Home Remedies For Diabetes Mellitus

What is Diabetes Mellitus?

Diabetes Mellitus is also referred to as Diabetes for convenience. It is a metabolic disorder wherein there is a lack of production or utilization of insulin in the body. The Pancreas produce insulin (a hormone) to maintain proper levels of blood sugar. As a result of this disease, there are high levels of sugar (glucose) in the blood. Unfortunately, it is a chronic disease, or in other words, it can only be controlled but not cured completely. Most of the patients turn to Insulin replacement therapy and oral hyperglycemic drugs without giving a slightest thought to the natural home remedies for Diabetes Mellitus which in fact, are more effective.
Primarily, there are three types of Diabetes.

They are: Type-1 Diabetes, Type-2 diabetes and Gestational diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes is characterized by little or almost nil production of insulin in the body. Type 2 Diabetes is characterized by inefficient utilization of insulin by the body. Due to faulty lifestyle, Type 2 Diabetes has become a common metabolic disease. The third type of Diabetes, that is, Gestational Diabetes is generally caused in pregnant women.

Causes and Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus

In general, Diabetes is associated with a prior genetic predisposition. In addition, environmental factors like viral infections or nutritional factors may enhance the risks. Lack of exercise, poor food habits, high blood cholesterol levels, obesity, high levels of corticosteroids (found in certain medicines), Cushing’s disease and disorders that directly damage the pancreas are held responsible for causing Type-2 Diabetes.

The most important symptom of Diabetes is hyperglycemia. Diabetes may cause excessive urination, dehydration, nausea, fatigue and weight loss in spite of increased appetite, decreased or blurred vision. It also slows down the healing process. If not controlled properly at the right time, it may cause Gangrene of the feet and hands, End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), neuropathy, amputation, and cardiovascular problems. The symptoms may stay dormant in the initial years of Type-2 Diabetes.


Natural Home Remedies for Diabetes Mellitus

• Take some turmeric powder and an equal amount of dried gooseberry in powdered form. Mix them, add honey and take the resultant mixture. This is one of the simplest home remedies for Diabetes Mellitus. Another option could be to drink a mixture of gooseberry juice and turmeric juice on an empty stomach.
• Prepare an infusion by soaking 15 gm of fresh mango leaves in 250 ml of water over night and squeezing them well in the water in the morning. Taking this infusion every day in the morning is beneficial in the treatment of the disease by keeping it in control. Half a teaspoon of dried and powdered mango leaves can also be consumed daily.
• Fenugreek seeds given in varying doses (ranging from 25 gm to 100 gm) on a daily basis help curing Reactive Hyperglycemia caused by Diabetes.
• Take one liter water and add three tablespoons of cinnamon in it. Boil and simmer for about 20 minutes on a low flame. Next, strain and drink it. This home remedy is sure to give encouraging results if followed regularly.
• Butea leaves are one of the most highly recommended natural home remedies for Diabetes Mellitus. The patient simply needs to chew them daily and continue the remedy for at least here months.
• Taking soaked almonds on an empty stomach is one of the easiest possible home remdies for Diabetes Mellitus.
• Take two tablespoons of germinated black gram, half a cup of fresh bitter gourd juice and one teaspoon of honey. Mix and the ingredients and consume the resultant mixture. This remedy is beneficial in mild cases especially when continued for three or four months.
• Drinking at least one glass of juice of Bitter Gourd (remove seeds) every morning is one of the most popular natural home remedies for Diabetes Mellitus.
• Add one tablespoon of the juice of Indian Gooseberry in one cup of bitter gourd juice. Drink this mixture for 2 months on a daily basis to heal the situation.
• Take ten Holy Basil leaves, ten Curry leaves and ten Aegle Marmelos (belpatras) with a glass of water early morning preferably on an empty stomach. All these ingredients have therapeutic properties that help cure the disease naturally.
• Dip fresh and ripe Indian Plum (Jamun) fruit (approx 60 grams) in about 300 grams of boiling water and cover it. Wait for half an hour. Then, mash and sieve it. Divide the whole in three equal parts and drink each part three times a day.
• Eating ten fresh curry leaves (fully grown) every morning is a tried and tested home remedy.

Diet for Diabetes Mellitus

The natural home remedies for Diabetes Mellitus will give best results if the patient follows a proper healthy diet with less carbohydrates and fats. Olive, canola oil and nut have healthy type of fat and can be consumed in moderation. Foods high in fiber content should be positively included in the diet. Oatmeal, dried beans, kidney beans, peas, wheat bran, and a variety of fruits and vegetables are good sources of fiber. Opt for low fat dairy products to derive their nutritional benefits and avoid the high fats.

For example replace whole milk with skimmed milk and egg yolk with egg-white. Soya bean is very beneficial in the treatment of diabetes as it prevents the build up of sugar. Therefore, soya bean in the form of soya milk or any other form should be consumed regularly. Also, grape juice acts as a wonderful natural cure in the treatment of Diabetes.


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