Home Remedies For Gastric Problems

These days, people are reverting to home remedies for gastric problems which have already established its landmark since thousand of years. The forbidding cost and side effects that the body has to deal with the use of allopathic medicines can not be ignored.

Nobody can put a tag to value somebody’s health. Drugs or allopathic medicine can cause constipation problem.

Various studies carried out have found that intake of medicine for minor problems for which natural remedies are easily available, could be dangerous and even prove fatal.

On the commencement of twenty two centers to combat adverse drug reaction in India, an expert said that no medicine is risk free. All medicines have side effects. The best way to prevent these side effects is to avoid these medicines.

Inexpensive, no side effects, no chemicals, simple to use are some of the attributes of home remedies for gastric problems which are catching attention.  The best part is it gives you the feeling of delight to cure yourself.

Eating too much of rich, fatty, and spicy food can irritate the lining of stomach and can cause the problem of indigestion. Putrefaction in the intestinal tract, microbial infection, food allergies and overeating can lead to various symptoms of gastric problems.

Heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome are few of the symptoms of gastric problems. If you are plagued with these problems then try to follow home remedies for gastric problems instead of going for allopathic treatment.

Diarrhea which is commonly referred as loose motion can cause dehydration with loss of vitamins which can often leads to death. Diarrhea is not restricted to a particular age group. Include the following tips in your daily routine and see the difference in your life.

• Replace your daily normal tea with peppermint or chamomile tea or green tea. Go green!

• Coriander seeds can relieve you from gas pain.

• Eating bananas is very effective in neutralizing over acidity.

• Eating raw potatoes routinely can also eliminate gastric problems.

• One of the best bet in complaint of heartburn is the cold milk.

• Amlaki or Indian gooseberry works wonderfully if consumed daily on empty stomach.

• Boil together Barley, Peepal, Parval and honey so that they can extract their juices in water. Intake of this natural syrup in the dose of 25 to 50 ml helps in curing indigestion.


• To a glass of water add one teaspoon of lemon and a pinch of soda and stir it well. This provides instant relief in case of indigestion.

• Ginger is our traditional home remedy for gastric problems. It breaks down the heavy food by stimulating the secretion of digestive juices.  Eating ginger coated with salt before a heavy meal helps in preventing indigestion even if you eat little more.

• Addition of a pinch of Asafetida and ghee to your daily meals ensures proper digestion and excretion. 

Constipation: It is one of the most common complaints by the elder section of the society. It leads to loose motion. The common cause of diarrhea is when one makes a habit of holding on and not attending natures’ calls.

Gradually rectum also stops sending signals.  Eight out of ten are the victims of constipation. Surprisingly Indian kitchen has the cure of this problem also.

• Drink milk daily before retiring to bed. Drinking a glass of water on empty stomach early in the morning ensures proper excretion.

• Eating two apples every morning can help you get rid of constipation.  Regular intake of Papaya and Guava makes good roughage and thus clears your bowel system. Laxative properties of grapes prevent chronic constipation.

• Make thin powder of sunflower, sesame, almonds and flax seeds. Intake of this powder for a week can cure you naturally from constipation.

• Whisk half tablespoon lemon juice, half tablespoon of ginger juice and quarter tablespoon of pepper powder. Intake of this mixture two times a day can cure you from diarrhea.

• Powder of roasted fenugreek and cumin seed is also one of the effective home remedy for gastric problems like diarrhea. We can also use it to enhance the flavor of curd. 

• Diarrhea dehydrates its victims, so lots of fluid intake is advisable to them.

• One of the very well known diarrhea therapy includes application of ginger juice on the umbilicus.

• Infestation of gastric and intestinal worms can be avoided by taking a few simple measures. For example chomping on a few cloves of garlic each morning helps in elimination of these worms.
Some dos and don’ts

• Simultaneous eating and drinking should be avoided.
• Don’t hasten your meals. Eat slowly so that you can chew well. It helps in digestion.
• Avoid overeating.
• Routine exercise always ensures proper digestion.
• Don’t drink milk when you have gastric.
• Heartburn can be prevented by avoiding caffeine, smoking, peppermint, heavy lifting, straining, bed time snacks, tight fitting clothes that constrict the abdomen, overeating chocolates and fatty foods in the diet.

So , constipation, loose motion, gas problems are common these days, but this does not mean you will go on popping gelusil or gaviscon on the advice of the neighborhood chemist. They can be dangerous. One can also get instant relief from home remedies for Gastric problems.


  1. Angela Huntingdon says

    I have celiacs. Everything and I mean everything I eat and drink I get horrid gas. It lasts all night at times. I am currently taking 3- 180 mg of simethicone with every meal and a prilosec OTC for the acid. Nothing works. I’ve tried papaya, charcoal, apple cider vinegar, aloe, ginger, you get the picture, nothing helps. I am also lactose intolerant and a Vegan. Can you help me?

  2. Mr Hansraj Vohra says

    I’m diabetic and used to inject 58 to 66 unit insulin daily from last 14 years. from last 14 years I also suffered frequent loose motion and upset stomach . Since I have started herbal medicine from MR SB SIDH FOR DIABETES, I have got great relief from loose motion and today I’m only injecting 26 unit insulin. From last 8 months I have started herbal medicine from SB SIDH and it has really changed my life. For 10 years I use to wear adult diapers when I had to travel , but from last 6 months I stopped it.
    Most of the ingredients which has been said above is used by SB SIDH. This is good blog to help people suffering from sickness. But it is my advice to my friends who are suffering from diabetes and loose motion should consult SB SIDH. He is not an doctor but has got secret to reach root of problem.

    Mr.H. Vohra

  3. Clonotril 05 mg, franxit, omage dsr capsule, gutrex everyday 2 time. I am a 45 years old lady. I am having gastric problem, heart burn mostly. I eat 2 chappati daily. Please help what to do.

  4. I take the above medicine 2 times a day. Please suggest about them also. It will surely a great help.

  5. banana and cumin seeds is excellent for gastric disorders
    cayenne pepper a gastric healer

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