Home Remedies For Female Sterility

What is Female Sterility?

The medical term, Female sterility refers to infertility in females. It results in failure or inability to reproduce. More often than not, it occurs due to structural or functional problems in the genital organs of the affected females.

The female genital organs associated with reproduction are the ovary, uterus, fallopian tubes etc. Factors like impairment in any of the genital organs due to an underlying disease, structural abnormality or hormonal imbalance etc are some common factors responsible for this disease. The disease may or may not be accompanied by symptoms depending on the underlying cause.

The functional problems can be overcome with the help of conventional medicines as well as natural home remedies for Female Sterility. The latter option is obviously safer though time consuming. The adoption of home remedies should also be supplemented with a proper diet for holistic treatment. On the other hand, the structural defects require surgical treatments to get rid of this depressing problem.

Causes and Symptoms of Female Sterility

Genital factors like narrow Vaginal Introitus, high vaginal acidity, follicle problems, premature menopause, or disorders in the ovaries, uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes etc have been associated with the incidence of Female Sterility. At times, certain systemic diseases tend to suppress the process of ovulation and lead to sterility in females.

Extensive and multiple surgeries for Ovarian Cysts increase the risk of developing ovarian problems. Plus, abdominal diseases like appendicitis, colitis or infections may cause blockage or scarring in the fallopian tubes thereby causing genital problems. Besides, it has been found that termination of oral contraceptives causes hormonal imbalance resulting in fertility problems.

Other factors like endocrine factors and psychological factors such as stress, anxiety etc may also result in the same. Nowadays, a number of female are gaining excess weight due to faulty diet and lifestyle thereby increasing the risk of developing this disease.

Plus, conditions like Salpingitis brought about by Ectopic pregnancies, or Chlamydia may also cause Female Sterility. Besides, female reproductive health is also affected by chronic anemia, constipation, cigarette smoking and alcoholism.

The most common symptom of female Sterility is abnormality in the menstrual cycles. Menstruation might be irregular and erratic, absolutely absent or characterized by heavy bleeding. In the presence of an underlying endocrine or genital disease, the symptoms of such diseases might be present. Usually, when a female fails to become pregnant even after trying for a year or so, she is considered to be at a higher risk of suffering from Female Sterility.

Natural Home Remedies for Female Sterility

• Take about 20 grams of dried and powdered banyan roots and mix some milk in it. The quantity of milk should approximately 5 times more than the weight of the powder. Drink this remdial solution for three days after menstruation. This is one of the most trusted natural home remedies for Female Sterility.

• An infusion prepared from fresh black berry leaves helps to reduce and heal Female Sterility related problems. For this home remedy, prepare the infusion by steeping 20 grams of black berry leaves in about 250 ml boiling water for two hours. Take this home medicine in combination with 200 ml of buttermilk or two teaspoons of honey.

• Having boiled eggplant along with some buttermilk is useful in preventing as well as treating Female Sterility. Continue this home remedy for at least one month for encouraging results.

• Herbs like Black Cohosh, Chaste berry, Siberian Ginseng and other such herbs are excellent natural home remedies for Female Sterility treatment.

• Taking a combination of six grams of powdered winter cherry in a cup of milk before bedtime is a therapeutic home remedy used to cure Sterility problems in females. Care should be taken to follow this natural remedy for 5-6 days after the occurrence of menstruation.

• Application of black mudpacks around the vaginal area helps in reducing and controlling such problems to a great extent. This procedure should not be followed during menstruation. Follow this remedy for at least eight months.

• Certain yogic exercises are highly beneficial home remedies for Female Sterility.

Diet for Female Sterility

A balanced and healthy diet is essential in maintaining the overall health in good condition. Plus, it helps to control weight gain problems which, in turn, are one of the most common factors responsible for this disease. A diet rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc goes a long way in the home treatment of Female Sterility.

Carrots, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, broccoli, legumes and other similar vegetables and sprouts are highly beneficial in this regard. Curd and cottage cheese are also nutritious. Moreover, drinking warm water at regular intervals throughout the day works as one of the simplest and equally effective home remedies for Female Sterility.

Besides, restrict the consumption of pungent foods. So, reduce the consumption of spicy foods and strong caffeinated beverages. Instead, go for sweet foods to decrease vaginal acidity. Moreover, fried foods, meats and the ones prepared from refined white flour should be excluded from the diet to avoid further complications. Needless to add, quit the habit of cigarette smoking and alcoholism to improve the reproductive as well as overall health.

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