Home Remedies For Face Blemishes

What are Face Blemishes?

Face Blemishes or Facial Blemishes are dark patches or marks on the face due to pimples, boils, whiteheads, blackheads and other such skin conditions that tend to clog the pores of the skin. Extensive use of cosmetic products on the face may also cause the same.

Even though this is a very common skin ailment, still it can be cured naturally at home with the help of a number of natural home remedies for Face Blemishes.

This type of home treatment consists of inexpensive and easily available yet highly beneficial natural remedies like orange peels, tomato juice, lemon juice, coconut water, sandalwood powder and other natural skin lightening agents.

Follow the natural treatment for Blemishes removal for at least two weeks to get encouraging results. In terms of cosmetics, choosing non-comedogenics over comedogenics is a valuable tip to avoid Face Blemishes considerably.

Causes and Symptoms of Face Blemishes

As already mentioned, Acne, Boils, Eczema, Blackheads, Whiteheads, AllergiesFreckles, Moles, Age Spots and other similar skin conditions and skin infections are the most common causes of Face Blemishes.

Hormonal changes, stress, sunburn and environmental factors like pollution increase the risk of developing this problem not only on the face but on other parts of the body as well.

Factors like harsh weather conditions, presence of excess oil on the skin and use of cosmetic products like creams, foundations and other similar products containing strong chemicals also contribute in the development of blemishes on the face.

Females, in particular become more susceptible to blemishes on face and skin because of hormonal fluctuations during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, menopause etc.

Certain Face Blemishes like Port Wine Stains consisting of deep dilated capillaries in the skin are caused by caused by genetic predisposition. Such blemishes are usually present at birth and tend to remain on the skin throughout life.

Basically, Face Blemishes are marks or patches of dark pigmentation on the skin. Face and neck are the most common areas prone to this condition. Though, blemishes can also appear on the back or on the tongue.

Natural Home Remedies for Face Blemishes

• Lemon juice, potato juice and cucumber juice are regarded as excellent natural home remedies for Face Blemishes removal.

Any of these Face Blemishes natural remedies can be applied for approximately twenty minutes to get rid of this problem. A combination of lemon juice and tomato juice can also be applied daily to reduce Face Blemishes to a great extent.

• The application of a decoction prepared by boiling chamomile and lemon juice in water helps to heal Blemishes on face. This natural cure works best in case of Blemishes due to acne scars.

• Applying a combination of juice extracted from Bishop’s weed and jasmine buds twice daily also serves as a good Face Blemishes home remedy.


• Mix some vinegar with three mashed strawberries and apply this mixture on the affected area overnight. Regular application of this therapy for clearing Facial Blemishes.

• Simply applying a paste of sandalwood powder and water is one of the most highly recommended natural home remedies for Facial Blemishes.

• Boil some carrots and then mash. Then apply these mashed carrots on the face for fifteen to twenty minutes and finally rinse it off with milk to cure Face Blemishes to a great extent. Carrot juice can also be used for this purpose.

• A mixture of lemon juice, rose water and honey taken in equal parts serves as one of the most effective Face Blemishes home remedies.

Regularly apply this home remedy on face and neck for about 5-10 minutes to reduce Blemishes in a natural way. A face mask can also be prepared from these ingredients by adding one teaspoon of gram flour, a pinch of turmeric and one teaspoon of yogurt in it.

• Another popular homemade face pack for removal of Blemishes on face can be prepared by mixing rose water and yogurt in a powder of lemon and orange peels that have been dried.

• Applying mashed green papaya for fifteen minutes is one of the easiest natural cures for removing Face Blemishes at home. Combination of mashed papaya and milk also gives better results.

• Soak four almonds in water overnight. In the morning, remove their skin and then grind them. Next, add some honey and a few drops of lemon juice in the grinded mixture.

Finally, apply this therapeutic paste on the face for about twenty to thirty minutes and then wash it off. This is one of the best home remedies for Face Blemishes natural treatment.

• Soak some sees of Indian Plum in water overnight. When they become soft enough, mash and apply them on face and wash the face after the mixture dries to heal Face Blemishes to a great extent.

• Prepare a paste by mixing two parts of almond extract, seven parts of camphor extract and some rose water and sandalwood powder. Use this face pack regularly for effective home treatment of Blemishes on face.

• Mix two tablespoons of vinegar, one tablespoon of rose water and some cucumber juice and apply the resultant solution on dark patches to get rid of Face Blemishes.

Diet for Face Blemishes

A balanced and nutritious diet with special emphasis on vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and selenium rich foods is highly beneficial in preventing Blemishes as well as facilitating the process of healing the existing ones.

Thus, positively include oranges, lemons, carrots, gooseberries, guavas, watermelons, red and yellow bell peppers, broccoli, beans and other important fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and whole grains in the diet.

Plus, stay away from fatty and oily foods and restrict the consumption of caffeinated items like tea, coffee and even chocolates.

Needless to add, drink adequate amount of water to keep the skin in a healthy and glowing condition. Follow these dietary measures and natural home remedies for Face Blemishes on a regular basis to eliminate this common skin problem naturally.


  1. sir/madam,
    I have extreme oily face with few acne.So i consulted a dermatologist.She prescribed me with tablets and ointments which is very costly.As long as I follow the medicines my skin is dry but now I have stopped using them , my skin extremely oily again and worst acne covered full of my face with red lumps.I have my marriage in a month.Could you please suggest me a remedy that will clear my acne completely and prevent further occurence.You are the only hope as I have tried various medications and nothing worked well.suggest Some natural fast methods plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. hi ,
    I have pregnancy related blemishes .My baby is 7 month old but my blemish still their.I used hydroquinone skin lite cream it makes my face more wrose.Someone gives me advice go for peeling of skin but i don’t wanna use any chemical on my face especially after hydroquinone.Iwill try these methods if there is any other solution plz tell me.

  3. Hiiii, thank u for the home blemishes treatment. I have started using a mixture of lemon juice, milk and honey. After 15/20 minutes, I was my face then put extra vigil olive oil on a damp face. I have confidence that they will disappear with time. Guy, be patient. It mihght take long but will sure clear the monster. Thanks!


  4. khanyi lepodisi says

    I have tried several medication for blemishes on my face!but nothing seemed 2 help,even went (o a dermatologist!but the expensive applications he prescribed were of no help,but I think the lemon nd honey mixture will help as I have them in the house already,nd a toothpaste as well coz in de olden days toothpaste was used on burns nd pimples but due to advancin medical technology I opted for medical advice which only milked money from me with no positive results,THANKS

  5. Mohsin Sayed says

    All the above remedies work for sure, trust me they do. It takes long but patience and consistency is the key. The best one is using LEMON JUICE “Apply it all over your face and neck keep it for 15-20 minutes to get well soaked, then most importantly rinse it with LUKEWARM water”. IT WORKS because lukewarm water keeps your skin pores neutral. Do it twice daily and always PAT DRY your face with a clean towel, dont rub towel over your face-its the last thing u wnna do.
    If you do it properly, you will notice serious clearness in your skin in about 2 weeks inshaAllah. STAY HEALTHY & BE BEAUTIFUL.

  6. Go all Natural…stay away from any products with chemicals. The Less you use the better. I started using Sea Salt Water religiously everynight. This ultimately cured my acne. Currently I use water only everynight to wash my face. Everynight I take a cotton pad, soak it in cold water and rub it all over my face. Then I melt an entire ice cube on my face including my lips. After its almost dry I apply diluted Tea Tree Oil with a soft tissue to my all areas of my face and immediately apply a mixture of Aloe Vera Juice and Aloe Vera Gel to help seal in the Tea Tree Oil. If my face is really dry, Ill add a few drops of Jojoba Oil to the mix. I massage a small amount of either Coconut Oil or Olive Oil on any wrinkles and I also dab Hydrogen Peroxide under my eyes. Last, I spot treat any noticeable pimples with a Sulphur or Clay mask and sleep with it on overnight. In the mornings, I do not wash my face, instead I simply take a tissue and soak it in cold water and then use it all over my face. Afterwards I apply moisturizer with SPF. I do not wear heavy makeup just some cover up and a tinted chapstick, also with SPF. Once a week, I steam my face and apply a homemade gelatin peel to treat blackheads. Then I wash my face with a gentle Tea Tree Oil Cleanser and apply either a Raw Honey mask or an Egg White Mask. I occasionally exfoliate with cooked Oatmeal and apply Lemon Juice to any dark spots.

  7. Thanx so much for the tips,i really hope it will work…

  8. thank you for the tips, i have had face blemish for the last 5 yrs. It develops often through sun burns but rather it started of with me having a facial bleach, it really burned my face skin and until now am still suferring from it, i really dont like the look, please what would you suggest best? thank you

  9. Hi everyone,
    I have an awesome remedy for pimples or zits that pop out from your skin suddenly. I know they are irritating, and that is why I have posted my comment.
    Take fuller’s earth (multani mitti) one pinch
    Add water 2 drops
    mix with fingers and apply on your zit at night
    Go to sleep
    When you will wake up, the zit will have diminished
    But for ensuring its full removal, take a towel and hot water and compress your zit with hot water

    If you have oily skin,I have an excellent remedy
    take a spray bottle
    take 2 drops lemon and 10 drops water
    spray it whenever your face seems oily
    wipe with a tissue
    Remember, the ratio should be 2 parts lemon juice, 10 parts water

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