Home Remedies For Cracked, Chapped and Dry Lips

What are Cracked, Chapped and Dry Lips?

Dry lips tend to become cracked and chapped due to lack of oil and moisture. The condition may or may not be accompanied by inflammation and redness of the lips. This problem is more prevalent in cold and windy weather conditions. Cheilitis is a similar condition characterized by inflammation of the lips.

The skin on the lips is relatively thinner and more delicate as compared to the skin on other parts of the body. Plus, it lacks oil glands. Therefore, lips tend to become cracked, chapped and dry quite easily. Apart from this, factors like sun exposure, smoking and aging may cause wrinkling around the lips.

Besides, the habit licking the lips over and over again may also result in dry lips as the digestive enzymes present in saliva tend to damage the protective layer on the lips.

This common problem is usually dealt with the use a number of natural home remedies for Cracked, Chapped and Dry Lips. These natural remedies are perfectly safe, highly beneficial, easily available and inexpensive as compared to the over the counter medicines prepared from harmful chemicals.

Causes and Symptoms of Cracked, Chapped and Dry Lips

Vitamin deficiencies, especially deficiency of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) or vitamin C may lead to Cracked, Chapped and Dry Lips. Fever and dehydration may also make the lips dry and chapped. Other factors causing Cracked, Chapped and Dry Lips are sun burn, cigarette smoking, cosmetic allergies, use of ill fitted dentures etc. Patients of Kawasaki disease tend to develop Cracked, Chapped and Dry Lips too.

Certain drugs have also been known to cause dry lips. At times, chemicals present in soaps, toothpastes or mouthwashes may cause allergic reaction resulting in Cracked, Chapped and Dry lips. Individuals with a history of skin problems and disorders are also susceptible to dry chapped lips.

Symptoms of Cracked, Chapped and Dry Lips are roughness and redness around the lips due to increased sensitivity. Lips tend to become dry, tender and scaly due to lack of adequate moisture. The condition may also be accompanied by pain and bleeding.


Natural Home Remedies for Cracked, Chapped and Dry Lips

• Regularly application of coconut oil on the lips is one of the easiest possible natural home remedies for Cracked, Chapped and Dry Lips. Castor oil is also beneficial in healing cracked lips.

• Crush some rose petals along with some milk cream. Apply this mixture on the lips as an effective natural remedy to cure dry chapped lips. Rose petals can also be soaked in raw milk for a few hours and then crushed to form a paste. This is one of the best Cracked, Chapped and Dry Lips home remedies.

• Take one tablespoon each of spinach juice, carrot juice, juice extracted from water cresses, one tablespoon of nutritional yeast, and two tablespoons of wheat germ oil. Add all these ingredients in a glass of tomato juice and have this resultant mixture to eliminate the problem of dry lips in a natural way.

• Rubbing a fresh slice of cucumber is yet another tried and tested home remedy used in the treatment of chapped lips.

• Applying the juice extracted from neem leaves (margosa) and neem leaf extracts are excellent natural home remedies for Cracked, Chapped and Dry Lips.

• Honey is a popular and widely used natural remedy useful in reducing lip dryness. Application of therapeutic remdy acts as a good natural lip moisturizer. Unsalted butter and aloe vera gel are also beneficial in this regard.

• Olive oil is one of the most remarkable natural home remedies for Cracked, Chapped and Dry Lips as it relieves the problem almost immediately. Just put some olive oil on the finger and rub it on the lips to get rid of this frustrating problem.

Diet for Cracked, Chapped and Dry Lips

As lips become dry, cracked and chapped due to lack of moisture, it is essential to drink adequate amount of plenty of water throughout the day for hydration. Also, while dealing with Cracked, Chapped and Dry Lips, try to include more vitamin A in the diet as it facilitates the process of healing. Foods like tomatoes, parsley, carrots, legumes and green leafy vegetables are highly beneficial in this regard.

Moreover, positively include fibrous fruits, vegetables and whole grains in the diet to avoid constipation as it tends to worsen the condition. Plus, restrict the consumption of alcoholic and caffeinated beverages. Apart from these measures, try to use unflavored lip balms containing sunscreen in order to avoid sun damage.

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