Home Remedies For Diaper Rash

What is a Diaper Rash?

As the name suggests, a Diaper Rash is caused by the use of a soiled and wet Diaper and hence infants are the chief sufferers of this problem. It causes a type of skin irritation on the area where the diaper touches the skin. Infants with sensitive skin are more prone to develop Diaper Rashes. Skin conditions such as Eczema and Atopic Dermatitis tend to increase the risks of developing such rashes. The plastic that prevents diapers from leaking retains the air circulation as well, thereby creating a warm and moist environment suitable for fungi that cause rashes. Tightly fitted diapers tend to worsen the condition.  A Diaper Rash can be very uncomfortable and annoying for the infants.

The most obvious step to prevent and reduce Diaper Rash is to change the wet diapers as soon as possible and let the baby’s skin dry completely before putting another diaper. For drying, simply pat the baby’s skin with a soft cloth instead of vigorously rubbing it. The natural home remedies for Diaper Rash are effective home treatments in this regard and the results begin to show within a few days.

Causes and Symptoms of Diaper Rash

When the wet or dirty diapers rub against the skin, they cause skin irritation and skin infection which lead to Diaper Rash. Chemicals present in fragrant diapers or the ones present in detergents to wash cloth diapers often cause skin irritation on the delicate skin of the babies. Sometimes the lotion and powder being used for diapers do not suit the baby’s sensitive skin. Besides, introduction of new foods in the diet of the baby may change the composition of the baby’s stool leading to increased bowel movements which in turn may lead to Diaper Rash. Diarrhea tends to make aggravate the problem. Yeast and bacterial infections on Diaper rash cause a great deal of discomfort by worsening the rash. Infants on antibiotics are more prone to yeast infections.

Diaper Rashes are characterized by red, shiny puffy and sore skin. The most affected areas are the thighs, buttocks and genitals. On touching the infected skin, it feels warm and puffy. Severe Diaper rashes are more painful and cause a lot of inconvenience to the infant while changing the diapers. These rashes are not contagious in nature.


Natural Home Remedies for Diaper Rash

• The most effective natural remedy used in the treatment of Diaper Rash is not to use a diaper whenever it is possible. This allows the baby’s skin to breathe in open air.
• Cook some flour on a pan until it becomes slightly brown. Applying this brown flour on the affected areas is one of the most highly recommended home remedies for Diaper Rash.
• Applying cod liver oil on an extremely painful Diaper Rash helps to reduce the irritation and ease the pain.
• Washing the diapers with water mixed with half a cup of white vinegar is a tried and tested home remedy in such cases. When using disposable diapers, the baby’s diaper covered area can be wiped with a solution water and vinegar, that is, eight parts water mixed with one part of vinegar.
• Adding oatmeal in the baby’s bath water and soaking the baby in it for about 15 minutes is one of the most effective natural home remedies for Diaper Rash treatment.
• When changing the diapers, applying some virgin olive oil on the baby’s diaper area helps to prevent as well as and cure the problem.
• Applying coconut oil on the affected is a very popular natural home remedy for Diaper Rashes.
• Infusions prepared from chamomile or marigold flowers help to heal such rashes naturally. Add two tablespoons of dried chamomile or marigold flowers in one cup of boiling water for 15 minutes and add this infusion in the baby’s bath water to relieve Diaper Rashes.
• The therapeutic properties of cooking lard act as a valuable home remdy for skin irritation caused by Diaper Rash.
• Applying three to four egg whites on the affected area is one of the highly beneficial natural home remedies for Diaper Rash.

Diet for Diaper Rash

As Diaper Rash is a type of skin irritation, it is but obvious that the diet to cure reduce and heal such rashes should constitute such items that aid in faster recovery of the skin and avoiding those items that may cause Diarrhea or change the bowel movement. Therefore, wheat and other grains should be included in the baby’s diet when the baby’s body is ready to accept such products.

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