Home Remedies For Labor Induction

What is Labor Induction?

Natural home remedies for Labor Induction are useful in inducing labor in case you are one or two weeks past your due date even after 42 weeks of gestation or when other complications arise. Techniques and procedures for Labor Induction help a great deal in stimulating uterine contractions.

However, you need to analyze your situation well before using natural treatments to induce labor because there are certain risks associated with it. For instance, unsuccessful attempts for Labor Induction can lead to cesarean section.

Moreover, unnatural and premature labors increase the risk of going through longer labor. It also tends to increase the length of recovery. So, seek your doctor’s advice and then make an informed decision before adopting any medical or natural cures for Labor Induction.

Reasons for Labor Induction

Labor during pregnancy refers to a condition of short, regular contractions in the uterus that lead to changes in the cervix required for delivery. The most common reason for inducing labour is overdue pregnancy.

Besides, need for Labor Induction may arise in case there are pre existing baby or maternal health issues such as gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease etc.

Plus, factors like uterus infection (chorioamnionitis), amniotic fluid abnormalities, placental abruption, growth problem in baby etc. You may also need Labor Induction in case your water breaks but active labor contractions do not begin (premature rupture of membranes).

Natural Home Remedies for Labor Induction

• Nipple stimulation is of the most common Labor Induction home remedies. It releases oxytocin hormone that starts contractions.

To follow this simple home treatment, gently rub the nipples for about ten minutes and then stop when you feel a contraction. Do not overdo this natural remedy otherwise it can give rise to strong contractions.

• Add some soothing bath salts in bath water and soak in it for sometime. This helps a great deal in reducing stress that tends to inhibit labor. You can also listen to soothing music for relaxation.

• Natural home remedies for Labor Induction also include alternative therapies like maternity acupressure, massaging, aromatherapy and other such methods. These therapies also helpful in relieving anxiety and tension associated with delayed labor.


• Relaxation techniques like visualization and meditation serve as valuable natural remedies for Labor Induction home treatment. For example, you can imagine opening of the cervix and contracting of uterus.

Stay calm and do not be stressed because stress tends to inhibit labor. Moreover, think positively, ensure that you are ready for labor and welcome the baby.

• Exercising is also considered as a good natural home remedy for Labor Induction. It is recommended that you go for exercises in the form of brisk walking, dancing etc.

• Herbal home remedies for Labor Induction involve the use of herbs like blue and black cohosh, red raspberry leaf etc. Moreover, Evening Primrose oil helps to soften and ripen the cervix. Follow this therapy by taking two 500mg capsules of evening primrose on a daily basis after 36 weeks of gestation.

Increase the dosage to 3-4 capsules by the time you reach 38th week. However, decrease the dosage in case you experience issues like nausea or diarrhea. Besides, during the last few weeks of pregnancy, insert a capsule in the vagina immediately before bed time.

You can also use this oil for perineal massage. Discuss about these herbal solutions with your doctor or a good herbalist before trying any of them. Do not use these herbs during initial stages of pregnancy.

• Sexual intercourse is another popular way used to induce labor naturally as long as your water has not broken. This is because semen contains chemical called prostaglandins that helps ripen the cervix.

In addition, female orgasm releases oxytocin which in turn helps start uterine contractions. In case sexual intercourse in not feasible then oral or manual stimulation of clitoris can also lead to orgasm.

• Having castor oil and performing enema are some other natural ways for inducing labor. However, these methods are usually not recommended because they are likely to cause digestive distress, thereby making labor more uncomfortable. They stimulate uterine contractions by stimulating the colon.

Diet for Labor Induction

There is no particular diet for inducing labor. Still, it is believed that having strong, spicy items like balsamic vinegar, basil, oregano, fresh pineapple, kiwi etc can be helpful to some extent. Nonetheless, make sure you eat foods that do not cause gastric distress and diarrhea.

Besides, consumption of cinnamon stick tea with healing properties reduces anxiety and tension. Moreover, you can have red raspberry leaf tea during the third trimester of pregnancy, starting with one cup and reaching up to four cups in day at most.

Though the credibility of this herbal tea in inducing labor is not proven still it does help in toning uterine muscles and making the delivery less painful. Plus, it helps the body recover faster after delivery.

Other herbal home remedies for Labor Induction can also be taken during the later stages of pregnancy but only after thorough consideration to rule out the chances of complications.

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