Home Remedies For Intestinal Worms

What are Intestinal Worms?

Intestinal worms can be found in any part of the world, especially the tropical regions. Generally, children are more prone to suffer from this disease. Though, adults are no exceptions. These worms are actually parasites that mostly reside in the gastrointestinal tract and fed on the nutritious bowel contents and blood of the affected individual.

Different worms cause different symptoms depending on their location. They secrete toxins and extract important nutrients from the affected individual’s body. Plus, they multiply again and again in large numbers and spend their entire life in the intestines of the affected human.

Some of the common Intestinal Worms are: tapeworms, threadworms, roundworms, hookworms, pinworms and giardia. These worms may enter the body of an individual through food, water, nose, skin, sexual conduct and transmitting agents like mosquitoes and flies. A number of conventional medicines as well as natural home remedies for Intestinal Worms can help the affected individual get rid of such worms. In addition to this, individuals should try to maintain proper hygiene in order to prevent this disease.

Causes of Intestinal Worms

Consuming contaminated foods and water give an opportunity to the parasites present on the outer layer of such items to enter the body of an individual. Hence, it is necessary to wash fruits and vegetables before consuming them. Roundworms such as pinworms and threadworms spread through the medium of contaminated solid and liquid foods. Pinworms may directly spread from one individual to another. Flatworms are known to spread through raw and uncooked meats like pork, fish, beef etc. Hookworms can infect an individual by entering through the bare soles of the individual.

Symptoms of Intestinal Worms

Some of the common symptoms of Intestinal Worms are diarrhea, anemia, constipation, bad breath, dark circles, increased appetite and headaches. Ringworms may particularly lead to nausea, vomiting, fatigue, weight loss, inflammation of the intestine and lungs, irritability, nervousness and fever. Hookworm feed on the affected individual’s blood and hence cause are iron deficiency, abdominal pain, protein deficiency loss of appetite, craving to eat soil, skin irritations, mental dullness, dry skin and hair, cardiac failure and even death (if the worms are too long).

Giardia worm is commonly found in contaminated water and can cause symptoms like bloating, intestinal gas, weakness, chills, mild abdominal cramps etc. Threadworms and pinworms cause itchiness on area around the rectum.

Natural Home Remedies for Intestinal Worms

• Taking one teaspoon of powdered papaya seeds with a cup of milk or water early in the morning on an empty stomach is one of the most popular home remedies for Intestinal Worms.

• Similarly, papaya seeds and papaya juice are also excellent natural home remedies for Intestinal Worms. Take approximately 250 ml of water, add about 15 gm of dry papaya leaves in it and boil the water. Drink this solution along with some honey to cure this disease. As for the remedy with papaya juice, take the juice of an unripe papaya (one teaspoon) and add 3-4 tablespoons of hot water in it. Have this mixture with about one teaspoon of honey. Two hours after consuming this mixture, have another mixture comprising 30-60 ml of castor oil mixed with 250-375 ml of warm milk. Follow this therapy for about a couple of days to significantly reduce Intestinal Worms.

• Wormwood oil is highly beneficial in getting rid of Intestinal Worms, especially roundworms and tapeworms. An infusion prepared by adding about 2 ml of this oil and 120 ml of water is useful to eliminate Intestinal worms in the rectum. Alternatively, consuming 6-8 gm of powdered flowering tops of wormwood herb act as one of the most efficient natural home remedies for Intestinal Worms. Or, one part of wormwood oil can be mixed with eight parts of olive oil and given to the sufferer to relieve the symptoms and discomfort caused by such worms and killing them.

• Peel and crush about one teaspoon of ripe pumpkin seeds and put them in 250 ml of water and boil the mixture. Taking this mixture is one of the most valuable home remedies for Intestinal Worms.


• Add some black pepper, roasted cumin seeds and rock salt in buttermilk and drink this mixture about 3-4 times a day. Following this natural remedy for about a week can give encouraging results in curing Intestinal Parasites.

• Add a teaspoon of rock salt in a glass of boiled water to heal this disease in its nascent stage.

• Consuming a bowl full of grated carrots in the morning is a successful home remedy used in the treatment of Intestinal Worms, especially in children.

• Eat a few garlic gloves early in the morning helps to relieve this problem.

• Eating raw potatoes for about 3 days is an effective natural cure for Intestinal Worms.

• Consuming grounded coconut in the morning is another tried and tested home remedy to cure Intestinal Worms. One should have a mixture of 30-60 ml of castor oil and 250-375 ml of warm water, three hours after having the coconut.

• Decoction prepared from pomegranate root bark is a good natural remedy used in the treatment of Intestinal Worms. The dosage for adults should be 90-180 ml and for children, it should be about 30-60 ml. The decoction should be taken three times each after the interval of one hour.

• Taking one teaspoon of powdered butea seeds is a simple home remdy to cure this disease. A similar paste can also be prepared by adding one teaspoon of honey to this powder and having this paste thrice a day.

• Mix equal amounts of Belleric Myroblan and butea seeds and have this mixture about three times on a daily basis to deal with this problem.

• Take 500 ml of water and boil 30 gm of bark and root of vasaka tree in it until the quantity of the water reduces to one-third of the original quantity. Taking this decoction about two to three times a day continued for a period of 2-3 days can be useful in getting rid of Intestinal worms.

Diet for Intestinal Worms

The consumption of juice extracted from radish mixed with some salt is acts an effective home treatment for worms in humans. The results may begin to show within a day or two and can cure the problem within 4 days if taken twice on a daily basis. In addition, fasting on pineapples for about 3 days is a highly beneficial natural treatment for Intestinal Worms, especially tapeworms. Cranberries and papaya are also important in the process of curing this disease.

The diet to cure this disease should emphasize on the consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables and their juices. It is recommended to restrict the consumption of coffee, alcohol, refined sugars and fatty foods like oil, butter, cream etc. Till the problem subsist, abstain from the consumption of meat products as well. Regular consumption of garlic and fresh fruit juices and maintaining a proper hygiene can go a long way in the prevention of tapeworms, ringworms, pinworms and other such worms in humans.


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