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What Is Insomnia?

Insomnia has its origin from Latin words i.e. “in” meaning not and “somnus” meaning sleep. So insomnia is neither an exclusive symptom nor a disease instead it’s defined as “difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep, or both”, which can be a result of inadequate amount of or quality of sleep. Insomnia impacts on the people of all age groups, however it is more common in women than men in the category of adults.
Insomnia is found to be more prevalent in persons lacking mental haleness, addicted alcoholics and people belonging to under privileged section of the society. Insomnia can be further categorized into three categories on the basis of duration of persistence of the problem which are as follows:
• Transient Insomnia: Symptoms persist for less than a week.
• Short-term Insomnia: Symptoms persist for one-three weeks.
• Chronic Insomnia: Symptoms persisting for more than three weeks.

Insomnia can sow the seeds for below average performance at academic and work level thereby affecting adversely your efficiency and causing obesity, depression, anxiety, weakened immune system and  heightened proneness to several long term diseases. Thus for the sake of making good present and future you just can’t be submissive to Insomnia hence read on further to get the idea of various causes and symptoms of insomnia including various outstanding natural home remedies for insomnia.

Causes of Insomnia

As mentioned beforehand there are three kinds of insomnia thus here are those causes responsible for same.

Causes for transient Insomnia and short-term Insomnia

As majority of causes for both the kinds of insomnia are more or less similar hence they are compiled together which are as follows:

Jet Lag i.e. internal physical disturbance experienced by air travelers on flights across different time zones. It affects the body’s internal clock, disrupting sleeping patterns, eating schedules, and body temperature.
Alteration in shift work
Too much or displeasing noise
troublesome room temperature in the from of either being too high or low
Distressing state of affairs in life like unemployment, loss of some loved one, divorce or break up in relationships, exams etc.
Turning up of severe medical or surgical indispositions including hospitalization
Discontinuing the use of drugs, alcohol, sedatives or other pain-killers
Insomnia concerning High-altitude


Causes for chronic Insomnia of long term nature

There are numerous causes for chronic insomnia which can be further classified into two classes i.e. physiological and psychological ones.
Psychological causes accountable for chronic Insomnia:
Any sort of botheration
Mania in the form of craziness for something
Depression leading to heavyheartedness
Indeed insomnia might be a symptom of depression or of an acute mental illness.
Physiological causes accountable for chronic Insomnia:
Psychological causes for insomnia vary from the circadian rhythmic disorders to other kinds of medical conditions. Some important ones causing insomnia are:
Deep-rooted pain syndrome
Never-ending fatigue sickness
Congestive Heart Failure
Occurrence of angina at night due to heart attack
Gastroesophageal reflux disease commonly abbreviated as GERD
Nightly asthma with breathing symptoms
Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) distinguished by pauses in breathing during sleep
Degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
Brain tumors, strokes and trauma to brain

Symptoms of Insomnia

Despite of insomnia typified by inadequate quantity and quality of sleep yet it further happens with other symptoms like:
Arduousness in falling asleep
Getting out of bed during night and difficulty in going back to sleep
Opening one’s eyes too early in the morning
Experiencing feebleness upon getting out of bed
Sleepiness through out the day
Peevishness feeling with lesser meticulousness or memory
Variation of mood frequently
Below average performance at academic or work front
Muscle pain
Falling asleep during working watching television or while driving risking one’s own and other lives!

Natural Home Remedies For Insomnia

Dictionary defines home remedy as “simply prepared medication or tonic of unproven effectiveness” wherein “unproven effectiveness” is untrue as numerous natural home remedies paved the way for major medical breakthrough as they have been discovered by our forefathers when even the modern medical prescriptions were either not devised or weren’t available. So read up on various beneficial natural home remedies for insomnia.
• In case you have sweet tooth then you need not bother at least as far as suppressing of insomnia is concerned. As you can make good use of cookies with milk 30 minutes before going to bed in order to have sweet dreams comfortably!
• Epsom salts constitutes one of excellent natural home remedies for insomnia. You can have a hot water bath for 15 to 20 minutes before falling asleep by the addition of 1-2 cup of salt to hot bath.
• Honey has been acknowledged as one of stimulant for hitting the hay hence you can put it to use like the cookies. You can either add to the glass of milk or in a cup of decaffeinated herbal tea to prepare a ground to cool off for doing ZZZ! So go ahead to capitalize on one of the highly appreciated natural home remedies for insomnia.
•  Toasts rich in carbohydrate content too are found to be highly beneficial in treating insomnia naturally as these are found to be light on stomach and thus ease the process of slumbering.
• Your mother might be advising for long to drink milk for the sake of good health yet if you haven’t paid attention to her advice then it’s high time to do as a glass of warm milk have been found to be very impressive in triggering sleep. There are number of differences among the scientists regarding the constituent responsible for doing so but all agree with the fact that it has got to do something with rising above insomnia.
• A mix of fried crushed cumin seeds along with a ripened banana eaten at night is one of the wonderful natural home remedies for insomnia.
• You might not be fond of bottle-gourd but if suffering with insomnia then it’s very likely fro you to like from now onwards as its positive influence has been accepted in treating insomnia.
•  Hops sedative tonic can further aid you in overcoming insomnia. Alternatively you can purchase its flowers and pack them up in a muslin bag and keep it under your pillow.
• Application of sesame oil onto scalp and feet can make you feel like going to sleep.

Diet For Insomnia

There are certain foods which forms the diet which works for sleep while there are certain foods which are known for hindering the process. Thus just have a look at diet for insomnia.
• All kinds of fruits and green leafy vegetables should be included in the diet. Special attention must be given to lemons and mulberries as they give very soothing effect to mind.
• All the beverages which obstruct the sleeping pattern must be done away with like alcohols, hot tea and coffee etc.
• All kinds of canned foods must also be refrained from in order to have sweet dreams.
• As our digestive system functions at a slow pace at night hence heavy meals must be avoided in order to sleep naturally!

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