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What is Lethargy?

Lethargy is a state of sluggishness or tiredness, usually arising out of a lack of energy. It is also known as Fatigue. It may be physical or mental. Generally, Lethargy is a result of overexertion or stress. Though, it could be sign of an underlying medical or psychological condition such as thyroid disease or depression.

The affected individual shows symptoms of drowsiness, exhaustion, inactivity and indifference to the surrounding activities.Usually, older individuals are more prone to Lethargy as compared to the active youngsters.

home remedies for lethargy

As it is a common complaint, it would be easier and much safer to cure this ailment with the help of natural home remedies for Lethargy instead of going for over the counter medicines with harmful side effects.

Along with these home remedies, it is advisable to maintain a proper healthy diet with adequate physical activity.

Causes and Symptoms of Lethargy

In general, unhealthy diets lead to nutritional deficiencies which in turn manifest themselves in the form of weakness and Lethargy. Besides, serious medical conditions like chronic or acute kidney failure, jaundice, thyroid disorders, hepatitis, autoimmune diseases etc. Other common diseases that cause Lethargy include high blood pressure, low blood pressure, Diabetes, common cold, constipation, measles, and gastritis and so on.

At times, psychological conditions like depression, anxiety, stress, dysthymia etc may also be held responsible in causing general symptoms of Lethargy. Certain medicines like steroids, diuretics, blood pressure medicines, muscle relaxants, sleeping pills, antidepressants, pain medications, and similar medicines may lead to the same result.


The common symptoms of Lethargy include loss of appetite, change in bowel movements, drowsiness, difficulty in concentration, and muscular or joint pains. Listlessness and a lack of interest in the activities of the surrounding place may also be included as symptoms of Lethargy.

Natural Home Remedies for Lethargy

  • Take about 5 leaves of Holy Basil, one tablespoon of honey and half a tablespoon of lemon extract. Prepare an herbal tea with the help of these ingredients. Drinking this herbal tea is one of the most popular natural home remedies for Lethargy treatment.
  • Consuming sprouts can help to reduce and finally cure Lethargy by providing protein and energy to the Lethargic body.
  • Tea, coffee and other stimulating drinks are excellent home remedies for Lethargy but these beverages should be consumed in moderation.
  • Having a hot water bath is a widely used natural remedy used in the treatment of Lethargy. Citrus oils can be added in steam baths to cure Fatigue as naturally as possible.
  • The sour taste of lime juice is beneficial in getting rid of Lethargy in general.
  • A concoction prepared from lemon extract and grapefruit extract serves as an effective natural home remedy to treat Lethargy related symptoms.
  • Massaging the body with rosemary oil or eucalyptus oil is a useful method of treatment for Lethargy.
  • Acupressure is also considered an effective home remedy when dealing with Lethargy.
  • Lack of sleep may also result in lethargy. So, taking a power nap is often considered one of the simplest home remedies for Lethargy.
  • Ginger, cayenne, ginseng act as circulatory stimulants and provide a great deal of relief from the symptoms of Lethargy.
  • Indian gooseberry and winter cherry are considered therapeutic natural home remedies for Lethargy. Indian Gooseberry is beneficial in curing Lethargy because by making the Lethargic individual more active.

Diet for Lethargy

Unless caused by any serious condition, Lethargy can be cured by simple but positive lifestyle and dietary changes. Lethargy caused by nutritional deficiencies can be corrected by including healthy foods in the diet. Anemia is often known to cause this problem.

Hence, raisins, apricots, spinach and other such iron rich foods should be made an integral part of the diet to heal this ailment. In addition to this, other fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts help to constitute a healthy and balanced diet. Water, too is an essential part of a healthy diet.

Consumption of high fat foods like the ones prepared from refined flour and excess sugar should be restricted because these foods take a lot of time to get digested. On the other hand, proteins and unrefined carbohydrates help to maintain adequate levels of energy in the body.

But, care should be taken as to not to indulge in overeating as that might also lead to symptoms of Lethargy. Apart from these measures, attempts should be made to reduce the level of stress and tension. Meditation, relaxation exercises, aromatherapy, acupressure etc are useful in this regard.


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