Home Remedies For Earache

What is Earache?

Earache is a common ear problem. The main reason behind such a pain is the clogging of the Eustachian tube. This Eustachian tube connects the ear, nose and the throat. It has been observed that in most of the cases, the Earache is triggered during the night because the throat muscles are not used while sleeping.

This worsens the clogging of the Eustachian tube. The source of pain may be a problem in the ear canal, or in the pinna or elsewhere within the ear itself. This ailment is more common in children. Children may suffer from mild hearing loss after an ear infection but generally, this loss of hearing is not permanent (unless there is a higher frequency of such infections). Infection of the outer ear is called Otitis externa and infection of the middle ear is called Otitis media.

Generally, the treatment for such infections involves the use of antibiotics and pain killers. Depending on the severity of the problem, these conventional medicines may be replaced by a host of natural home remedies for Earache to get rid of the ailment without any side effects.

Causes of Earache

The most common reasons that trigger an earache are allergies, common cold, entry of a foreign article in the ear, ENT problems, filling of wax and an infection in the Eustachian tube. Exposure to constant loud noises and ear injury from pressure changes may also result in the same.

In case of adults, Earache may also be triggered by middle or outer ear infection, sinus infection, tooth infection, sore throat, arthritis of the jaw and other similar reasons.

Outer ear infection is generally caused by a minor injury to the ear canal or by traces of moisture left behind in the ear. On the other hand, middle ear infection is often caused by upper respiratory tract infection, bacterial infections, or second hand smoking exposure. A genetic predisposition may also lead to such infections.

Symptoms of Earache

Earaches can be mild or severe depending on the cause of the pain. The pain can be constant or temporary. Other symptoms include a feeling of blockage in the ear, buzzing sounds in the ear, thick discharge from the ear and swelling. At times, the infection may also be accompanied by pus formation. The infection may also cause fever.

Natural Home Remedies for Earache

• Cook two cloves of garlic in some mustard oil over a low flame until the garlic cloves turn a bit black in color. Then, strain the mixture and put two to four drops of this lukewarm mustard oil on the ears to cure ear pain, especially the one arising out of any worms in the ears.

• Putting four drops of lukewarm onion juice in each ear before bedtime is one of the most popular and equally effective natural home remedies for Earache. Onion juice is supposed to possess anti inflammatory properties.

• Take some oil extracted from bishop’s weed and mix thrice the amount of sesame oil in it. Warm the mixture. Put about four drops of this resultant mixture in each ear is regarded as one of the most valuable natural home remedies for Earache.

• Grind some basil leaves to form a paste and cook it on a low flame. The oil so extracted is one of the most therapeutic natural home remedies for Earache. Put 4-5 drops of the oil in the ears to reduce ear pain.


• Putting a few drops of warm ginger juice is an effective natural home remedy used in the home treatment of Earache. Juice extracted from mango leaves is also beneficial in this regard. Put four drops of this juice in each ear to heal ear infection or pain as naturally as possible. Similarly, juice extracted from marigold leaves can also be used to relieve Ear pain.

• Warm mustard oil is also considered a highly beneficial natural remedy for curing Earaches.

• Putting a few drops of some vinegar mixed with water helps to reduce the pain and get rid of the congestion in the ear.

• Herbal teas are valuable home remedies for Ear pains. In addition to these teas, chewing basil leaves is a highly recommended natural home remedy used to get rid of Ear pains and aches.

• Add some pieces of chopped radish in mustard oil and cook and collect the strained mixture and store it in a glass bottle. Put a few drops of this oil in the ears to ease the pain.

• Warm sweet almond oil, St John’s Wort oil and olive oil are also tried and tested natural remdies that help ease Earaches.

• Putting a mixture of some tea tree oil and olive on cotton and applying it on the ears helps in dealing with Earaches.

• Cook some fenugreek seeds in mustard or linseed oil. The, cool and strain it. Putting four to five drops of this home medicine works as one of the most successful home remedies for Earaches of any kind.

• Hot or cold compresses are also beneficial in reducing Earaches.

In case of kids with Earaches, if a particular oil or mixture seems strong, then put the oil on a cotton ball and place the cotton ball behind the outer ear. Also a valuable tip for warming oils would be to heat spoon over a flame and place the oil on this heated spoon to make the oil warm.

Diet for Earache

Ginger, garlic and turmeric act as natural antibiotics and pain killers, thereby providing relief from Earaches and pains. Foods rich in vitamin a, vitamin c and zinc should be positively included in the diet to ease the pain. Vitamin C has been found effective in reducing inflammations. Zinc is particularly useful in curing infections.

Dairy products like milk, cheese, butter etc can worsen Ear Pain, so it is recommended to restrict their consumption until the pain goes away. Stay away from fatty products too. Interestingly, simply chewing a gum can help relieve Earache caused by a change in the altitude. The chewing action or even yawning helps to relieve pressure caused by the altitude change.

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