Home Remedies For Hair Growth

Home remedies for hair growth can easily help you in getting by far the most beautiful accessory that is long tresses. According to Martin Luther “The hair is the richest ornament of women”.

Long and healthy hairs can grace any occasion. To keep your hair dandruff, tangles and dullness free always keep them neat and clean. Long hair needs extra care and nourishment. Oiling in long hair is a must.

Growth of hair can arrest by vitamin deficiency. Girls have a tendency to get lured by the commercials and opt for products which merely promise to enhance the growth of hair. Lack of proper nutrition can cause several health problems.

Unhealthy hairs are the sign of some internal health problems. Healthy long hairs reflect inner beauty. Vitamins and minerals stimulate the hair follicle and thus results in healthy hair growth.

Some essential vitamins which boost healthy growth of hair are niacin or Vitamin B3, B, B5, A, C and E. Scalp capillary functions are stimulated by variations of vitamin B. These vitamins improve the blood circulation. Zinc also helps in healthier hair growth.

Our hairs are nothing but dead proteins that is Keratin, so consumption of  protein rich diet always enhances hair growth for example fish, meat, corn, peas, and soya bean and milk products provides enough protein to improve hair growth. Carbohydrate should form 80% of a diet to complete a diet.

Balanced diet can give one a healthy mane. Use of too much of artificial product is strictly prohibited.

These home remedies for hair growth are efficient enough to tackle the problems related to long hair. No need of spending chunks of your riches to nourish your tresses.

• One of the most common hair growth home remedies is lemon juice. Lemon juice is whisked with egg or curd and mustard oil. Apply this mixture on head and leave it for about half an hour and then wash well with cold water.

• Use coconut milk to massage your hair. Leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse your hair. Use your finger balls to massage your hairs. This is one of the most effective natural home remedies for hair growth.

• Coconut oil, castor oil and olive oil used in combination to stimulate the hair follicles. Massage your hair properly with this combination and see healthy growth of your hair in front of your hair.


• Infuse rosemary leaves in water so that it can it leave its extract in water. This solution can be used for hair wash. It decreases hair fall as it eliminates dandruff, the main cause of hair fall. Rosemary also opens up the blocked pores of scalp.

• You can rinse your hair with apple vinegar to provide an extra tint of shine to your hair.

• Massage your scalp with Aloe vera for 15 minutes to get beautiful long hair. Moreover, it is considered as one of the most popular natural cures for hair problems.

• Whisk some edible oil and honey and apply this mixture on your hair and keep it for 30 minutes and then wash off your hair with cold water. This is a traditional and effective home remedy for long hair.

• Mixture of lime juice and amla powder is a natural cleanser for healthy growth of long hair. One tablespoon of lemon juice is mixed with one tablespoon of amla powder.

•  Home treatment consisting of application of grounded amaranth leaves paste is a very effective for long growth of hair. Keep this therapeutic paste for 15 to 20 minutes. After that wash your hair with cold water.

• Whisk one tablespoon of black pepper powder and one teaspoon of lemon seed powder. Application of this mixture for 10-15 minutes on head revitalizes hair and very beneficial to get bouncy and shiny hair.

• Drinking sufficient amount of water always keep your hair healthy. It works as one of the most valuable natural home remedies for Hair Growth.

• Avoid chemical based bleach, hair curler, hair dryers, hair gels (chemical based), chemical hair colors and conditioner (available in market) as they can damage your hair very easily because of the ammonia content.

• Regularly trim your hairs to prevent split ends.

 Some dos and don’ts for healthy hair growth
• Excessive exposure to sun should be avoided
• Exposure to chlorine and salt should be avoided
• Too hot water should be avoided to wash your hair
• Spend good amount of time to brush your hairs
• Frequently oil and clean your hair.

Use these tricks and flaunt your lustrous locks like Repunzel. Whether braided or hassle free open hair all suits on healthy hairs. Once equipped with this knowledge of home remedy for hair growth there is nothing stopping you getting long and healthy tresses.


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  2. Hey idiots put some fresh mendung(goooo….) on ur head

  3. Just a word of caution, while lemon juice is great for the hair, it also lightens it. Use carefully with color treated hair. Avoid if you don’t want your hair to lighten. Carrot juice also alters the color of your hair. It will give the hair a reddish tint.

  4. Great post, very informative. I’ve been using Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil System to tackle breakages, dryness and split ends and so far it has worked really well to protect and repair my hair. I recommend it!

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    there are lots of good natural remedies listed. thanks for the tips!!!

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