Home Remedies For Enema

What is Enema?

Enema is a procedure used to cleanse toxins from the colon or large intestine. This procedure is useful in dealing with a number of diseases but carrying out this procedure on a daily basis is generally not recommended under normal health conditions.

Basically Enema is a procedure in which fluids are introduced in the rectum or colon through the anus causing rapid expansion of the lower intestinal tract that helps in the process of evacuation. Enema treatment works as an effective natural remedy for bowel stimulation during chronic constipation. This home treatment is also used in case of Ulcerative Colitis, Hemorrhoids and other such bowel problems.

Home remedies for Enema while carrying out Enema at home require the use of certain Enema equipments like Enema bag, Enema syringe, Enema Hose, Stop Cock etc. The liquid being used for Enema procedure should be kept at body temperature to avoid any damage or discomfort. Enema home remedies can make use of a number of herbs and other natural ingredients.

Causes of Enema

Enema procedure helps to induce bowel movements and promotes good bacteria in the colon to treat various colon diseases like Constipation, Hemorrhoids, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Intestinal Parasites, Prostate Cancer, Gallstones etc.

It also helps in removing heavy metals from the walls of intestines. This detoxification Enema process is also beneficial in dealing with skin problems like Eczema, Acne, Body Odor and other such ailments. Enema treatment also helps to relieve headaches, concentration problems, insomnia and other such ailments.

Certain drugs are sometimes administered through Enemas to avoid the passage of the drugs throughout the gastrointestinal tract and aspiration of stomach contents. Similarly, at times anesthetics are also administered through Enemas in order to avoid aspiration of stomach contents. Though started off as a method of treatment and cure, Enema is now also used for erotic purposes too.

Both males as well as females can carry out this procedure at home. However, it should be carried out very carefully. Pregnant and nursing women should avoid certain herbs like basil oil, clove oil, black cohosh, aloe vera, juniper, wild yam etc and should consult with their doctors prior to following this procedure. Home remedies for Enema for Cancer make use of ingredients like, coffee, probiotics, herbal extracts, herbal teas etc.

Natural Home Remedies for Enema

• Coffee Enema and Yogurt Enema are the most popular home remedies for Enema Treatment. The caffeine present in coffee helps to remove more toxins during process of detoxification. Be careful to use regular ground coffee instead of instant coffee when using Coffee Enema.

Similarly, Yogurt Enema is a tried and tested home remedy for a number of diseases like Constipation, Hemorrhoids, Colon Cancer, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease etc.

• Epsom Salt Enema acts as a natural laxative and helps to cleanse the colon effectively. Salt water Enema (with Saline solution) is useful in cutting off water storage in the bladder thereby preventing frequent urination.


• Take one tablespoon of baking soda, one tablespoon of sea salt and two quarts of water to prepare Salt and Soda Enema. This type of curative Enema is highly beneficial in detoxifying the colon.

• Prepare an Enema solution by boiling two quarts of water along with three chopped garlic cloves. Simmer it for about five minutes and then add two tablespoons of Epsom Salt in it. This warm Garlic Epsom Salt Enema serves as one of the most therapeutic home remedies for Enema Treatment.

• Another effective Enema cure makes use of vinegar. For this, prepare an Enema solution by mixing two tablespoons of white vinegar in two quarts of warm water.

• Lemon juice serves as a good Enema natural remdy. Lemon Enema makes use of one third cup of lemon juice per quart of water. On the flip side, it may cause further cramping.

• A combination of two tablespoons of glycerin, two tablespoons of mineral oil, two tablespoons of salt and one and a half quarts of water is considered as valuable Enema home remedy known as Glycerin and Mineral Oil Enema.

• Milk Enema is another important natural Enema cure used to cleanse the colon. Milk Enemas can be prepared by mixing one tablespoon of olive oil, 16 ounces of slightly warm milk and 1.5 quarts of warm water. Warm milk can also be combined with an equal amount of molasses or a tablespoon of honey.

• Two tablespoons of wheat grass or mineral oil mixed with two quarts of warm water make for remedial Enemas known as Wheat Grass enema and Mineral Oil Enema respectively.

• Similarly other Enema treatments can also be prepared with the help of other herbs and natural ingredients like milk thistle, whey, basil decoction, margosa decoction, green tea, catnip tea,

Diet for Enema

A well balanced and healthy diet with special emphasis on adequate amount of fluids and fiber is highly beneficial in the process of colon cleansing. The patient should not eat anything one hour before and after an Enema home treatment. Moreover, the patient should take light foods like salads fruits juices, vegetable juices, soups after the process of Enema.

As Enemas tend to lower the level of blood sugar, it is often advised to eat a ripe banana or any other food that can raise the sugar level moderately. Preferably, Enemas should be done in the morning on an empty stomach.

Plus, it would be better to avoid the consumption of vegetables like lady’s finger, eggplant, potato and jackfruit a day prior to this detoxification process. Meat foods, carbonated drinks and alcohol are also best avoided.

Barium Enema is a type of Enema that is used in hospitals and clinics for X-ray examination of the large intestine. The patient going for this procedure should not eat anything 12 hours prior to it. Enemas should not be used in the presence of conditions like rectal bleeding, abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea etc.


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