Home Remedies For Jalapeno Burn

What is Jalapeno Burn?

Jalapeno is a medium sized chili pepper that can cause burning sensation on the skin while handling it or Jalapeno Burn in the mouth while eating it. Jalapeno Peppers are mostly cultivated in Mexico and other parts of Central America and are used in various dishes.

As this is a fairly common problem, there exist a number of home remedies for Jalapeno Burn natural treatment. These natural remedies are inexpensive and easily available at home.

As prevention is better than cure, it is recommended to wear gloves or rub cooking oil on the hands while using the fiery pepper in order to prevent Jalapeno Burn on skin. Moreover, it is advisable to avoid getting your hands near your eyes so as to avoid eye irritation.

Causes and Symptoms of Jalapeno Burn

Jalapeno Burns are caused because of the presence of a chemical known as capsaicin present in jalapeno pepper. It is because of this substance that coming in contact with the hot pepper or consuming it causes painful burning sensation.

Factors like number of seeds inside a jalapeno pepper, its area of cultivation and the age of the fruit play determine the level of heat associated with the fruit. The level of heat is measured in terms of Scoville units.

The most obvious and seemingly insurmountable symptom of Jalapeno Burn is the presence of extreme burning or stinging sensation. Allergy to jalapeno peppers can lead to symptoms like nausea, upset stomach, wheezing, fatigue, facial swelling, eczema, hives, scratchy throat, migraine or headache and other similar issues.

Natural Home Remedies for Jalapeno Burn

• Milk is considered to be one of the best natural home remedies for Jalapeno Burn. You wash the affected area with milk in case of skin irritation due to jalapeno, or drink milk in case it is caused by the consumption of the pepper.


• Soaking the hands in apple cider vinegar for about five to ten minutes is highly beneficial natural cure for Jalapeno Burn home treatment.

• Dipping the fingers in rubbing alcohol or vodka is another effective way to neutralize and relieve Jalapeno Burn.

• Application of soothing agents like pure black honey, aloe vera gel, butter etc work as excellent Jalapeno Burn home remedies.

• Simply applying ice, toothpaste (containing methanol), lemon juice, orange juice, mashed papaya, tomato, overripe banana and other such items can help ease the pain and burning sensation to some extent.

• Vegetable oils, such as olive oil, corn oil, etc  and bleaching agents are also useful in getting rid of Jalapeno Burn on skin.

• Baking soda is another popular Jalapeno Burn home remedy. It can be applied in combination with milk or water by making a paste or it can be applied separately. Use this therapy for about 10-15 minutes before washing off baking soda to help to stop the stinging and burning sensation.

Jalapeno Burns usually heal within a couple of days.

Diet for Jalapeno Burn

Having dairy products like milk, buttermilk, cream, yogurt or cottage cheese in the diet is highly beneficial in healing this problem. You can also eat ice cream to reduce burning sensation in mouth.

Milk contains a protein called casein which is useful in dealing with the burning sensation caused by capsaicin found in jalapenos. Moreover, including adequate amount of vitamin C in the diet is also beneficial improving immunity and reducing allergic reactions.

Although adopting natural home remedies for Jalapeno Burn is a good idea, avoiding such burns is an even better idea because some of the natural remedies like submerging the hands in cold water provide immediate but temporary relief because capsaicin present in jalapeno is not soluble in water and hence difficult to get rid of.


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