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What Is Hiccups?

As per the dictionary the hiccups is defined as an abrupt involuntary contraction of the diaphragm that causes an intake of breath and closes the vocal cords, resulting in a convulsive gasp. Hiccups are also known as hiccough the typical sound is produced when hasty gust of wind rushes in to diaphragm thereby causing an upper region of wind pipe i.e. epiglottis to close and ultimately leading to producing “hic” sound.
In the medicine terminology hiccups are better known as synchronous diaphragmatic flutter (SDF), or singultus which comes from Latin word singul meaning “the act of catching one’s breath while sobbing.” Thus it’s clear by now that the hiccups are one of set of involuntary activities of human body i.e. beyond the control of one man and thus includes reflex arc.

To put in simple words it’s the function of diaphragm which is dome shaped is to pull in and push out air during inhalation and exhalation respectively. But when the controlling organ i.e. diaphragm itself gets troubled it leads to the emergence of hiccups.

Normally the hiccups themselves disappear after some time and thus you need to follow the policy of “wait and watch” but in case when the same hiccups become more persistent in nature then you need to really care for it. While in normal circumstances they tend to fade away in some hours but in other cases it may persist for days to even weeks.

Thus on the basis of the continuation of the hiccups on time scale they are classified into three classes which are as follows:

• A bout of hiccups: Occurrence of hiccups every once in a while for 48 hours
• Persistent hiccups: Hiccups enduring for more then 48 hours but lesser than a month
• Intractable hiccups: Hiccups persisting for two months or even more

If you are experiencing first two kinds of hiccups then you need not bother but if you are going through the last kind then you need to take care of your health as it might give rise to certain problems like debilitation, complications in eating, shrinkage of body weight, parchedness and imperfect sleep patterns. There are also rare cases of death because of hiccups with death of Pope Pius XII in 1958 being very famous.
So it’s high time that you need to also take care of hiccups including various natural home remedies for hiccups as don’t you know that “prevention is better than cure”.

Causes And Symptoms Of Hiccups


It’s become imperative for you and me to figure out the various causes of hiccups so as to treat them perfectly apart from keeping them at bay. So here are the symptoms of hiccups:
• Feasting upon flavorful meal
• Gobbling up the jumbo meal
• Hitting the bottles of numerous effervescent drinks
• Gulping of overdose of air
• Sipping in alcohol
• Swift shift in the temperature readings
• Consuming tobacco
• Abrupt emotive incitement or nervous tension
• Nerve impairment or oversensitivity
• Central Nervous System (CNS) illness
• Metabolic indispositions
• Incision in the body
• Kidney botherations
• Lung inflammation

The sole symptom of hiccups is the individualistic “hic” sound which preexists with the tiny constriction feeling in the chest, abdomen and throat.

Natural Home Remedies For Hiccups

Despite of the fact that the hiccups are not really the predicaments but in severe cases like that of intractable hiccups which are known for troubling men more you are anticipated to keep eyes open before it’s too late. So just have a look at different natural home remedies for hiccups to be at an ease naturally.
• The simplest natural remedy to treat hiccups is to sip water at short intervals.
• Getting hold of a tablespoon of peanut butter can go a long way in treating hiccups.
• Deep breathing is one of the simplest natural home remedies for hiccups
• Gong for a mouth wash with lukewarm water can further help you to overcome hiccups.
• Passing tongue over the spoon of sugar can further help you to minister to the troubling hiccups.
• Diverting mind to something interesting is yet another way to put an end to hiccups.
• You might be fond of yoghurt a lot but surely going to love it more on account of its usefulness in treating hiccups. To make most of one of natural home remedies for hiccups take a cup of yoghurt and add 2 tablespoon of salt to it followed by its slow consumption.
• Another icy natural remedy for hiccups is crushed ice itself which should be consumed in case of hiccups in order to have instant relief.
• Take a piece of ginger and extract its juice slowly to beat hiccups.
• Mingle ½ cup of mustard seeds with ½ cup of pure margarine followed by its ingestion. It will instantly provide relief from the hiccups.
• Hold inhale for some time/inhale rapidly or inhale into a paper bag to overcome hiccups.

Diet For Hiccups

 There is no such diet which is strongly advocated for hiccups yet it would be more appropriate if you can abstain from the hot and spicy food which tends to disrupt the esophagus.

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