Home Remedies For Laryngitis

What is Laryngitis?

Simply put, Laryngitis is an inflammation of the larynx or the voice box. In this condition, the voice tends to become coarse and gradually reduces to such an extent that it almost becomes undetectable. The disease can be acute or chronic in nature.

More often than not, Laryngitis is caused by infection, irritation or overuse of the larynx which in turn leads to the inflammation of the vocal cords.

Acute Laryngitis is characterized by an abrupt onset but is mostly self limited. When the condition persists for three weeks or more, it is referred to as Chronic Laryngitis. Though usually not a serious condition, still Laryngitis may lead to fatal respiratory blockage in certain individuals, especially small children.

The disease can be cured with the help of a number of natural home remedies for Laryngitis like honey, lemon etc. These natural remedies can be used either separately or along with other conventional medicines simultaneously. Voice Therapy is also considered beneficial in healing Laryngitis.

Causes and Symptoms of Laryngitis

Laryngitis is usually caused by viral or bacterial infections caused due to conditions like Allergy, Common Cold, Bronchitis, Chronic Sinusitis, Flu, etc that lead to upper respiratory tract infections.

Exposure to vocal irritants and chemicals and use of Asthma inhalers may also cause the same. Environmental factors like cigarette smoke, pollution, etc may lead to chronic Laryngitis.

Similarly, prolonged vocal strain, especially at abnormal pitch may also cause inflammation in the vocal cords. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) may also contribute in causing this condition by refluxing up digestive juices and acids into the esophagus.

Vocal cord paralysis due to injury, lung tumor etc may also lead to chronic hoarseness in voice. Though rarely, still Laryngitis can also be caused by autoimmune conditions like Sarcoidosis, Relapsing Polychondritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and other such diseases.

Laryngitis is characterized by symptoms like hoarseness of voice, a constant urge to clear the throat, a tickling sensation in the throat, dry throat, swelling of the lymph nodes around the neck, pain, difficulty swallowing and other similar symptoms.

The condition may also be accompanied by cough, congestion, sore throat and fever. In severe cases, inflammation in the voice box may cause constriction of the airways.

Natural Home Remedies for Laryngitis


• Boil about 250 ml of water mixed with two teaspoons of honey and juice extracted from a lemon. Then, filter and cool this solution. Drinking this solution on a regular basis is one of the best natural home remedies for Laryngitis home treatment.

• Simply inhaling moist air or steam also serves as a highly beneficial Laryngitis home remedy by moisturizing the vocal cords. Essential oils of lemon, orange, thyme, lavender, etc can also be used along with this natural remdy to make it more effective.

• Adopting steps like breathing through the nose and providing adequate rest to the larynx by neither shouting nor whispering are some of the basic home remedies for Laryngitis natural treatment.

• Drinking about 8-10 glasses of water (at room temperature) per day is one of the most highly recommended Laryngitis home remedies, especially in case of dry throat.

• Taking a mixture of one tablespoon apple cider vinegar in half a glass of water at regular intervals after every seven hours is useful in reducing Laryngitis.

• Having a mixture of two tablespoons of onion juice and one tablespoon of honey after three hours serves as an effective natural cure for larynx inflammation.

Alternatively, a mixture of five tablespoons of onion syrup, one tablespoon of honey and some honey mixed in a glass of warm water is also beneficial in curing this condition. Onion syrup can be prepared by simmering three large onions in 4-5 cups of boiling water until the solution becomes thick and syrupy.

• Ginger tea, lemon tea and other herbal teas are regarded as highly therapeutic home remedies for Laryngitis cure.

Effectiveness of home remedies requiring gargling is doubtful as gargling tends to irritate the throat, if at all the gargling mixture even reaches deep down the larynx.

Diet for Laryngitis

Sipping warm liquids such as vegetable soups, warm herbal teas and warm water is highly beneficial when dealing with Laryngitis. Plus, positively include ginger and garlic because of their natural antibacterial properties.

Herbal remedies with herbs like Echinacea, Plantain, Coughgrass, Knotgrass, Cardamom, Chamomile, Eucalyptus and other similar herbs are also considered useful in the natural treatment of Laryngitis.

Stay away from caffeinated beverages like tea, coffee and colas that tend to cause dehydration. Besides, try to avoid coughing and cleaning the throat repeatedly as they these activities may cause further irritation in the throat.

Moreover, strictly abstain from cigarette smoking and alcoholism as they tend to aggravate the symptoms and make the condition even worse.

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