Home Remedies for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

What is Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

As the name suggest, it is the inflammation and ulceration of the lining of intestine. It is basically of two types. One type is regional enteritis or popularly known as Crohn’s disease. It can affect almost any area of human body but most of the time it affects terminal ileum. Another type of inflammatory bowel is ulcerative colitis. It begins in the rectum and extends to remission and exaberations.

Treatment for both the type is absolutely same though surgical procedure is absolutely different. Why to go for such a costly process when the medication is already available right in our house. Give yourself delight of curing yourself by using the following home remedies for Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Causes and Symptoms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Causes of Inflammatory Bowel Disease are still not so clear but diet, environment and genetics are possible factors related to most of the problems. It results from inappropriate activation of the mucosal immune system.

Some offending agents are virus, bacteria and food protein. Both the types are characterized by the production of t- and b-cell (immune cells) mucosal lymphocytosis, mucosal IgG (an antibody) and macrophage activation.

Symptoms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease are

• Nutrients can not get absorbed completely leading to poor assimilation.
• Formation of abscess’s due to the thickening of colon wall. Toxic megacolon.
• It even cause bleeding and ulcerations.
• Loose stools with mucus and blood.
• Fibrosis, narrow and shortened colon and muscle atrophy occurs at chronic stage.
• Bowel obstruction
• Nausea, irritability, loss of appetite, anxiety and weakness are some of the subjective symptoms of both type of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
• Spastic rectum and anus, vomiting and weight loss are some of the objective symptoms of both ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

Natural Home Remedies for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Sitz baths

• Soak the rectal area in the tub for 15 minutes in lukewarm water. Follow this remedy two to three times a day constantly for three weeks. Wipe the area with soft cotton towel. This can cure inflammation.

• Apply compresses saturated in ice packs and pomegranate juice to the anus. It provides instant relief to the inflammation. Wrap the ice in soft cotton cloth and keep it for short period of time as sometimes it leads to swelling also. Use of soft cotton cloth is done to avoid abrasion.


• Mild exercise helps in the treatment of crohn’s disease. It relieves depression, heals bowel problem and reduces stress. It normalizes bowel function.


• Do regular relaxation and breathing exercises to cure Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Other easy therapies

• Intake of red clover decreases inflammation heals Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

• Make use of cod liver oil. This fish oil is rich in omega-3 thus helpful in the treatment of this disorder.

• Aloe vera is also one of the solutions to this problem. Drinking aloe vera juice half cup two times a day help in curing Inflammatory Bowel Disease. However, avoid it during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

• Whisk two cups equally of Epsom salt and water. Place a saturated flannel cloth over the abdomen. For few minutes.

• Steamed apples also heals the ulcers in the colon, thereby serving as one of the most valuable natural home remedies for Inflammatory Bowel Disease.


Include yoga in your lifestyle to get rid of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Take help of an expert for it.

Diet for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Fiber rich foods help in preventing constipation. Papaya is highly beneficial.  It is a rich source of fiber and thus it helps digestion. Slowly introduce bran and bran cereals.

Include some fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid sugar and saturated fats. Dark berry juices from cherries, blackberries and blueberries should be taken in moderation.

Intake of Cantaloupe increases vitamins, minerals and fibers in the body. Intake of vitamin C improves immunity.

Similarly, vitamin B and k are equally important. Intake of bananas or steamed bananas helps in increasing potassium content. It is very effective in the treatment of haemorrhoids which is one of the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease. Intake of buttermilk and rice are highly soothing in case of ulcerative colitis.

Thus, follow the above mentioned dietary suggestions and natural home remedies for Inflammatory Bowel Disease to help cure this disease naturally.

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