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What is Hysteria?

Hysteria is a psychological condition usually caused by an underlying nervous disorder. This complex condition is characterized by emotional outbursts because of the affected individual’s inability to control the emotions. Females and youngsters are more likely to suffer from this ailment.

These emotional fluctuations are generally caused by intense anxiety or fear. It is a type of Psychosomatic or Somatization Disorder. In earlier times, this disease was believed to be caused due to disturbances of the uterus. At that time, the Greek medical term, hysterikos was often used for this disease. Hysterikos was derived from the Greek work “hystera” meaning uterus.

Hysteria and the symptoms arising from this disease can be cured with the help of conventional medicines as well as natural home remedies for Hysteria treatment. The difference between both these methods of treatment lies in the fact that the former mode of treatment is artificial and accompanied by the risk of number of side effects. The natural home treatment, on the other hand, is safe to follow.

Causes of Hysteria

Repressed mental conflicts have been known to cause this psychological condition. Prolonged physical or mental stress and trauma may be related to factors like excess fear, mental strain, depression, tension, masturbation, prolonged sickness etc. Plus, faulty emotional training at a young age increases the chances of developing this complex disorder.

Hereditary factors have also been associated with the incidence of this disease. Organic brain disease induced by drug abuse, Alzheimer’s disease or Epilepsy has also been closely linked to Hysteria. Sexual repression or excess of it, perverted habits of thought and excessive idleness and other related factors have long been regarded as some of the most significant causes of this disease.

Symptoms of Hysteria

Hysteria is characterized by a wide array of symptoms like that of palpitation, abdominal constriction, constriction of the chest, cramping, a feeling of heaviness in the limbs, rumbling in the stomach, breathing troubles, increased heartbeat, violent movements, suffocation, clenched teeth, headache etc.

The patients tend to sigh deeply and feel discomfort and obstruction in the throat, as if caused by the obstruction of a foreign object. The condition may also be accompanied by swelling of the neck or jugular veins and tensed locomotive muscles.

Other serious symptoms include crying wildly or without any reason, repeated spitting, involuntary muscle contraction, seizures, blackouts etc. The symptoms mentioned earlier tend to become intensified with the severity of the disease.

Psychological symptoms are present in the form of alternating bouts of laughter and crying, emotional instability and impulsiveness with decreased will power. Symptoms like Catalepsy and sleep walking may also develop in some cases. The patients tend to develop dual personalities in the later stages. In extreme cases, hysterical trances may be characterized by deep sleep which can be mistaken for death.


Natural Home Remedies for Hysteria

• Consuming a combination of one cup lettuce juice mixed with one teaspoon of Indian gooseberry juice is one of the most popular natural home remedies for Hysteria treatment. This natural remedy works best when taken in the morning. Continue this remedy daily for at least one month to get rid of this ailment.

• Simply smelling asafetida gum is a tried and tested home remedy to prevent as well as cure Hysteria. Half or one gram of asafetida can also be taken orally to control Hysteria attacks.

• Intake of juice extracted from passion fruit or a decoction prepared from the leaves of passion fruit help in controlling this disease. The infusion can be prepared by adding five passion fruit leaves in a cup of boiling water and then straining the solution. It helps in providing quick relief from Hysteria.

• Applying grated bottle gourd pulp on the forehead is one of the simplest and equally effective natural home remedies for Hysteria.

• Regular intake of one gram powdered rauwolfia herb mixed in a cup of milk is highly beneficial in the treatment of Hysteria problems. This therapeutic mixture should be taken two times every day.

• Having a teaspoon of honey on a daily basis helps a great deal in healing this condition. In fact, honey is considered as one of the most successful home remedies for Hysteria.

• Take a jug filled with three kg black berries, water and a handful of salt. Place this jar in sunlight for about one week. Next, the patient should have approximately 300 grams of this fruit on an empty stomach and then consume one cup water from the same sun treated jar. Follow this home treatment for two weeks in order to reduce Hysteria attacks naturally. This home remdy is generally recommended for females.

• Yoga and meditation serve as excellent home remedies for Hysteria as they tend to have a soothing effect on the mind.

Diet for Hysteria

When dealing with Hysteria, it is often recommended to undergo a fruit diet, followed by milk diet and then gradually adopting a well balanced diet. The fruit diet should be continued for about three days. They should be taken at least three times in a day.

Fruits like apples, pineapples, oranges, papayas, grapes and grapefruits are highly beneficial in this regard. Next, follow an all milk diet for about a month. If needed then fruits may also be consumed in this diet. Finally, adopt the normal healthy diet consisting of a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

Apart from these measures, restrict the consumption of stimulating caffeinated and alcoholic beverages. Cigarette smoking and tobacco abuse should also be given up as they tend to worsen Hysteria. Plus, avoid refined and packaged foods with excess salt, sugar or white flour.

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