Home Remedies For Coughing Fits

What are Coughing Fits?

Coughing is a reflex action that is meant to clear your air passages. It is primarily a symptom, not a disease in itself and can be caused by a variety of reasons like allergies, common colds, upper respiratory tract infections and so on. Coughing Fits are more common during night time or early in the morning.

They not only cause frustration and irritability but also create sleeping disturbances and problems in social gatherings. Uncontrollable Coughing Fits can be categorized as acute (lasting for less than three weeks), sub acute (three to eight weeks) and chronic (more than eight weeks).

Although there are several cough suppressants, expectorants and anti histamine medicines available in the market to cure this problem, you can also try some simple, safe and inexpensive home remedies for Coughing Fits natural treatment to heal the ailment naturally.

A simple yet effective tip to stop Coughing Fits is to hold the breath for about three seconds and then breath slowing during a gap between fits of coughing to prolong the time between coughs.

Causes and Symptoms of Coughing Fits

Common causes of Coughing and Coughing Fits are Common Cold, Pneumonia, Acute Sinusitis, Chronic Bronchitis, Postnasal Drip, Allergy, Asthma, Upper Respiratory Tract Infections and other Respiratory Disorders.

Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) can also be held responsible for fit of coughing. Besides, serious conditions like Heart Failure and Lung Cancer can also cause the same. In addition, cigarette smoking and dry air tend to aggravate the problem.

Cough characterized by congestion can be in the form of barking, high pitched, wheezing or whooping cough accompanied by breathing difficulty. Whooping cough is more common in children and adolescents.

The most obvious symptom of Coughing Fits is persistent, uncontrollable coughing that can last for 5 to 15 minutes. Additional symptoms include problems like fever, chest discomfort, vomiting, shortness of breath, tiredness and dizziness.

Natural Home Remedies for Coughing Fits

• Having herbal teas is one of the best home remedies for Coughing Fits. Black tea and chamomile tea are highly beneficial in this regard. Add some lemon juice and honey in your tea to make this therapy more effective.

Thyme, licorice and marshmallow also suppress coughing. Slippery elm lozenges are helpful in reducing dry cough whereas horehound candies are good for wet coughs.

• Add some crushed ginger, one or two garlic cloves, cinnamon powder and some lemon juice in water and boil the solution for about 15-20 minutes. Strain the mixture, add some honey and then have this infusion few times in a day to heal the problem.


• Soak 8-9 almonds in water overnight. Next day, peel and grind them. Then, add some sugar and butter in the mixture and have one or two teaspoons of this paste several times in a day to stop Coughing Fits.

• Gargling with a solution of one cup warm water mixed with half a teaspoon of salt is one of the most popular Coughing Fits home remedies.

• Drinking warm milk mixed with a teaspoon of honey before sleeping is another valuable home remedy to avoid Coughing Fits because it tends to lubricate the throat and induces sleep.

• Simply taking one teaspoon of honey and allowing it to coat the throat is useful in reducing Coughing Fits. You can also mix some lemon juice, a pinch of white pepper powder or crushed basil leaves in it to reduce coughing.

• Mix one teaspoon each of onion juice and honey. Put the mixture aside for five to six hours and then consume it regularly to cure Coughing Fits naturally by getting rid of chest congestion.

Having one tablespoon of a combination of aloe vera juice and honey taken in equal quantities is highly beneficial in suppressing Coughing Fits associated with dry cough.

• Rubbing eucalyptus oil on the bottom of the feet is a good natural remedy to ease Coughing Fits. Eucalyptus is a good decongestant and expectorant. It can be used in combination with any carrier oil like jojoba or olive oil and applied on chest for relief.

• Inhaling steam is one of the easiest natural home remedies for Coughing Fits as it soothes the throat. You can also add one drop each of eucalyptus oil and lavender oil in boiling and then inhale the vapors to make this Coughing Fits home treatment work better.

Plus, it is also advisable to use a humidifier because dry air tends to cause irritation in the airways and triggers fits of coughing. Placing hot packs on chest and throat also has a soothing effect.

• When dealing with Coughing Fits, stay away from cigarette smoke, dust, fumes and other respiratory irritants, especially when suffering from Bronchitis. In addition, keep the head elevated while sleeping to avoid coughing due to build up of nasal drip in throat. Alternative therapies like aromatherapy and reflexology can also be used.

Diet for Coughing Fits

Diet for healing Cough and Coughing Fits should positively include foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc to reduce the problem and improve immunity. Consume apples, peaches, fresh and dried apricots, orange juice and grapefruit juice mixed with honey.

Vegetable broths and soups, especially the ones prepared from onion can prove to be of great help. Drinking adequate amount of water at regular intervals is also recommended.

Sucking half a piece of lemon with black pepper powder or cayenne pepper sprinkled on it, chewing black pepper seeds, 2-3 cloves fried in little oil etc are highly beneficial natural cures for Coughing Fits. Moreover, having a glass of grape juice mixed with one tablespoon of honey also helps relieve this problem and is considered as one of the most therapeutic home remedies for Coughing Fits.

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