Home Remedies For Knee Pain

What is Knee Pain?

Knee Pain is one of the most common joint pains that may be caused by overuse of the knee joint or injuries leading to torn ligaments or cartilages. Structures like bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilages help the knee joint in performing its functions effectively. Therefore, injuries or problems in any of these structures tend to cause Knee Pains.

Knee is one of the largest and heaviest hinge joints of the body that works like the hinge of a door, that is, the knee join joint allows proper forward and backward movement. It also supports actions like bending, straightening, rotating and twisting.

A number of natural home remedies for Knee Pain and various knee exercises can help relieve the pain and heal the condition effectively.

However, the home treatment for Knee Pain should be followed on a regular basis depending on the cause and severity of the ailment. In severe cases, knee surgeries may also be required.

Causes of Knee Pain

Knee Pain can be caused due to a wide variety of reasons. Conditions like Patella or Kneecap Dislocation, Fracture of the patella, Patella Tendon Rupture, Hamstring Rupture or Sprain and several other conditions usually give rise to Knee Pain.

Bursitis, Tendinitis, Runner’s Knee, Osgood Schlatters disease, Chondromalacia (softening of cartilage under the kneecap), Baker’s Cyst (fluid filled inflammation behind the knee), Knee Osteoarthritis, a form of Arthritis and other similar diseases are generally characterized by the symptom of Knee Pain.

Knee injuries caused by sports activities or accidents can be held responsible for most of the Knee Pains caused by injuries. Besides, chronic Knee Pain could be caused due to repeated stress or overuse of the knee joint. Degeneration of the knee joint due to aging may also cause the same. Certain rare causes of this painful condition include diseases such as Plica Syndrome, Gout, Bone Tumor, etc.

Symptoms of Knee Pain

Apart from the obvious symptom of pain in the knee, some other common symptoms of Knee Pain are inflammation, tenderness, locking (inability to bend or straighten the knees) and instability as though the knee is giving way.

Ligament injuries generally cause Knee Pain even at rest. Putting weight, bending on knees or simply walking tends to worsen the pain. At times, ligament injuries are accompanied by a popping sound indicating tearing of ligaments.


Arthritis patients may complain of a sense of grinding or crunching of a bone against another bone. Dislocated Kneecaps give rise to intense pain. Knee Pain caused by Septic Arthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis may also be accompanied by fever.

Natural Home Remedies for Knee Pain

• Application of ice and cold compresses is one of the most popular and equally effective Knee Pain home remedies.

• Taking steam baths helps to reduce Knee Pains caused by Arthritis. Follow this remdy on a regular basis to ease the pain.

• Dried ginger, Wintergreen, Boswellia, Devil’s claw, Cat’s claw and similar other herbs are regarded as highly beneficial therapeutic home remedies for Knee Pain.

• Having a glass of warm water mixed with powered Bishop’s weed seeds is another valuable natural remedy for Knee Pain.

• Prepare a paste by adding some castor, wheat and turmeric in goat’s milk or clarified butter. Finally, apply this therapeutic mixture on the painful area to cure the pain effectively at home.

• Dried ginger, Wintergreen, Boswellia, Devil’s claw, Cat’s claw and similar other herbs are regarded as highly beneficial therapeutic Knee Pain home remedies.

• Massaging the affected area with warm olive oil, mustard oil or coconut oil is a highly recommended natural cure for Knee Pain and inflammation. Gently massage the area about two to three times per day.

• Knee exercises help to strengthen the muscles supporting the knees thereby serving as a good natural treatment for Knee Pain. Yoga and acupuncture also serve as excellent Knee Pain home remedies.

Diet for Knee Pain

Include fresh fruits, green vegetables and nutritious nuts and seeds in the diet to aid in faster recovery. Consumption of fenugreek, spinach, garlic, dates, ginger, banana, grapes etc is highly beneficial in this regard.
In addition, try to exclude unhealthy junk food from the diet. Plus, overweight individual should try to reduce excess weight to avoid Knee Pain to a great extent.

Apart from these measures, give adequate rest to the knee to facilitate the process of healing. While resting, keep the leg at an elevated level to ease pressure on the knee. This basic step serves as an effective home remedy for dealing with Knee Pain.


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