Home Remedies For Leucorrhoea

What is Leucorrhoea?

Leucorrhoea is a common disease occurring in the reproductive organs of women. It is also referred to as Whites. In simple words, Leucorrhoea is a condition characterized by an increase in the vaginal secretion. The problem can last up to a few weeks or months. It is generally caused by an unhealthy diet, hormonal and metabolic imbalances, wearing tightly fitted clothes, or a microbial infection in the female genital tract.

If left untreated and ignored in the initial stages, it tends to become a chronic disease. It is characterized by a thick and foul smelling whitish discharge from the vagina. The application of a number of natural home remedies for Leucorrhoea have been found extremely useful and in getting rid of this condition. These natural cures are completely safe to follow.

Causes and Symptoms of Leucorrhoea

Some of the most common causes of Leucorrhoea are constipation, anemia, indigestion, improper hygiene, unhealthy diet and lifestyle and bacterial and fungal infections. Repeated abortion, Rheumatism, excessive coitus, uterine infection, inflammation of the womb following childbirth and cancer are other important factors that cause this disease. Besides, a combination of threadworms and unhygienic conditions may also lead to infection causing Leucorrhoea.

Apart from the whitish discharge, other important symptoms of this disease are a general feeling of lethargy, weakness, dragging sensation in the abdomen, pain in the lumber regions and calves, loss of appetite, digestive disturbances, intense itching and frequent headaches. Chronic condition may be characterized by irritability and dark circles.

Natural Home Remedies for Leucorrhoea

Making douches: This is a highly recommended natural home remedy used in the treatment of Leucorrhoea. They can be prepared from fenugreek, guava leaves, walnut tree leaves, bark of banyan tree or bark of fig tree.

• Fenugreek douche: Boil two to three teaspoons of fenugreek seeds in one liter water for about half an hour and then strain it. This douche serves as an effective Leucorrhoea cure. Fenugreek can also be taken in the form of tea to heal this disease.

• Douche prepared from guava or walnut leaves: Put some guava leaves or some walnut tree leaves in one liter water and boil it for about half an hour till the quantity of water is roughly reduced to half the original quantity. Both these douches are excellent home remedies for Leucorrhoea treatment.

• Banyan or fig douche: Take about one tablespoon of powdered bark of banyan or fig tree and boil it in one liter water. Strain the mixture after half an hour. This is yet another effective natural remedy used to reduce the symptoms and cure this disease naturally.

Other natural home remedies for Leucorrhoea treatment are:

• Take about 100grams of fresh lady fingers and boil in half liter water for about 20 minutes. Strain the mixture. Drinking about 60 to 90 ml of this therapeutic mixture every three hours is one of the most successful natural home remedies for Leucorrhoea. A little bit of sugar can also be added in this mixture to make the taste more agreeable.

• Regularly drinking cranberry juice helps to avoid the incidence of this disease. Though, this juice should not be consumed in excess.


• Apply mashed mango pulp on vagina is a highly beneficial home treatment for Leucorrhoea.

• Eating ripe or even over ripe bananas on a regular basis helps to cure as well as prevent this disease.

• Having a mixture of crushed betel nuts and rose petals added with sugar is quite a popular home remedy for Leucorrhoea. Chewing some betel nuts after having meals is also beneficial.

• Consuming a mixture of honey and grinded and roasted cumin seeds is useful in dealing with this disease.

• Yoga is also believed to cure Leucorrhoea to a great extent.

• Soak some coriander seeds in water over night and drink the mixture early in the morning on an empty stomach. Following this remdy for a week or more is regarded as one of the most valuable natural home remedies for Leucorrhoea.

• Taking a mixture of turmeric and guggulu herb helps to reduce the symptoms associated with this disease. If the discharge is less dense, a mixture of turmeric and garlic can also be consumed.

• Taking five drops of sandalwood oil with plantain two times a day (morning and evening) serves as a therapeutic natural home treatment for curing Leucorrhoea.

• Drinking the residue water left after cooking rice is a simple and completely safe natural cure to get rid of this disease.

• Add some Smilax powder (Chopchini) in milk and drink this solution to help reduce the symptoms.

Diet for Leucorrhoea

When dealing with Leucorrhoea, the diet should consist of light and easily digestible foods with special emphasis on whole grains, cereals, raw and steamed vegetables and fresh fruits. Fruit juices are also beneficial. The diet should be aimed at improving the immune system to fight the infection. Spicy foods like pickles tend to aggravate this condition. Hence, they are best avoided.

Tea, coffee, and greasy and fried foods prepared from white flour should be avoided as far as possible. Proper exercise and sleep play a vital role in facilitating the healing process. Cold or hot hip baths are also recommended.


  1. That Was Me says

    i have had this condition for two many years to count. the OBGYN told me it was normal a few years ago. and it’s not! It’s annoying. I’ve tried Himalayan Lukol it’s about 60-75% effective. It takes 15-30days to come in to the USA. It also has a very weird spell and taste that messes with your gag reflex. Cumin and Honey is not very effective. Cutting back on black tea does help alot. But the light at the end of the tunnel came this week a new OBGYN suggested probiotic. It’s that simple. Culturelle is the one I picked. I’ve taken 1 a day for 4 days and there is NO sign of discharge. It is a real relief and blessing. I hope this helps…

    • thank you says

      Thank you for the advice- will try the Culturelle- I actually have some because I give it to my children daily:-)

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