Home Remedies for Itchy Skin

Itching is quite a common but irritating problem that can be cured with the help of home remedies for Itchy Skin natural treatment. In medical terms, itching is known as Pruritis.

Itchy skin can be caused by a number of problems like Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Sunburn, Hives, Insect Bites, Chicken Pox, Scabies, Lice Infestation and other skin infections.

In addition, factors like stress, anxiety and pregnancy tend to aggravate itching. At times, Celiac Disease, Anemia, Hyperthyroidism, Hepatitis, Cirrhosis, Kidney Failure, Hormonal Disorders, Menopause, Autoimmune Diseases and certain Cancers may also give rise to Itchy Skin.

Adverse reactions due to certain medicines or therapies like radiotherapy, chemotherapy etc may also cause the same. However, more often than not, itching is caused by dry skin, environmental factors, allergic reactions or skin irritation due to chemicals, wool, poison ivy etc. The condition is usually accompanied by symptoms like redness, scaling, inflammation, appearance of rashes, blisters and other such problems on skin.

Natural Home Remedies for Itchy Skin

• Application of apple cider vinegar diluted with equal amount of water is one of the easiest possible natural home remedies for Itchy Skin.  You can also add a cup of apple cider vinegar in a tub of warm bath water to relieve itching. It helps restore skin’s natural acidity as well.

• Soaking in lukewarm bathwater mixed with half a cup of cornstarch serves as an effective natural cure for Itchy Skin home treatment.

Colloidal oatmeal, baking soda or a can or evaporated milk can also be use in the same way as cornstarch. Follow this therapy for about 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can simply dust some cornstarch on skin to reduce itching sensation.

• Cod liver oil, wheat germ oil, burdock root oil, fresh stinging nettle oil, neem oil and other such therapeutic oils are considered as excellent natural home remedies for Itchy Skin relief.

• Prepare nettle tea by steeping a teaspoon of dried nettle leaves in a cup of boiling water for about 15 minutes. Finally, have one or two cups of this tea to get rid of Itchy Skin.


• Applying aloe vera gel or aloe vera sap extracted from the plant is highly beneficial in healing Itchy Skin naturally. Aloe vera gel can also be mixed with some green clay to soothe Itchy Skin.

• Take half a cup of water and add one teaspoon each of honey and lemon juice in it. Apply this mixture on Dry Skin after bathing as a natural remedy for Itchy Skin. Alternatively, you can apply olive oil after bathing, when your skin is still damp and warm.

• Application of a piece of cloth soaked in basil tea or mint tea is useful in the natural treatment for Itchy Skin. Lemon juice is also useful in relieving this problem.

• Itchy Skin caused by Scabies, Ringworm, Acne, Eczema or other such issues can be treated by using Yellow Dock poultice or compress. You can use a paste of crushed Yellow Dock leaves mixed with cream.

• Application of cold compresses is one of the most widely used Itchy Skin home remedies. You can apply calendula lotion or chamomile cream to ease the discomfort.

• Herbs like wild pansy, jewelweed, St John’s wort and witch hazel are considered as valuable herbal remedies for Itchy Skin.

• Mixing three parts of baking soda in one part of water and applying the resultant paste on the affected area helps stop itching sensation on skin.

• Applying a mixture of equal parts of honey and cinnamon powder on the affected area is another valuable Itchy Skin home remedy.

• Prepare chickweed poultice by soaking two handfuls of chickweed in water. When the grains soften, apply the poultice on the affected area to heal Itchy Skin naturally.

• Applying coconut oil mixed with lemon juice serves as a good natural remedy for Itchy Skin. Moreover, coconut oil also provides nourishment to the skin.

Apart from following the above mentioned natural home remedies for Itchy Skin to avoid secondary infections, use a gentle, unscented soap, avoid scratching as far as possible, avoid wearing rough and thick clothing, keep your skin moisturized, take a low salt diet and stay away from substances that are likely to cause further irritation.


  1. Had the Itchy Scalp problem for years generally just the back of my head… Itched profusely!!! Asked for advice from Hair Technicians, General Practitioners and even Dermatologist. None of them could give me an answer that provided anything beyond temporary relief. Finally one day as I was using Benadryl Extra Strength Itch Stopping Gel on a insect bite I wondered to myself, it this stuff stops the itching of insect bites, why not? So I put about a half teaspoon full on my fingers and rubbed it into my hair located on the back of my head. Low and Behold,,,, No More Itching! Now, I wash my hair everyday and followed that with the application of Benadryl Extra Strength Itch Stopping Gel as described above. I even wrote to Johnson and Johnson and told them they should use this in their advertising of the product. I have been using this now for at least 4 years and no more itching. I understand the irritation that folks suffer from this condition. Hope the suggestion works for you as it has for me…

  2. Muralidhar says

    i have Itchy Scalp problem, pus & very pain Acne i got,kindly recommend any home remedies

    I have hair loss also………plz recommend a good home remedy …..

  3. I suffered from itchy scalp for many years and have tried various types of shampoos made for curing dandruff and visited dermatologists for but no relief. The itch sometimes gets so horrible i hated myself. Then one day i came across a Youtube video that shows how Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water can help my condition. Luckily i had bought a bottle of ACV a while back but never used it and was sitting in my fridge. Three days ago i washed my head with mixture of ACV and water and let it sit on my head for few minutes and i had instant relief that day and until today i only small urges to itch. I recommend anyone suffering from itchy scalp to try using ACV.

  4. chas anderson says

    have had an itchy scalp for quite a few years now, but will try your benadyl tomorrow and hope it works for me will let you know next week chas

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