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What Is Hangover?

A hangover is distinguished by the variety of troubling physical and mental peculiarities, which are very likely to vary along with their intensities from person to person and from one occasion to another. Additionally the hangover characteristics differ with the kind of alcoholic beverage and the amount consumed.

By and large hangover triggers within several hours after discontinuance of drinking, when a person’s blood alcoholic concentration (BAC) starts diminishing although the symptoms of hangover overlap with the symptoms of mild alcohol withdrawal (AW) yet there is certain amount of dissimilarity between the two.

First asymmetry lies in the frequency of bouts of drinking of alcoholic beverages i.e. hangovers may just trigger after one bout while for alcohol withdrawal to onset usually multiples ones are required. Another difference lies in the period of impairment as for hangovers it normally ranges for hours while in case of alcohol withdrawals it extends up to days!

Hangover existed for long as it’s been mentioned by some old writings of Greece and Egypt and in old testaments as well. The hangover experience was penned down by the British author as:
“My first return of sense or recollection was upon waking in a strange, dismal-looking room, my head aching horridly, pains of a violent nature in every limb, and deadly sickness at the stomach. From the latter I was in some degree relieved by a very copious vomiting. Getting out of bed, I looked out of the only window in the room, but saw nothing but the backs of old houses, from which various miserable emblems of poverty were displayed . . . . At that moment I do not believe in the world there existed a more wretched creature than myself. I passed some moments in a state little short of despair . . . .” —William Hickey (Spenser 1913)

In fact the serious pros and cons of hangover has prompted various countrymen to take some initiatives to protect their human resources’ quality well evident by the formation of new campaign i.e. Hangover For Life in Australia for educating Australians about various alcohol related brain damage.
So if you wake up some day in morning experiencing the same kind of symptoms after the plentiful drinking of alcoholic drinks last night you might be the victim of hangover. Therefore it becomes more essential to know more about hangover including various natural home remedies for hangover.


Causes And Symptoms Of Hangover

Obviously the very conspicuous cause of hangover is overconsumption of alcohol, which is basically, is diuretic in nature leading to stimulate the drinker to urinate more frequently resulting in the dehydration of the body including the brain which after dehydration tends to move away from the skull causing intense headache of a hangover. Besides it the alcohol being the drug introduces certain toxins in the body which are known for triggering hangover.
Although alcohols in very pure state are toxins-free but it’s the additives to the alcohols which introduce toxins in alcohol ultimately leading to hangovers .Thus pure vodka is said to cause no hangover by many people whereas wine is said to influence number of people with some very injurious kinds of hangovers.
Other causes of hangover include unfed stomach, meagerness of sleep, and certain psychosocial factors, marked up physical activity during drinking and dehydration of course. So dehydration acts as a cause as well as considered as a symptom.
Normally the children tend to show more hangover symptoms if happened to have alcoholic parents while if the parents are non-alcoholic then the intensity and quantity of symptoms gets reduced.
There are various distressing symptoms of hangover, which are as follows:
• The very common symptom of hangover is headache and muscle aches
• Heaviness, feebleness and thirst
• Gastrointestinal symptoms
• Depression, irritability and anxiety
• Nausea, vomiting and stomach pang
• Cut down attention and engrossment frame of mind
• Sympathetic  hyper activeness
• Tremors, perspiration and marked up pulse
• Declining amount of sleep with reduced rapid eye movement (REM) cycle of sleep, which is principal cycle of sleep responsible for dreams and quality rest.

Natural Home Remedies For Hangover

Although total cure for impairing hangover is time which lets your body to be totally free from all the kinds of toxic byproducts present in your body as a result of plentiful drinking yet some natural home remedies for hangover can step up the process. So let’s have a look at them.
• One of the easiest natural home remedies for hangover involves drinking of 2-3 large glasses of water as you are already told that the body of the drinker tends to dehydrate after plentiful consumption of alcoholic beverages hence drinking of water will certainly help you to beat hangover along with dehydration.
• Drinking coffee without the bubbles also helps you to reduce the adverse effects of hangover instead of sugar it would be better if you go for honey in the coffee as Fructose gets absorbed at a faster pace than the Sucrose which is found in sugar. It can help you overcome nausea which is yet another symptom of hangover.
• One of the simplest natural home remedies for hangover is using peanut butter, banana and honey on the white bread and consuming it up.
• Vitamin C is considered to be good for hangover hence all the fruits rich in vitamin C should be preferred like citrus fruits.
• Some pro also advices that eating six raw almonds prior to drinking also goes a long way in treating hangover, hence you too can make most of one of the natural home remedies for hangover.
• Lime is one of the time tested natural home remedies for hangover which has been put to use number of times by drinkers. To use it you need to take 2 tablespoon of fresh lime juice with 1 tablespoon of sugar and add it in 8 ounces of plain water to make the beneficial drink for hangover. Remember to drink it slowly to maintain the blood sugar level after its disturbance by over consumption of alcohol.
• You can further make good use of honey as you can take 2-6 tablespoon of honey after every 15 minutes after getting up to knock over hangover as it contains potassium which is known for counterbalancing the ill effects of alcohol. Besides it also aids in diminishing the strong desire for alcohol.
• You might find herb peppermint very appealing in taste if not it’s very likely to once you discover it’s relevance in overpowering hangover, as it’s consumption certainly speeds up the recovery process from the hangover. You can either consume it in the form of leaves or in the form of peppermint tea as per your taste.
• You can also use banana milk shake to defeat hangover which should be prepared with honey instead of sugar. The shake facilitates the speeding up of the process of recovery from hangover, as it rehydrates the body system and also increases the amount of electrolytes, magnesium and potassium which gets markedly short of as a result of heavy drinking.

Diet For Hangover

• Have breakfast comprising of eggs, banana and fruit juice.
• Avoid tea, coffee and soda which are further likely to dehydrate your body.

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