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What is Dry Hair?

Dry Hair refers to a condition characterized by dull and rough hair lacking adequate moisture. This problem is usually caused by chemical and mechanical damage or as a symptom of certain diseases. In addition, like skin, individuals tend to have dry, normal, or oily hair naturally.

As this is a fairly common problem, it is generally treated with the help of a number of home remedies for Dry Hair natural treatment.

However, most of these Dry Hair natural remedies are meant for curing this problem externally. Thus, in case of Dry Hair caused by specific diseases or medicines, curing the underlying cause of the condition can help cure this problem.

Causes and Symptoms of Dry Hair

Apart from genetic predisposition, other common factors causing Dry Hair are using hair dryers excessively, frequent hair perming, washing the hair too frequently, using hair products containing harsh chemicals, nutritional deficiencies and certain other environmental factors such as dry air, pollution, sun exposure, hard water containing chlorine, iron, calcium and other such minerals.

Moreover, excessive use of curling irons, flat irons or hot rollers can also lead to dry and brittle hair. Chemical hair treatments like hair colors and dyes can also cause hair damage if proper hair care steps are not followed.

Apart from these, conditions like hypothyroidism, hypoparathyroidism, Anorexia, Kwashiorkor (malnutrition due to protein deficiency), Anemia, Menkes Kinky-hair syndrome (hereditary disease affecting copper absorption) and certain cancer treatments may also cause Dry Hair.

Dry Hair is often associated with symptoms like dull, lifeless, lusterless and rough hair that are difficult to manage. The problem tends to get worse in case of curly hair. It leads to frizzy hair thereby giving rise to issues like hair breakage, split ends and eventually hair loss. Dry Hair due to lack of adequate sebaceous oils present on the scalp can lead to dandruff as well.

Natural Home Remedies for Dry Hair

• Warm olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, safflower oil, sesame oil etc are highly recommended natural home remedies for Dry Hair care. These oils work best when massaged thoroughly on the scalp and left for about half an hour before washing the hair.

This Dry Hair oil treatment should be followed at least three to four times per week. Heat the oil either in a microwave or by placing a bowl containing the oil in boiling water.

• Rinsing the hair with apple cider vinegar is highly beneficial for getting rid of this problem as it helps to remove product buildup like that of calcium, chlorine etc from hair. This home remedy should be followed by deep conditioning of the hair. Use apple cider vinegar by mixing two parts of ACV with one part of water.


• Rinsing the hair with beer is one of the most popular yet unconventional Dry Hair home remedies. After rinsing the beer, simply wash the hair with cold water. As for the smell, it tends to disappear quickly on its own.

• A combination of beaten egg whites and plain yogurt makes for a good homemade hair conditioner for Dry Hair. It not only conditions Dry Hair but also heals hair damage and makes the hair smooth and shiny. Mayonnaise is also considered as good hair conditioner for Dry Hair.

• Prepare a mixture by adding half a cup of honey, a quarter cup of warm olive oil and about four drops of rosemary oil. Next, put this solution in a spray bottle and spray this mixture on slightly wet hair and massage the scalp.

Finally, cover with a heated towel for around 15 to 30 minutes and then shampoo the hair to reduce frizziness caused by Dry Hair.

• Prepare a mixture by adding one teaspoon of jojoba oil, wheat germ oil or coconut oil and a mashed avocado. Apply this mixture on freshly washed hair, cover with a shampoo cap and rinse the hair with cold water after 15-20 minutes.

A combination of mashed avocado, coconut milk and whipped egg yolk is another popular Dry Hair natural remedy.

• Applying a mixture of beaten curd and mashed banana (2 ripe ones) is one of the most trusted natural home remedies for Dry Hair. After applying this mixture, cover the hair for about 15 minutes and then shampoo.

• Aromatherapy is also considered as a valuable natural cure for Dry Hair and split ends.

Diet for Dry Hair

Diet plays an important role in maintaining healthy hair. Hence, have a balanced rich in essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids are highly beneficial in this regard.

So, include judicious amounts of carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, oranges, lemons, apricots, legumes, beans, nuts and a variety of green vegetables in the diet. In addition, drink adequate amount of water and avoid nutritional deficiencies in order to avoid Dry Hair.

Besides these dietary measures, an important tip for dealing with Dry Hair is to use warm water instead of hot water for washing hair as hot water tends to remove protective oils from hair and scalp. However, opt for cold water as far as possible.

Plus, while brushing the hair, try to brush the ends first so as to remove tangles. Then, take full long strokes with the brush to comb the hair and spread the natural oils from roots to ends. For hair styling, opt for a thickening lotion instead of mousse.

Apart from these tips and home remedies for Dry Hair care, effective Dry Hair home treatment also emphasizes on moisturizing and conditioning the hair regularly by using herbal shampoos and conditioners.


  1. hi iam mathur.sweety245 how are you iam12 years old and my hair is very dry how can isve my hair

  2. Hi,
    I am 49 I did have a hyterectomy when I was 37 and have been fighting the hormone balance thing for the last 5 years.

    Myy hair started breaking off so badly, I finally cut it all off to get a fresh start.

    I have been reduced to wearing wigs during the day.
    What is taking so long for it to grow back? i drink plenty of water always, I take 6000mg of biotin every day, along with all my other usual vitamins.

  3. hunain shah says

    i m 18
    sir my hair is too dry tell me the tip how to make it oili any long please,,…………. helo iam waiting for you’r tips

  4. Rhonda Sojourn says

    I value your tips on dry curly hair. I am using your tips. I have gone from fine curly hair that will not grow, to luscious curly hair that is growing and thickening. It has only been a couple of weeks and the only thing I am doing in addition is taking straight aloe to my hair before I oil it. I take the aloe leaf and rub it on my strands of hair while dry then add the oil. Sometimes during the day I take the aloe only on my hair after i dry it and moisten it with the aloe from plant as a leave in dressing and it looks amazing. ( like a perm, on meg ryan,,,, curly girls you know what I mean)
    I love my hair, ( and I fried it with color and the curls are zoo bouncy and smooth again, Yeah!!)

  5. am 21. from birth I have very thin hair and is not growing well. All of my family members and my friends tease me for that and after giving birth to my daughter (who is 1yr old now) am losing my hair like anything and am very afraid of it please give me some suggestion.

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