Home Remedies For Jock Itch

What is Jock Itch?

In medical terminology, Jock Itch is known as Tinea Cruris. It is a common form of fungal infection occurring in the groin area that may spread to the inner thighs, genitals or anus. Jock Itch is a contagious and itchy disease usually associated with adolescent boys and adult men. Though, women may also be affected by it.

Fungal infection, excessive sweating and friction due to rubbing of skin are the most common causes of this disease. Like other fungi, the fungi causing Jock Itch find a warm and moist environment most favorable for their growth while feeding on dead tissues of the skin.

The red or pink rashes caused by Jock itch are usually harmless though uncomfortable to bear. In most cases, the rash begins in the top creases of the thigh and then spreads further. Overweight and diabetic individuals are more susceptible to such infections.

Adoption of natural home remedies for Jock Itch along with preventive measures like keeping the groin area clean and dry help a great deal in the treatment of Jock Itch. If left untreated, the disease may take weeks or even months to heal itself.

Causes and Symptoms of Jock Itch

As already mentioned Jock Itch is caused by fungal infection. A hot and humid environment promotes the growth of this infection. Besides, excessive sweating and rubbing of the skin causes friction which in turn results in the formation of rashes. Wearing tightly fitted clothes especially undergarments, worsens the situation.

Skin to skin contact and sharing clothes like towels with an infected individual increase the chances of having Jock Itch. The fungus causing Athlete’s Foot and Jock itch are quite similar. So, an individual having Athlete’s Foot is at an increased risk of developing Jock Itch due to the spread of the fungi.

Moreover, individuals with weak immune system are more likely to develop this bothersome condition. The immune system is also rendered weak by repeated intake of antibiotics and steroidal drugs. Jock Itch is characterized by large pink colored raised rashes with sharp borders on the groin areas. With the advancement of the disease, the affected area of the skin becomes red, scaly and may start to peel.

As the name suggests, this infectious disease is accompanied by itchiness and a burning sensation too. It may cause anal itching and discomfort in case it spreads to the anus. In certain individuals, the symptoms may be too mild to observe. Often, activities like walking and exercising tend to worsen the disease.

Natural Home Remedies for Jock Itch


• Applying organic coconut oil on the affected area is one of the simplest and equally effective natural home remedies for Jock Itch. Regular application of this home remedy is sure to cure this problem with ease.

• The application of tea tree oil on the affected area twice a day for about five days can help a great deal in the treatment of Jock Itch by relieving the discomfort and reducing the infection.

• A compress prepared from garlic and olive oil is considered as one of the most valuable natural home remedies for Jock Itch. A combination of garlic and honey is an equally therapeutic home remedy used to heal this troublesome disease.

• Take some cornstarch apply it on the affected area serves as a good natural remedy to cure this problem. Continue this remdy for about two weeks to get rid of this nasty problem.

• Mix one part of white vinegar with four parts of water. Dip a wash cloth in this solution and then use this cloth on the affected area. Following this therapy on a regular basis serves as one of the most successful home remedies for Jock Itch. Do not forget to dry the area afterwards.

• Having a hot salt bath (warm bath water mixed with salt) two times a day for about two or three days is highly beneficial in reducing Jock Itch to a great extent.

• Regular bathing, especially after exercising or playing and changing the undergarments two times per day are some of the more obvious home remedies for Jock Itch prevention as well as treatment.

Diet for Jock Itch

Jock Itch can be healed holistically with the combination of effective home remdies, a healthy diet and maintenance of proper hygiene. Fresh fruits and vegetables that help to improve and boost the immune system should be positively included in the diet. Garlic is particularly useful in this regard.

Plus, fried and fatty processed foods with refined carbohydrates should be excluded from the diet until the disease is cured completely. Besides, avoid alcoholic beverages and foods with excess sugar.


  1. Here are a few tips to prevent you from getting, or to help you get rid of, jock itch.

    Since the athletes foot fungus is very closely related to the one that causes jock itch, put on your socks BEFORE you put on your clean underwear. This prevents any fungus on your feet from coming into contact with the groin area.

    Talcum or silica powder can help dry the skin, however mineral-based talcum powder is dangerous if inhaled in quantity. Silica powder, an environmentally inert material, is a safer choice.

    Last but not least, stop scratching!

  2. love the tips for me and my kids

  3. ive had this fungal infection or heat rash as long as i can remember, fungal creams dont help, or do fungal ich pills neither of them help,maybe for awhile but the rashes still come back, ty for ur advice i will try some of othese or maybe all of them.

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