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What Is Malaria?

Malaria is third most human lives claiming disease after the pneumococcal acute respiratory infections and tuberculosis which is spreading day by day at an enormous pace all over the world. It is scattered among human beings chiefly by the plasmodium sporozoan through the biting of an Anopheles genus female mosquito leading to the malady i.e. malaria. It is distinguished by the recurrent cycles of fever, chill, pain and sweating.
Thus according to Medilexicon’s medical dictionary, Malaria is “A disease caused by the presence of the sporozoan Plasmodium in human or other vertebrate erythrocytes, usually transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected female mosquito of the genus Anopheles that previously sucked blood from a person with malaria…”

The malady was effectively uprooted from many non-tropical countries in the 20th century but the disease has been fast spreading out making it a global problem. Since the hot and humid conditions are very favorable for the plasmodium growth and survival and hence malaria which is caused by same too is more prevalent in tropical and sub tropical countries of the world.

Apart from this the men can also become infected with the disease by visiting places where the malaria is widespread like in Sub-Saharan Africa wherein the disease claims the life of one child every 30 seconds.
Malaria is not only connected with poverty but is also one of the causes of poverty which is itself an impediment to the economic growth of the world.

There are numerous species of the parasite plasmodium genus which are found but only four of them are responsible for triggering malaria in human beings. The four ones are:
• Plasmodium falciparum
• Plasmodium vivax
• Plasmodium ovale
• Plasmodium malariae

The most commonplace parasite causing malaria is Plasmodium vivax which is usually not fatal in nature whereas the disease caused by Plasmodium falciparum is lethal. The incubation period i.e. the time interval between getting infected and the emergence of symptoms of malaria differs with the parasite which can vary from 7 to 40 days.

The effective medication for malaria has now become herculean job due to the emergence of increased resistance among the parasites against drugs and insecticides.
Thus the need of the hour is to get a load of info on the disease i.e. malaria encompassing various wonderful natural home remedies for malaria. So read on.

Causes Of Malaria
The causative agent of malaria is plasmodium sporozoan which when bits an infected person with malaria takes in certain malaria parasite i.e. plasmodium along with the obvious blood square meal for themselves.
After one week when the plasmodium sporozoan bits another human being for blood meal then the plasmodium gets fused with the saliva of the plasmodium sporozoan and is introduced by it into the body of the human being who is bitten.

The same human being who is bitten by it is better called as “host” in the medical terminology. On finding entry in the body of host the parasite thrive well in the liver and then infect red blood cells i.e. RBCs.
As the parasite stays in the red blood cells hence it can also be introduced in non-infected one’s body through blood transfusion, organ transplant, and use of infected syringe/needle and even from the infected mother to her child which is better called as “congenital malaria”.


Thus don’t ever hesitate from sitting next to the infected person with malaria or when he sneezes or coughs at least after knowing the different causes.

Symptoms Of Malaria

The person infected with malaria senses under the weather with running a temperature, muscle ache and pounding head as if victim of flu. The patient tends to shiver even when the outside temperature is high and it can assume the role of severe one with even teeth setting in motion.
The severe shivering is followed by the complete incapacitation of the patient’s body. Other symptoms include pounding headache, vomiting and increase of the body temperature. It is further followed by the excessive sweating leading to the reduction in the body temperature of the patient.
The net duration of the discomfort of the disease is typically 8-12 hours which can be extended up to regular basis and can be even around-the-clock as in case of malarial infection caused by plasmodium falciparum.
Other symptoms of malaria disease include faintness, wooziness, abdominal pangs, waterless cough, muscle/joint or back pain, diarrhea and yellowish colored skin and white portion of eyes due to the disintegration of red blood and liver cells.
Patients with severe infections caused by Plasmodium falciparum can have renal or liver failure, hemorrhage problem, central nervous system (CNS) illness, coma that is the state of deep unconsciousness to even death! This kind of infections is most lethal ones in which 15%-20% patients die despite of being medicated with medicines.

Natural Home Remedies For Malaria

None of prophylactic medication is free from the side effects and as far as malarial drugs are concerned these are preferably required to be avoided by the patients with any sort of psychiatric disorder. Hence the various natural home remedies for malaria should be put to good use to speed up the recovery from the malaria indisposition.
• The grapefruits form one of the natural remedy for the disease as it contains some quinine like substance which is effective in dealing with the malaria. To make most of same it is recommended for you to heat it to bubbling followed by the separation of its pulp.
• The foliage of datura plant is also considered to be highly beneficial in the treatment of malaria. To make most of it take two and a half leaves of the plant and transform it to a pellet by mixing along with the jaggery and consume it before two hours prior to the onset of symptoms.
• Cinnamon is one of the highly advantageous natural home remedies for malaria which should be taken in the dose of 1 tablespoon powdery form and boil it in a glass of water along with a dash of pepper powder and honey.
• Lime and lemons too are useful especially in case of quartan kind of malaria. To utilize it just take 60ml of water and squeeze in one lemon and 3gms of lime. This mixture should be consumed before the outset of fever.
• Alum is too can be capitalized on by roasting it on the hot plate and thereafter crushing it up. Half a tablespoon of it should be taken 4 hours prior to the attack followed by the consumption of half a tablespoon after every two hours. It will certainly provide some relaxation.
• The holy basil leaves too make up one of the inexpensive and useful natural home remedies for malaria. To use it extract the juice of 11gms of leaves and mix it with 3gms of powder of black pepper which should be consumed during the cold stages of the malaria to check the severity of the disease.
• In case the malaria is in its initial stages then a diet on orange juice and water is surely going to go a long way in treating malaria.
• Application of cold pack is discovered to be beneficial in comforting during fever in malaria.
• A decoction formed as result of addition of a tiny piece of ginger and 2-3 raisins to a glass of water followed by boiling unless and until it reduces to half of its volume too is useful in remedying malaria.

Diet For Malaria

The diet for malaria itself becomes important as naturopathy recognizes faulty life style coupled with wrong food habits as the root cause of the malaria! Thus you need to take care of your diet.
• Initially the patient should rest on an exclusive water and orange juice diet followed by the all-fruit diet. Thereafter milk too can be added to the diet.
• Refrain from all sorts of oily and junk foods as they all will be working against the healing process of malaria.

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