissues. These scar tissues tend to destroy the internal structure of the liver thereby obstructing the flow of blood from the liver and preventing the liver from carrying out its normal functions like filtering out toxins, absorbing the essential nutrients etc. It renders the liver ineffective in regenerating itself.

Cirrhosis induced liver damage is irreversible. Therefore, the treatment for Cirrhosis of Liver aims at reducing the complications and delaying further progression of the disease in order to prevent further liver damage. A number of natural home remedies for Cirrhosis of Liver have been found to be highly beneficial in healing this disease to a great extent.

Causes of Cirrhosis of the Liver

Chronic alcohol abuse and hepatitis C are the most common causes leading to Cirrhosis of the Liver. Fatty liver resulting from diabetes, obesity, protein malnutrition, coronary artery disease or corticosteroid treatment can also be held responsible for the same. Primary Biliary Cirrhosis, Secondary Biliary Cirrhosis or blocked bile ducts in infants may also contribute in causing Cirrhosis of the Liver.

Other factors causing this disease include Autoimmune Hepatitis, Wilson Disease, Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, Granulomatous disease, Glycogen storage disease, Hemochromatosis, Cystic Fibrosis and other such inherited diseases that disrupt the normal liver metabolism. Chronic parasitic infections and overexposure to environmental toxins also affect the liver health adversely.

Symptoms of Cirrhosis of the Liver

The early stages of this disease are not characterized by any serious symptoms. However, a number of troublesome signs and symptoms begin to show with the passage of time.

Some such symptoms are loss of appetite, weight loss (especially due to loss of muscle mass), jaundice, atrophy, spleen enlargement, enlargement of salivary glands, swelling, abdominal pain, indigestion, mental confusion, frequent infections, tiredness, nausea, vomiting, blood in vomit, bleeding gums, nose bleeding, bleeding hemorrhoids, easy bruising, impotence and other related symptoms.

Cirrhosis of liver tends to cause fluid accumulation in the abdominal region. Small red colored clusters of blood vessels may also appear on the skin along with enlargement of veins on stomach and throat. At times, the fingers tend to curl up due to shrinkage of the tendons present in the hands.

In some cases, it may also cause a decrease in the urine output and development of breasts in men. In women, it may lead to menstrual irregularities due to impaired hormone production. Liver failure resulting from this disease may also lead to kidney failure.


Natural Home Remedies for Cirrhosis of the Liver

• Drinking buttermilk mixed with roasted cumin seeds and a pinch of rock salt is one of the simplest natural home remedies for Cirrhosis of the Liver.

• Taking a combination of 200 ml spinach juice and 300 ml carrot juice helps in the natural treatment of Liver Cirrhosis. Cucumber juice can also be used in combination with these vegetable juices.

• Crush some seeds of papaya to form a powder and mix about ten drops of lime juice in one teaspoon of this powder. Have this therapeutic home remedy two times per day for at least one month to reduce Cirrhosis of Liver.

• Consumption of white radish, whether in raw form or in the form of radish juice, is one of the most popular and equally effective Liver Cirrhosis home remedies. In fact, intake of juice extracted from 50 grams of radish leaves and its tender stem is highly beneficial in controlling this disease.

• Having a mixture of four fig leaves and some sugar candy crushed together and mixed in 250 ml water is one of the most successful natural home remedies for Cirrhosis of the Liver. Follow this remdy two times in a day.

• Regular consumption of lemon juice, rock salt and water serves as a good natural cure for Liver Cirrhosis.

• Extract the juice of Eclipta Alba herb and take one teaspoon of this juice along with one teaspoon of honey. Take this mixture thrice a day on a regular basis as an effective home treatment for this ailment.

• Yogic breathing exercises are also beneficial in reducing this problem.

Diet for Cirrhosis of the Liver

The diet to heal Cirrhosis of the Liver should be rich in proteins. Pulses, spinach, bitter gourd, carrot, cabbage, beans, papaya, cucumber, tomato, onion and other such foods should be positively included in the diet. Carbohydrates are also beneficial as they provide energy to the body. While dealing with Liver Cirrhosis, regular consumption of orange juice, on an empty stomach is a tried and tested natural remedy.

Having a glass of buttermilk after every meal is considered as one of the most valuable home remedies for Cirrhosis of the Liver. Other herbal remedies include milk thistle, licorice and turmeric. Restrictive measures include strict avoidance of alcoholic beverages, tea, coffee and fatty foods. In addition, reduce the consumption of spicy foods, red chilies and other items with excess sugar or salt.


  1. Black berry has miracle effect on this disease

  2. 1-almond with honey
    2-Achillea millefolium extract
    5-mint extract
    6-Tamaria Hindi
    7-Black cherry
    these work wonderful for Cirrhosis

  3. Dawn Hards says

    Hello,I’m seeking any info my husband was on transplant list for liver , but had to be removed from list as a c-scan showed a very large tumor aprox over 90% of his liver.. the team said if they used the meds. to reduce tumor that it may shut his liver down,I would appericate any info,I had been giving him pure blueberry juice

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