Home Remedies For Hair Repair

What is Hair Repair?

Dry, damaged, fragile and lusterless hair often need to be cured with the help a number of natural home remedies for Hair Repair. Natural treatment for Hair Repair and Regrowth aims at healing damaged hair with deep conditioning hair repair masks, scalp massages and other such procedures.

Hair Repair is highly beneficial for restoring the quality, texture and strength of damaged hair. Moreover, the process of Hair Repair can give highly encouraging results once you identify the exact causes of hair damage. In addition, awareness about types of hair, that is dry hair or oily hair help a great deal in making the home treatment more effective.

Causes of Hair Damage

Hair Damage can be broadly classified as mechanical and chemical. Mechanical hair damage is mostly caused because of extensive use of heat treatments like blow drying, hair straightening etc. Processes like coloring and perming lead to chemical damage.

Moreover, dry and brittle hair are more susceptible to damage. Summer season, exposure to sun, dry winter wind, use of inappropriate hair care products and lack of adequate hair care also contribute in causing further hair damage. Poor diet, insufficient sleep and poor hygiene also play an important role in increasing the chances of having hair problems.

Symptoms of Hair Damage

Hair Damage is characterized by symptoms like dry, dull, rough, fragile hair susceptible to breakage and entangle easily, especially when wet. The hair can become overly porous. They are difficult to style and may have split ends too.

Therefore, it is recommended to take proper hair care measures and follow the natural home remedies for Hair Repair as soon as possible to protect the hair shaft. Severe and irreversible Hair Damage may require cutting off the damaged hair as needed.

Natural Home Remedies for Hair Repair

• A combination of egg yolk, two teaspoons of olive oil and one teaspoon of honey is one of the most valuable natural home remedies for Hair Repair. To follow this remedy, whip the mixture, apply it on hair ends and wash it off after half an hour. Follow this therapy about once a week.

• Applying a mixture of mashed over ripe banana, avocado pulp and some wheat germ oil for about 15-20 minutes and then rinsing the hair with warm water is one of the most effective Hair Repair natural remedies.

• Mayonnaise is a very popular natural cure for hair damage. Apply it liberally on the scalp and along the length of freshly washed damp hair.


Finally, wrap the hair and cover with a plastic bag (or preferably with a preheated towel) and rinse thoroughly with warm water after half an hour. You can also add honey in this mayonnaise hair treatment. It helps heal damaged hair through deep conditioning.

• Simply rinsing the hair with apple cider vinegar and washing with cold water one of the most popular damaged hair repair tips to get rid of product build up in hair and scalp. You can use deep conditioning treatment after this. It helps control dandruff and head lice infestation as well.

• Another Hair Repair home remedy involves a recipe involving a mixture of two teaspoons each of elder flower and comfrey root powder. Boil this mixture in half a liter of water and add three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in it after an hour. Apply it on the scalp and then rinse with a moisturizing shampoo.

• Regular hot oil treatment is considered as one of the best Hair Growth and Hair Repair home remedies. A combination of warm olive oil and jojoba oil or olive oil and canola oil can be used for this purpose.

You can also massage with warm olive oil or coconut oil separately. Rosemary oil, almond oil and other similar therapeutic oils are also beneficial for hair.

• Applying a mixture of five parts each of jojoba oil and rosemary oil and three parts peppermint oil is also useful. After massaging, wash the hair after at least 30 minutes.

Other Hair Care Tips for Hair Repair

Get your hair trimmed every 4-5 weeks to get rid of hair damage and encourage hair growth naturally. Wash your hair regularly but do not shampoo too frequently as it removes the hair’s natural oils. So, shampoo as and when required, whether once, twice or thrice in a week, depending on the type of hair you have.

Use a light conditioner (with little or no scent) after shampooing to put a protective coating on the hair. After washing, do not comb your hair right away because wet strands of hair tend to break easily.

Interestingly, contrary to the popular misconception, you need not change hair care products too frequently, especially when you have found the one that suits your hair.

Diet for Hair Repair

To facilitate the natural Hair Repair treatment at home, take a healthy and nutritious diet rich in proteins. Soy products, beans, cheese, nuts and whole grains are highly beneficial in this regard.

Plus, positively include fruits and vegetables containing essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, copper etc. In addition, drink plenty of water.

Apart from following the dietary suggestions and natural home remedies for Hair Repair, take adequate steps to reduce hair damage and do not brush your hair excessively, especially in case of dry and brittle hair.


  1. i have color treated hair, and i dont have time to get trims with my busy life. is there any way to restore my colored hair? i have very fine thin hair and want to keep it healthy.

  2. Trims are detrimental. If you dont have time or cant afford them( they are expensive). find a friend and train her. My mom has been cutting my hair all my life and shes the only one i trust to do it. the important part is to get all the ends trimmed regularly. another things i’d say makes an enormous difference is using a shampoo and conditioner that is sulfate free for example everpure by loreal. ALSO do not wash your hair everyday. suave has a dry shampoo that is very cheap. part your hair like you are doing color and spray directly at the roots and continue parting until youve covered all greasy areas. it also smells amazing.

    • It’s personal penrfreece, really.Some guys LOVE the natural look, and other guys prefer the fake everything.How much you let this concern you really depends on how interested you are in having a guy that is attracted to you for how you look as compared to someone that wants you to look like every other bleach blonde, makeup covered thing that walks around in a miniskirt.Someone that needs for you to look a certain way to please them usually needs you to act a certain way, as well. If you’re okay with parading around as trophy wife’ then more power to you. I prefer au natural.

  3. yogesh yadav says

    hi i m suffring from hair fall problem………..my hair damage and falls regularly……..due to my busy schedule i hvnt give time to control my hair fall….please send me best hair repair and growth home remidies……………

    • From relaxed to naratul. 1- No braids. Braids will break off the already weakened hair from the perm. Braids cause break off of new growth, from, pulling stress, and if extensions, weight. 2-Break out of our usual hair stores. Mall stores for hair products are catching on, and are making great products, JOICO, in a light brown bottle, makes sham,cond, serums to restore relaxed/processed hair. Using these items, you can move into naratul comfortably, as your new growth hair will improve. Increases curly/waviness/softness instead of kinky/dry/nappy. Hope this helps! Need more advice send me a message! Glad to help!

  4. sarai bentley says

    ive been using a flat iron on my hair for years my hir is dry and damaged and its looks really bad can you help me ?

  5. I’ve ironed my hair alot an have ridiculous layers in it im trying togrow it out to be the same length while repairing my RIDICULOUSly dry hair. I need help!

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