Home Remedies For Dark Skin

What is Dark Skin?

Dark Skin is not a serious medical condition or disease. It is more of a social problem as dark colored skin is usually not considered very beautiful. The dark color of the skin is generally present since birth and is completely normal but, at times, it could be caused by hyper pigmentation.

Asian, Mediterranean, Hispanic, Polynesian, Native American, African, Arabian and Eastern European people are known to have a comparatively darker skin. The skin color is determined by the amount of a pigment called melanin present in the skin. The skin becomes darker with an increase in the melanin amount. The color of the skin also depends on genes. The good news is that dark skinned people are less prone to develop skin cancers caused by ultraviolet light.

The market is flooded with several over the counter medicines and beauty products that claim to improve the skin color. But, people often disregard the fact that these products can be harmful in the long run. Therefore, it is better to turn to Mother Nature to help cure this problem. Numerous natural home remedies for Dark Skin have been found useful in dealing with Dark Skin.

Causes and Symptoms of Dark Skin

Hereditary factors play an important role in determining the natural color of the skin. Hyper pigmentation can also be held responsible for causing Dark Skin. It refers to an increase in the amount of melanin (overactive melanocytes) in the skin which makes the skin appear darker.

Excessive exposure to sun leads to an increase in the production of melanin to protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. This, in turn results in darkening of the skin or Sunburn. Therefore, it has been found that Dark Skin tends to tan easily though, it burns minimally.

Skin disorders like Lichen Simplex Chronicus or Neurodermatitis lead to excessive itching of the skin. The act of itching damages the skin by making it thick, patchy and dark. Besides, Melasma also causes the skin to become dark and particularly affects the face and neck. Dark Skin is characterized by a dark brown or black colored ski. It may be accompanied by dark patches too.

Natural Home Remedies for Dark Skin

Home remedies for Dark Skin include a number of natural bleaches for skin. Lemon is the key ingredient in most of these remedies. Other important ingredients are honey, lime, turmeric, orange tomato, milk, rose water, potato, cucumber and so on. Some such homemade bleaches can be prepared in the following manner:

• Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice and the same amount of baby oil and use it as a natural bleach to reduce the dark coloration of skin.

• A mixture of lemon juice and honey is also considered a popular Dark Skin cure. Some barley powder can also be added to this bleach to make a paste.

• Honey and lemon juice can also be combined with almond oil and milk powder to make a paste for curing Dark Skin.

• Lemon and cucumber juice can also help in the home treatment for Dark Skin. A little bit of turmeric or a few drops of rose water can also be added to this mixture to enhance the results.

• Take the juice of two lemons, two large and thin slices of potato (peeled), few slices of peeled cucumber, juice extracted from any citrus fruit like orange, grapefruit etc, and lastly, four tablespoon of gram flour. Blend and mash these ingredients together and add about teaspoons of sugar and a similar amount of salt and store the mixture. Daily apply about one teaspoon of this mixture for about 10 minutes for about a month to get rid of Dark Skin. Do not over do this natural remedy in case of dry or damaged skin.

• Applying a mixture of cucumber juice, potato juice and tomato juice is one of the most effective natural home remedies for getting fair. These juices can be applied individually too. Thin slices of potato can also be applied on skin to lighten darkened skin.

• A combination of lemon juice, tomato juice and cucumber juice mixed in sandalwood powder serves as an excellent natural treatment for Dark Skin.

• Make a paste of dried and powdered orange peels and milk. Regularly applying this natural bleach for about 20 to 25 minutes per day is one of the most widely used natural home remedies for Dark Skin. Simply applying orange or tangerine juice is also beneficial.


• Take half a teaspoon of olive oil, half a teaspoon of milk, one teaspoon of gram flour, a few drops of lime juice and about a pinch of turmeric powder. Mix these ingredients and apply the mixture for about 30 minutes. This is an effective therapeutic home remedy to lighten Dark Skin naturally.

• Add four tablespoons of buttermilk in two teaspoons of tomato juice and apply on the skin. Regular use of this home remedy is valuable in Dark Skin treatment.

• Add some mint leaves in two cups of water and bring to boil. Then, cool and strain the mixture and squeeze a lemon’s juice in it. Apply this natural home bleach regularly to get rid of Dark Skin.

• Take two tablespoons of oatmeal, one tablespoon of yogurt, one teaspoon of olive oil and some lemon juice. Mix these ingredients to form a paste and apply on the skin to make heal this problem.

• Mix two tablespoon corn flour, one teaspoon of almond oil and a few drops of lemon juice and use this mixture as an effective homemade bleach to lighten the skin color.

• Two to three drops of lime juice mixed with a grated tomato can be applied on the skin for about 20 minutes two times a day for at least 20 days to lighten skin color.

Other natural remedies:

• Applying a mixture of egg whites and honey is a bit messy yet effective remdy for lightening skin naturally, especially in case of tanned oily skin. A combination of egg whites, lemon juice and grapes works well to improve the color of oily skin.

• Take some honey, yogurt, milk and crushed sesame seeds and make a paste of these ingredients. This is also beneficial home cure for improving complexion of oily skin.

• Applying freshly extracted carrot juice is a tried and tested remedy for Dark Skin, especially for blemishes and pigmentation.

• Prepare a mixture of coconut milk and pineapple juice and apply it on the skin for about 15 to 20 minutes regularly to achieve whitening of skin.

• A mixture of cucumber juice and honey can be applied on dry skin for getting rid of Dark Skin.

• Soak about four almonds in water over night. In the morning, grind these almonds along with some milk to make a paste. Apply this mixture for about 15 minutes and follow this remdy for about 2 weeks to achieve desired results. This is one of the oldest natural home remedies for Dark Skin.

• A mixture of one teaspoon of fresh cream and a pinch of turmeric can be applied on the face for the treatment of Dark Skin. Simply washing the face with milk also serves as one of the most successful home remedies for Dark Skin.

An important tip in this regard would be to carry out a patch test before going ahead with any remedy that seems doubtful as different types of skin respond differently to certain strong ingredients.

Diet for Dark Skin

A healthy and balanced diet comprising various fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals, pulses and nuts goes a long way in maintaining a healthy and glowing skin. A healthy diet also includes the consumption of adequate amount of water. Fresh fruit juices are highly beneficial in keeping the body hydrated. In addition to this, avoid the intake of harmful oily foods in excess to help avoid undesirable skin problems.


  1. S. turner MD JD says

    Are you talking about hyperpigmentation due to trauma, acne scars, or other injury, disease? If not this article needs to address the racism in this country and others that has led to the genocide and murder of countless individuals. the bigoted mindset that unfortunately has been promulgated by white America and its fashion industry( hypocrisy of a so-called democracy and Judeo-Christian ethic) needs to change. Rather than feed into the need for a cure, read Revelations in the Bible that describes Jesus as copper-colored and with wooly hair. Find beauty in all peoples rather than a narrow definition that led to the extermination of Jews, Native Americans, African-Americans, and rid the world of this real ungodly, hateful, sick and vile disease.

  2. When I read {Dark Skin is not a serious medical condition or disease. It is more of a social problem as dark colored skin is usually not considered very beautiful.} That is completely wrong because I find darked skin people extremely attractive and their color is BEAUTIFUL so you guys need to fix that. That is just so wrong because I’d rather be brown than pale.

    • There are many natural eatarnltives to everything out there!First thing I would do, is try to eliminate all processed and refined foods from your diet. That will get a lot of chemicals and preservatives out of your body. Most, if not all processed and refined foods have had chemicals added or used during processing.Try eating organic fruits and vegetables. If you can’t afford it, buy organic f v that have thin skins (eg. apples, peppers, lettuce) which absorb more pesticides. Thicker skin F v like cantaloupe, oranges, etc, are less permeable.Second, go to your local health store, there are loads of beauty and cleaning products!Try to find cleaning products without chlorine, bleach, sulfates, VOC’s, etc. You’d be surprised how much better natural products work. I like cleaning with Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner. It smells soooo good!For a simple home recipe, use plain vinegar, or lemon juice to cut grease and leave a streak-free shine on windows.With beauty products, there are so many chemicals found in lotions, hair styling products, toothpaste, anti-perspirant, shampoo, and makeup, i’ll only list a few. Stay away from parabens, fragrances, sodium lauryl sulfate (foaming agent), and fluoride. I had no idea how many chemicals they put into the average beauty product. Considering we use 7-11 products a day on our body, it’s a lot.I really like the beauty line Green Beaver. I use their shampoo, body wash, facial cleanser, eye-makeup remover, and toothpaste. All of their products are completely organic, free of chemicals, and even edible (the owner told me this!). Feel free to eat their products haha.For makeup, I’ve started using Physician’s Formula Organic line of foundation, concealer, and bronzer. I really like it! It has no chemicals, dyes, etc.The best idea is to visit your local health store and have a nice long talk to some employees (provided they are well experienced and knowledgeable about all these things most stores aren’t).Pretty much keep things as natural as possible. Humans weren’t built to ingest and remove chemicals from their bodies. Most of them stay in our bodies and cause health problems.Hope this helps! If you have any questions, email me. I’ll be glad to helpEDIT:If you’re wanting to know what products are good and which are bad, I suggest you look up the SkinDeep website. It tells/rates pretty much every product imaginable for safety and chemical content.

  3. what to do my face is very clean as i am intersted to get pimples suggest me some tips

  4. To the editor, I take offense to the statement on dark skin not being beautiful. It is obvious that you have racist ideas against the aforementioned people of color. People with dark skin are beautiful and should be respected and appreciated for their skin tone. You should be ashamed of yourself for putting such nonsense on your website. How would you like it if you read somewhere that “people of light to white complexion are generally seen as pasty and pale and overall look sick and uhealthy”.

  5. To Joy: This is not racist. This is for people with skin that has dark places on their faces that they would like to lighten to match the rest of their face. Stop using everything as being racist please. When are we going to get over what skin color people are??? WHO CARES??? None of us had a choice of what skin color we were born with. GOD MADE US THIS WAY!

  6. Hi myself Anusha i have dark skin with pimples and blackheads if i apply turmeric then I’ll get more no of pimples and I’ll drink more no of water then also it doesn’t cured please give any suggestions for that.

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