Home Remedies For Coughing In Children

Coughing is one of the most common ailments afflicting babies. Nonetheless, Mother Nature has provided certain natural home remedies for Coughing in children to get rid of this annoying problem.

Basically, coughing is body’s natural reflex action to keep the respiratory tract clear. In children, Coughing is often caused by viral infections, allergies and irritations due environmental factors such as smoke, cold dry air etc. Besides, accidentally inhaling or ingesting foreign bodies can give rise to sudden, forceful Coughing.

If your toddler is suffering from chronic cough then it may indicate problems like Asthma, Sinusitis, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Gastro Esophageal Reflux or other such underlying issues. Cough is mostly accompanied by symptoms like Cold, Congestion, Sore Throat, Fatigue and Fever, at times.

When dealing with Coughing in infants below six years of age, it recommended that they should not be given over-the-counter cough and cold medications, other than the ones containing glycerol, honey or lemon. Given below are some beneficial and safe natural home remedies for Coughing in Children.

Natural Home Remedies for Coughing in Children

• Honey is a valuable natural cure for Coughing in children. Dosage, however, depends on the age of your toddler. For instance, children aged 2-5 can be given half a teaspoon of honey to relieve Coughing. Those aged 12 or more can be given two teaspoons of this therapeutic ingredient. Do not give honey to babies below the age of one.

• Taking a mixture of one teaspoon each of honey and fresh lemon juice added in a cup of warm water is a useful Coughing home remedy for children. Follow this therapy about 2-3 times in a day.

• Having a combination of one teaspoon each of apple cider vinegar and honey in a glass of water is one of the most popular Coughing home remedies for kids.

• You can prepare a homemade cough syrup for natural treatment for Coughing in children. For this, mix one tablespoon each of honey and apple cider vinegar, a quarter teaspoon each of crushed ginger and cayenne pepper and two tablespoons of water. Give about two teaspoons of this natural remedy to your kid to reduce Coughing.


• Another natural cough syrup can be prepared by boiling a white onion in water, extracting its juice and mixing equal amount of honey it. Let the child consume one teaspoon of this mixture two times in a day.

• Grate 1-3 cloves of garlic and add equal parts of honey and lemon juice (simply squeeze half a lemon) in it. Finally, he mixture in a glass bottle, cover it with a lid and keep store in a refrigerator. Give one teaspoon of this mixture to stop Coughing in children.

• Steam inhalation helps relieve Coughing caused by dry cough because it soothes nasal irritation. However, it is difficult to follow this home treatment in case of kids.

Therefore, it is suggested that you simply run a hot shower, add a few drops of eucalyptus oil in water and then let your child sit in the bathtub for some time to make the child inhale steam safely. In addition, you can make use of humidifiers to avoid Coughing in kids due to dry air.

• Gently massaging your baby’s chest and back with diluted lavender oil is one of the easiest possible natural home remedies for Coughing in children. Infants aged six months or more can be massaged with a combination of three drops of eucalyptus oil in 30 ml almond juice. Massaging with warm coconut oil also serves as a good natural remedy for Coughing babies.

• Warm ginger tea prepared from half an inch of minced ginger or ginger powder and mixed with honey is highly beneficial in healing Coughing in children as well as adults. Chamomile tea mixed with lemon juice and honey can also be used.

• Children can be given holy basil tea sweetened with honey or half a teaspoon of basil juice mixed with equal amount of ginger juice and one teaspoon of honey to get rid of Cough naturally at home.

• When dealing with coughing kids, give adequate water, milk (warm milk mixed with turmeric water can be used too), diluted juices, vegetable soups and boiled or steamed vegetables to kids aged one year or more. Pineapple juice, in particular can help stop Coughing in children. You can also give the child a applesauce. Besides, use plenty of garlic while cooking meals.

In case the condition persists longer than 2-3 weeks even after the application of natural home remedies for Coughing in children then seek proper medical advice from a qualified physician.


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