Home Remedies For Getting Rid Of Pimples

All those moisturizers, sunscreens, concealers, exfoliating masks and various items for the medication of skin are already available in your kitchen. You just need to take a view; there are several home remedies for getting rid of pimples. The skin products available in the market use tomatoes, pumpkins and fullers earth as their main ingredients. These are among the best solutions for all type of skin problem.

Hormonal imbalance can lead to many teenage problems. One of the common enemies of teenage is pimples. Many peoples are allergic to many chemical drugs, yet they go for it and that too without consulting their doctors.

Home remedies for getting rid of pimples are highly recommended to these victims. There are several enzymes found in fresh fruits and vegetables which reveals younger look by removing dead cells.

These home based masks and face packs instantly nourish tired skin. Anytime your skin is in a need of instant boost you can use these natural products. Pumpkin peels help your skin getting rid of dreaded breakouts like pimples.

Some tips for a glowing and pimple free skin

• Use antiseptic soap and cold water to wash your face. Wash your face twice a day to clean gathered dust and soot from the skin. Always use smooth towel to wipe your face.

• Stress level is directly proportional to acne problems. So, take a deep breath and walk with a healthy and naturally glowing face. Deep breathing de-stresses you by improving the intake of oxygen. This cures all type of skin problems effectively.

• Avoid excess cleaning of face as it can cause excessive secretion of sebum from sebaceous gland. This increases the problem of pimple.

• Long hairs are also the main cause of several skin problems like pimples. We apply oil on hairs which can easily pass on to the face.  So if you have pimples then you should avoid long hairs.

• You should consume chromium and zinc supplemented diet. Chromium is found in corn, sweet potato, whole grains, seafood, meat and brewers yeast.

Zinc resists bacterial infection on skin. Zinc rich foods are roasted pumpkin, squash seeds, low fat roast beer, died watermelon seeds. Home remedies for getting rid of pimples also include consumption of right kind of diet.

• Pumpkin is generally considered as a prop for Halloween and never consumed raw like fruits. It offers minerals, vitamins, fiber and never to forget antioxidant that our skin needs to stay healthy and young.

• Vitamin A deficiency is one of the main causes of pimples. Vitamin A helps in protecting upper layer of cells. Thus it protects skin. It is also very good antioxidant and help in excretion.

Butter, carrot, eggs, ghee, sweet potato, mangoes and apricot are rich in Vitamin A. thus helping our skin get rid of acne-related damage like pimples.


• Avoid artificial skin products available in market. Use home based items to pamper your skin. Try to avoid chemicals for the treatment of pimples.

• To keep your blood circulation normal, exercise daily.

• Avoiding squeezing and pinching of pimples helps in reducing pimples a lot. So, take your hand off it…

• Avoid exposure to sun as harmful rays from sun can further damage your skin.

• Oily and junk food should be avoided while treating pimples.

Some masks to scare pimples on your face

• Grate an apple. Mix one tablespoon each of grated apple and honey. Apply it on your skin with consistency. Keep it for 15 minutes. Wash it off with water.

• Blend 8 ounces cooked and cooled pumpkin, quarter cup honey, 12 finely chopped almonds, and 1/8 teaspoon olive oil. Leave this peel on your skin just for 5 minutes and instantly feel a long lasting difference.

• Apply raw papaya juice on your face to get rid of pimples.

• Extract some juice from the fresh mint leaves and apply it on your face.

• Apply honey directly on your face. Honey can easily resist the bacterial infection on skin.

• Make a paste of some margosa leaves and mix it with turmeric powder. Apply this pack on pimple affected area. Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it off.

• Crush some neem leaves and put it for 10 – 15 minutes on pimples. Neem leaves are well known for its healing properties, especially for skin problems.

The nutrients present in these natural products not only soothe but also reduces inflammation to a great extent. A healthy radiating skin is nothing more than to follow natural home remedies for getting rid of pimples.


  1. Swaroopa says

    what really actually helps with pimples and dots

  2. SSAtanzania says

    This information has really helped me to know how i could get rid of my severe acne. Some of the treatments i have tried and some i am unfamiliar with. Im looking forward to recovering from my acne.

  3. i need help nothing is working for my face ever nothing goes away or if it does it comes righhttt back): please email and help me…!

  4. I hear honey and cynamone(i dont know if i spelled it coreccty,anyways…)can make your acne go away. Mix those two and it will look yucky and goey and smells horrible.For one week,try it.Put it beofre you go to bed and in the morning was it off with warm water.Make sure you use a clean clothe.Wipe it off but make sure you do not press so hard onto your skin.A reason you should leave it overnight is because honey gets rid of the bacteria and cynomene(sorry for spelling)makes sure it doesnt come back for a long time or never.But when you apply them both, they fight the pores and ecery SINGLE bacteria on your face.

    Pay attention to this for the ones who have acne or pimples(same thing?lol…)

    >Take one of your fingers and wipe it to the place where you have most iol or acne(pimples).Then you look at each finger.The finger that you wiped it with might be oiy,so check that. Thats how you know if your skin is oily or not!

    Please comment if you have any questions.Thanks ..Bye! =)


  5. Vinodvemula says

    I want to get rid of pimples in a day.what shall I do

    • you should try white tooth paste. put it on over night then wash off in the morning. also to reduce the swelling put a ice cube in a cloth and put it on the pimple for 20 – 30 seconds the redness should be gone. another is lemon juice but it does burn if you have sensitive skin (so does tea tree oil) it really works i use tea tree oild every second night after i have a shower. hope this information is useful.


  6. Ya iT works

  7. john coas says

    i like all d answers there

  8. Just use toothpaste I’m 18 n it works like a charm bunny I tell u I haven’t had trouble with pimples since I was like 12 OK so make sure its crest mint it helps more others work but it works much much faster I love it

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