Home Remedies For Frizzy Hair

There is a famous saying “The beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”; many times we become this beholder for ourselves.  We must admit that we are our best critic. Hair attributes a lot to our looks; also it is a reflection of our internal health.

What is Frizzy Hair?

Wavy hair that gets unmanageable, especially in hot and humid weather due to an insufficient amount of water and moisture in the hair.

The outer layer of the hair, i.e. the cuticle layer gets roughened making the hair more porous, and hence it starts absorbing the extra moisture in the air which causes the air shaft to over expand, cuticle layers to stand out and fizz.

Frizzy hair is dry, dull and lifeless hair irrespective of the type of hair, i.e. curly or straight. Contrary to the popular belief, not only curly hair but even the straight hair gets frizzy.

Causes of Frizzy Hair

Some people are born with frizzy hair and some unknowingly increase their chances of making their hair frizzy. Some of the underlying causes of frizzy hair include

• Coarse texture
• Curly hair
• Lack of moisture
• Not enough protein in the hair
• Coloring, perming and bleaching the hair
• Humid weather conditions
• Over styling
• Strong winds
• Overexposure to the sun
• Some products that have high alcohol content (hairsprays, gels, mousses) will worsen the problem.
• Overuse of heat appliances (blow-dryers and curling irons)
• Stress
• Illness
• Poor diet

Symptoms of Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is itself a symptom. You can judge whether your hair is slowly becoming frizzy mere by looking at your hair. Before the hair actually starts becoming frizzy you will notice that thinning of your hair has started. It’s when your hair looks as if you have entered a wild tunnel.

Natural Home Remedies for Frizzy Hair


Follow these home remedies for frizzy hair

  • • Massaging your scalp with warm olive oil for 30 minutes helps in reducing the frizzes of your hair.
  • • Prepare a mixture of a raw egg with 1/4 cup olive oil and 1/4 cup real mayonnaise and apply this even on your scalp and hair for 30 minutes. Being one of the best home remedies for frizzy hair it will help infuse your hair with protein, giving a richer, healthier appearance.
  • • You can smoothen and flatten the cuticles of your hair by combing them with white vinegar.
  • •  Mash 1 banana and avocado together and use this mixture as a hair pack to heal this problem.
  • • You can also use this effective home remedy for frizzy hair- add 3 tbsp coconut milk to 1 cup gram flour and apply it on your hair.
  • • Whisk the yellow part of 2 eggs together until a smooth paste is formed, now apply this paste on your scalp and hair.

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This video explains how using a home remedy for dry and frizzy hair involves choosing and using the right shampoo and gives expert tips and advice on natural treatments.


  • • Avoid brushing and combing your hair frequently.
  • • Do not overuse styling products, dyes, bleaches, and coloring agents.
  • • Oil your hair regularly.
  • • Protein based conditioners should be used.
  • • Prefer using warm water for shampooing your hair.
  • • Avoid too much exposure to sunlight and wind.
  • • Avoid shampooing every day.
  • • Have proper balanced diet.

Make sure that you use natural cures and home remedies for frizzy hair, as this is the best way to take care of your tresses. These therapies give excellent results when followed on a regular basis.


  1. i have very damaged dry hair i have bangs that have not grown in years. when i flat iron my hair it is very dry dont know what to do anymore. can you please help me.

    • Rosie: Have you tried deep conditioning your hair?
      I use to have very brittle and damaged hair from flat ironing my hair everyday and colouring it. I changed all the products that I was using. you have to remember a lot of the products youd find in the drug stores are not as great as youd like to think. invest into better products.
      Once You deep condition your hair, youll see a difference. You can go to the salon, or buy the products yourself or make them.
      When you flat iron your hair do you use heat protectant? The ones in the drug stores tend to have more alcohol in it, so dont buy those!
      Give your hair a break sometimes, dont always flat iron. 🙂

  2. Hi,there

    I am so frustrated with my frizzy hair,since my thyroid started giving problems my hair started going frizzy. I had beautiful long dark hair and had to cut it shoulder length 2 months ago, I am heart broken. It was just to frizzy and dry and I looked like the Lion King. The condition has improved but its very frizzy and I hate my hair. I am getting married at the end of the year and my worry is my hair,how sad!!!!

  3. I had beautiful long black dark& shiney hair. I had to cut it one year ago after that my hair is so frizzy and dry and hair fall also I don’t know why? Pls tell me for use best shapoo and conditioner

  4. I’m a stylist who has and works with coarse hair. The best treatment for this type of hair including frizzy hair are castor, olive, coconut, and deep conditioning. These oils with a deep condition once or twice a week will help hair to become softer, healthier, shinier, and easier to manage. The best way to use these oils are to add them to the shampoo of you choice. Make sure to use shampoos without sulfate and made for frizzy or coarse hair. Also you may heat the oils with equal parts water, massage into hair, cover hair with a plastic or heating cap for 20 mins. Rinse, use a leave-in conditioner, and style.

  5. Am an african with relaxed poor hair which is weak and doesnot grow as such.my husband is an asian and he doesnt allow me to plait my hair,apply weaves or braids. what should i do for my hair to grow at least up to the shoulder level?and what should i do for my hair to become thick?

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