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What Is Low Immunity?

If you are the one who has tendency to get sick every now and then or feel very tired even after not working very hard then you need to think about the root cause which might be weakened defense system of your body i.e. immune system.

Immune system works like an active defense system of the body working against the foreign bodies by identifying them and fighting with them which in most cases are disease causing germs which succeeds anyhow in invading the body. These foreign bodies are better termed as pathogens in the medical language.
These foreign bodies or pathogens harm the body by producing harmful toxins which is counter acted upon by the immune system of the body to maintain it in the healthy state. However when the very disease fighting system of the body gets weakened due to some reasons or the other it makes the body susceptible to numerous diseases as the body’s resistance to pathogens gets reduced.

This very state of the weakening of the immune system is called as low immunity which implies low invulnerability. The immune system mainly comprises of lymphocytes i.e. white blood cells and antibodies, a kind of blood protein complex in nature which is also considered during blood transfusion by looking at the compatibility of the blood group of the donor and recipient.

The immune system is further supported with other main organs of the body like spleen, thymus glands, tonsils, bone marrow, a network of capillaries and lymph vessels. The low immunity of the body can also lead to some deadly diseases like heart attack and even cancer!
So read on further as its imperative for you to know various causes and symptoms of it including various natural home remedies for low immunity to overcome and recover from many infirmities.

Causes Of Low Immunity

There are various causes of low immunity but the major one is none other than the stress especially of long term nature which you must have come across while going through the various causes of other diseases as well isn’t it.
So the reason behind the stress being the universal cause of many diseases literally is that it weakens the immune system of the body making room for easy invasion of the harmful pathogens leading to various diseases. So think twice before taking stress for long.

Other causes are:
• Unbalanced diet lacking major nutrients and vitamins necessary for the maintenance of a healthy body
• Acquired Immune deficiency Syndrome i.e. AIDS, a major deadly disease known for claiming lives of many so far
• Inflammatory Bowel Disease
• As lymphocytes constitutes a part of immune system and hence if its count falls short of normal one then obviously the result will be low immunity isn’t it.
• Any surgery involving organ transplant
• Use of anti rejection drugs
• Reduced stomach acidity
• Age factor also influences the activeness of the immune system as when the people become old the efficiency of the immune system suffers setback resulting in making them more prone to numerous diseases.
• The diet of a person also has got to do with the low immunity as any kind of malnutrition right from fetal stage to adult one impairs the immune system. In fact the malnutrition at the fetal stage has life long implications.
• Addiction to alcohol or drugs of any kind also makes the body more vulnerable to different diseases as it helps in lowering immunity.
• Cancer too is the cause of the disease apart from being one of the major symptoms of low immunity. Lymphoma and Leukemia are in reality the disease of the immune system. So when the system which protects the body from all the pathogens gets itself diseased what you can expect than low immunity?
• Some genetic disorders too have been noticed for initiating low immunity which are better called as immunodeficiency disorders and these start right from the childhood stage.


Symptoms Of Low Immunity

The very conspicuous symptom of low immunity is to feel exhausted despite of no work outs or getting sick very often. There are other symptoms of low immunity as well which are:
• Severe infections of different kinds
• Very often getting sick with cold and flu
• Frequent cold sores
• Sores
• Frequent genital herpes
• Swollen lymph glands
• Unlimited growth of body cells of a particular organ i.e. cancer

Natural Home Remedies For Low Immunity

The significance of natural home remedies for low immunity is increasing day by day as the prices of the contemporary medicines are skyrocketing and hence natural home remedies are making their move into the treatment of various diseases. Another feature which is making natural home remedies so popular is its safe nature that is they don’t carry any sort of side effects with them.
• Mumio is one of the favoring natural home remedy for the low resistance of the body which is a complex mixture of various substances like beeswax, fossilized honey, and bees’ nests and more often comes out of rocks as a result of the influence of spring water and resembles to raisin in appearance. It should be consumed in the form of tablets to improve the overall immunity of the body.
• Astragalus, a Chinese root is well known immune system booster which can be put to good use for enhancing the immunity. It’s available all over the world in the form of 6-12 inch root which should be boiled along with chicken broth to make a wonderful and tasty soup which is not only considered as one of natural home remedies for low immunity but also helps you to get rid of shortness of breath, ulcers and persisting external infections.
• Aswagandha is also highly beneficial in improving the immunity of the body as it acts on the stress which is the major root cause of low immunity.
• Diet inadequate in necessary vitamins triggers low immunity hence prefer diet rich in vitamin A & C which are remarkable for improving the resistance of body against the diseases. So go for carrot, sweet potatoes, squash and pumpkin or any kind of orange colored vegetables.
• Black tea or green tea is yet another one of natural home remedies for low immunity which helps you to overpower low immunity as it contains polyphenols which check the free radicals, known for adversely influencing the immune system.
• Echinacea herb is widely appreciated as herb on account of its usefulness in the natural treatment of various diseases and low immunity too is not an exception. It improves the efficiency of immune system by increasing the number of immune cells which make up the immune system.
•  Asian Ginseng is not only going to help you to improve your immunity but also goes a long way in curing various indispositions concerning immunity including the severe ones as well.

Diet For Low Immunity

The importance of well balanced diet need not be emphasized as it’s already told to you that any kind of dietary deficiency in any stage right from the fetal to adult one give rise to low immunity. So undeniably proper balanced diet plays a relevant role in improving the low immunity. Thus check out your diet.
• Special preference should be given to fruits, nuts, whole grains and seeds in the diet.
• The diet should be rich in protein content as you need to know that proteins are better called as building blocks of body.
• Make a habit of sipping of at least 10-12 glasses of water to wash out the toxins out of body.
• Diet should be low in fat content as high amount of it makes the body more vulnerable to numerous pathogens’ attack.

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