Home Remedies For Heat Stroke

What is Heat Stroke?

Like Hyperthermia and Heat Exhaustion, Heat Stroke (Sunstroke) is also a heat related illness. In fact, it is the most severe kind of heat illness. Due to environmental heat, the body’s cooling system stops working and core temperature of the body keeps on rising to dangerous levels.

In other words, the cooling system of the affected individual’s body stops working thereby letting the internal body temperature increase to such levels that there arises a possibility of potential brain damage or damage to other vital organs of the body.

It is a serious medical condition which calls for prompt medical attention to avoid severe complications like shock, brain damage and even death. Timely application of home remedies for Heat Stroke like applying cold compresses or taking onion juice, and other fruit juices are highly beneficial in avoiding such grave consequences. Indeed, prevention is better than cure when it comes to Heat Stroke.

Causes and Symptoms of Heat Stroke

As already stated, Heat stroke is caused by overexposure to environmental heat. Other contributing factors include dehydration, thyroid imbalance, low blood sugar, and intake of alcohol, stimulant drugs like the ones used in the treatment of high blood pressure, depression etc. The increase in core body temperature may also be the result of increased metabolism or physical exercise in hot and humid conditions. Children and elderly people are more susceptible to Heat Strokes.

The most common symptoms of mild Heat Stroke include weakness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, muscle cramps and other heat exhaustion related symptoms. More severe Heat stroke is accompanied by symptoms like high body temperature, rapid pulse rate, hallucinations, confusion, unconsciousness, difficulty breathing, agitation, seizure, coma etc. In fact, some of the symptoms may be similar to that of a heart stroke. The temperature of the affected individual tends to rise to 1040F or even more.

Natural Home Remedies for Heat Stroke

• Applying juice extracted from onion on the chest and behind the ears is one of the most highly recommended home remedies for Heat Stroke. Alternatively, one can roast some chopped onions in an open pan and add some cumin seed powder and a little bit of sugar in it. Consuming this mixture is another valuable home remedy using onion.

• Extract the juice of holy basil leaves and add some sugar in it. Drinking this solution serves as a very therapeutic natural remedy to cure this disease.

• Raw mango is one of the most popular natural home remedies for Heat Stroke prevention as well as cure. For this, take some raw mangoes, boil them and then soak them in cold water. Then, take the pulp of these mangoes and put it in a blender along with some coriander, cumin seeds, jaggery, salt and pepper. Blend this mixture along with some water and have a cup full of this home medicine 3-4 times a day to prevent Heat Strokes and cure them too. Another remdy would be to roast raw mango in coal ash. Take the pulp of this roasted mango mixed with some sugar to reduce Heat Stroke related symptoms.

• Prepare a paste of grinded black peppercorns in some coconut milk. Applying this cooling mixture on the body is an efficient home remedy used in the treatment of Heat Stroke.


• Consuming a mixture of buttermilk with a little bit of salt added to it is one of the most successful natural home remedies for Heat Stroke treatment.

• Drinking aloe vera juice is one of the easiest natural home remedies for Heat Stroke.

• Take a grinded mixture of 2 gm rose petals, 5 gm fennel seeds, 2 gm gojuiva flower and 2 gm java flower and add some sugar or milk to it. Consume small amounts of this mixture for about three or four days while dealing with Heat Stroke.

• Taking coriander juice mixed with sugar is a simple natural home remedy used in the treatment of Heat Strokes and other heat related ailments.

• Soak some plums in water until they become soft. Next, mash these soft plums in water itself and strain it. Drink this decoction before bed time to heal this problem and its symptoms.

• Add some tamarind in boiling water and strain it. Drinking this decoction at least twice a day is a tried and tested natural remedy that is used to control the core temperature of the body.

Diet for Heat Stroke

Dehydration is an important cause behind the incidence of Heat Strokes. Therefore, it is essential to include fresh fruits, vegetables and juices in the regular diet to avoid Heat related illnesses, especially Heat Strokes. These items are high in water content and help to keep the body well hydrated. Oranges, pineapples, watermelons, grapefruits lemons, cantaloupes and similar fruits are particularly useful in this regard. Drinking plenty of water is also necessary, especially before going out in the sun. Onions, mint, cucumber and yogurt should be positively included in the diet to prevent Heat Strokes.

It has been observe that low blood sugar can trigger the symptoms of Heat Strokes. Thus, the diet should definitely include protein rich foods such as cheese, nuts beans etc. To some extent, peppermint tea and raspberry tea are found to be effective in providing relief from the symptoms of Heat Stroke. Excessive consumption of salt adversely affects the functioning of normal sweat production which in turn increases the risk of developing this heat illness.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages should also be minimized because alcohol is known to increase heat in the body. In addition to this, caffeinated beverages induce frequent urination and cause unnecessary loss of water.


  1. Thanks for the info on Heat Stroke. Question:
    “Raw mango is one of the most popular natural home remedies for Heat Stroke prevention as well as cure. For this, take some raw mangoes, boil them and then soak them in cold water.”
    Should they be “raw” or cooked?

  2. i just want to know if using the tamarind can also cure and prevent heat stroke same as that of raw mango… i asked this because using tamarind is easier to prepare.. thank you.

    would appreciate very much if you can give some home remedies for migrains.

  3. Jeffro Tatro says

    I use coffe enemas to help heat stroke, I have my gay brother insert them in the rectum, for some reason he likes doing that. Then he licks the enema tip clean so I can use it again

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